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When Foreman entered Cameron's room later that day she was sleeping, her hand still clutching the piece of paper. He had gone in to run some routine tests but instead of immediately getting on with his job Foreman just stood and looked at her. His deep brown eyes took in her casted arm and leg and her bandaged head and he felt an overwhelming wave of sadness for her. He hated to wake his injured colleague but he needed to run those tests and so he gingerly shook the shoulder of her uninjured arm at the same time saying in a soft voice "Cameron, wake up."

His gentle shaking slowly roused her and when she opened her eyes and saw who was waking her she frowned. Foreman noticed her frown and asked "are you ok Cameron?" his deep voice tinged with a tone of concern.

Cameron looked up at him and replied in a cold voice "I got hit by a truck. How would you feel?"

Foreman chuckled softly and nodded "point taken. I just need to run a few tests then I'll leave you to rest."

After he had noted down her vitals and checked her response time he smiled at her and said "all done for just now. I'll come and visit you later."


"Why what?"

"Why will you come and visit me?"

Foreman looked perplexed and slowly replied "because I'm worried about you? Because I care? Because I'm your friend?"

At this Cameron snorted with laughter before gasping slightly in pain as the sudden action jolted her broken ribs. Foreman stared at her in confusion, wondering what was funny. When the pain in her ribs subsided Cameron looked at him and in a quiet voice said "please don't think I'm crazy. I...had a dream about you. In that dream you said something to me which, when I woke up, I knew sounded familiar so I wrote it down." She looked away from him and in a voice that was nearly a whisper said "I remember you. I remember you stealing my article. And I remember you telling me we aren't friends, we're colleagues."

She looked back at him again and he has a shocked look on his face. She waited expectantly for him to say something and he eventually manages to ask "and the others? Do you remember them?"

Cameron shakes her head slowly as he begins pacing the room, trying to come up with an explanation as Cameron tells him "please, from now on I want you to only enter this room in a professional capacity. I don't want you to waste your time visiting me if we aren't really friends."

Foreman opens his mouth to protest but Cameron doesn't allow him to speak, saying "could you go now please?"

Foreman silently nods his head and leaves her room. He quickly pages Wilson, House and Chase to the conference room to tell them what had just happened. Once there, foreman relates the story of what just happened, including telling them what he said the first time around, about them not being friends.
The other three doctors are surprised. Wilson is the first to speak: "Foreman, as a neurologist you know that personality changes can occur when someone has received a severe head wound. Just give her time."

Foreman looks distressed as he replies "I know! I know! It's just...it's so unlike her."

Wilson and Chase just look at him sympathetically while House just sits there, saying nothing. Inwardly, he was glad his wounded duckling had told Foreman to stick it.

As the day progressed House began finding it harder and harder to avoid going to see Cameron. They didn't have a case and his usual distractions were not working. In desperation he completed not only his clinic hours, but Cameron's as well. Eventually he couldn't fight it anymore and he made his way to her room.
When he entered she was sleeping so he stood at the foot of her bed and just looked at her, his heart constricting at the sight of her delicate body so broken in a hospital bed. Cameron's eyelids began to flutter and House knew she was waking up. He silently went to leave but a slightly hoarse yet gentle voice stopped him, saying "where are you going?"

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