On the morning of the twelfth of November Allison Cameron woke up and was ecstatic to find that it had snowed during the night. Looking out of her window and seeing the beauty of the newly fallen snow put her in a good mood, so much so that she felt that even the misanthropic Gregory House would not be able to dampen her spirits. Snow just made her feel happy, reminding her of times gone by when she used to play in the snow for hours.

As she bounded out the front door she was a little disconcerted to find that the roads had not been gritted, nor the snow shovelled onto the pavement. She merely shrugged and thought about how she would have to drive to work a little slower than usual. She was singing along quite happily to a song on the radio as she passed through the green traffic light, never noticing the lorry that had skidded on the snow and that was heading straight for her, the driver unable to brake in time. The last thing she felt before darkness overwhelmed her was mind consuming pain.

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