A/N: I'm almost ashamed to say that I got the idea for this story from a tragedy that occurred in Seattle earlier in 2012 in a café. But I hope that I've managed to make this intriguing and touching instead of gloomy. And I apologize for anything disturbing or offensive. For this is meant to be a romance/hurt comfort story.

In any case, thanks as always for reading and reviewing!

He wore a business suit and a friendly smile.

To the barista at Café Nervosa, he was just another customer. But as he ordered his drink, she felt a twinge of suspicion. The guy had been in before, but he was never in this good of a mood, making small talk with the customers.

She knew she should just see him for what he most likely was, a nice man who had obviously experienced something good in his life. It always made her feel good when others were happy.

But the feeling didn't last long.

For no sooner had he reached the door, she began to see the tragedy unfold in slow motion. His hand reached into his pocket and the shiny black gun came into view. Shots were fired and people began to scatter like wildfire in an effort to escape the horror.

But not everyone was so lucky.

The beloved Café Nervosa, once a haven for friends, loners and lovers... was now a crime scene. And nothing in Seattle would ever be the same again.