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Beyond The Sky

He was unwanted.


That word kept repeating inside his head.

Unwanted. Unwanted. Unwanted.

How foolish of him. Getting this weak feeling to control his mind.

But you're just 10. You're not old enough to know the reason but you're smart enough to know the situation.

His mother didn't want him.

He thought she did. He though she loved him. She showered him gifts. She fed him cakes. She brought him to a forest for a picnic.

And left you all alone.

He ran back to his house.

Mama still wants you.

That's what he believes.

That's what he wants to believe.

She left a heap of money in the picnic basket. That's for you to survive.

No, it's just that Nana accidentally brought too much money and they couldn't stuff it in their pockets.

She had brought a bag of clothes, shoes and even a toothbrush. All of them are yours.

No, it's just that Nana brought them because he's clumsy and he might ruin his clothes. The toothbrush was because Nana didn't want him to have bad breath. Nana packed onion rings for the picnic.

But she left a letter. A letter for no one but you.

His tracks died slowly; puffs of white are illuminated in the cold night as he held his tears and looked at the envelope in his tiny hands.

' Get out of my life. '

His knees wobbled and he fell down to the earth, he couldn't take it anymore.

His pain was voiced through his cries; the trees shaking as the wind blew harshly against it as if to resemble his anguish. His frost-bitten hands clawed his face, his hair, trying to get rid of the horrible truth that was slapped to his face.


What had he done wrong? Was he a bad son? Did he do something evil? What was it?

What…was it?

Flashbacks. He looked back to his past memories. What was it?

Was it when he accidentally broke Mama's favourite china set?

Or was it that time when he accidentally pushed down a neighbour's child?

Could it be when he spoiled Mama's expensive dress with tomato sauce?

Or maybe... maybe it was….

That he was such a useless son, that no matter what he did, nothing good ever comes out of it.

That couldn't be it. That just could be it.

His mama said that no matter what she loves him. That no matter what she loved him.

His mama said that he'd grow up to be a good man. That he'd grow up to be a useless man.

His mama said that his time to shine wasn't here yet. That his time to shine had already left.

But his mama.. his mama said that…

Nana said that you have to get out of her life. So why not be useful for once and follow her wish? At least do one good deed to your mama. She raised you after all, with fake smiles, fake hugs, fake kisses..



Give me proof.

"SHE-! She…! …she…."

See, even you've noticed how your own biological mother never has that special shine in her eyes when she looks at you. You didn't dare to say anything because you don't want to lose her love. That's why you're useless. You don't want to admit that it's all… Just. A. Lie.

His sobbing breath became harder that he was having a hard time to breathe in the cold weather, but he didn't care. He didn't care at all. All he cared was that he was just abandoned. Abandoned by his precious mother.

But… But… he won't give up. He won't give up, no matter what. Surely, Nana would feel lonely if he's gone. And , with a slight hint of hope, maybe Nana would want him again. Maybe Nana would regret what she had done, and she'd open her arms to him for a big warm hug.

Yeah, that could be it. That could just be it.

With new hope, Tsuna stood up again and sprinted into the winter's cold night breeze, leaving only his tear stains on the ground and shreds of ripped paper, remnants of the horrid letter, moving with the heavy wind.

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