"I am not killing the queen of England, James." Sebastian repeated for what felt like the millionth time that day.

"But why not? You could do it easily Sebastian; I know that for a fact." Jim rolled his eyes. "I don't see why this is such a big issue for you."

"A big issue? Really? You don't see why it would be a big issue?" Sebastian stared at him in disbelief. "Are you completely insane?-"


"I would have the whole of fucking England looking for me, James! Probably more!" Sebastian yelled.

"Not if you did it right," Jim stated calmly.

"No, even if I did it right. There are only so many people in the world who can make a shot like the one you're asking me to take, Jim. And they have a list with all seven names on it! Do you know how many of those names are in England? One!"

"But Sebby-"



"Still no Jim."


"The answer is not going to change just because you take the boss-tone with me, Jim. I'm not getting arrested for this. What'd that old lady ever do to you, anyway?"

Jim ignored the question. "Why not? It's not like I'd let you get arrested."
"Why not?" Sebastian scrubbed a hand over his face and took a deep breath. "Do you actually know how many counts of murder they could get me on, if they even suspected me? At least sixty. That's not even all of them, okay? They have enough to hold me for the rest of my life."

"Then don't get caught, it's simple." Jim shrugged.

Sebastian sighed. "I don't care of you fire me, have me killed, whatever. I'm not killing the Queen."

"Don't be stupid, 'Bastian. I'd never do either of those things." Jim rolled his eyes dramatically and flopped down in the chair next to him.

Sebastian frowned. "Why not?"

"Because you're the only one in England who can do this for me!" He stated as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.
Good to know I'm appreciated. Get someone outside of England to do it then." Sebastian turned to walk away, but Jim jumped up grabbing his arm.

"No. I. Want. You."

"Why? Why do I have to do this? There are other people in the world that could do this for you; they have no strings to you if they get caught." Sebastian reasoned.

"Because I'm asking you to?" Jim gave him a smile, but Sebastian shook his head.

"You'll need a better reason than that if you even want me to consider it, James."

"It's my birthday soon." It was a simple statement, but it carried weight. Jim hadn't exactly had a good childhood, and before Sebastian, he'd never gotten anything for his birthday. Sebastian had promised himself that every year, he'd get Jim whatever he wanted for his birthday.

Sebastian held his gaze for a long moment before sighing and muttering under his breath about how it would be so much easier if he just wanted a puppy or something normal like that. Something that people usually asked their partners for as a gift. Would a puppy really be so hard? Sebastian could handle a puppy.

Three days later, on James Moriarty's thirty-seventh birthday, Jim received amazingly, only two messages all day.

'Turn on the news. –SM'

Then about a minute later- 'Happy birthday Jim. –SM'

Jim grinned as the news report came on.

The Queen was dead.