A/N: I am going to be staying as close to canon as possible with characters, however I was not impressed with the direction they took the show in season 3. The show was supposed to be about peacekeeping and science exploration of the sea and going nearly strictly military for season 3 is why I think the show was cancelled halfway through...it went too much against what the show was about, so therefore I will keep season 1 and 2 as it is but while some aspects of season 3 might show up (like the Macronesian Confederation and how they were gone for 10 years), I'm going to stay true to the original concept of the show. This will be a long story with many chapters, as I'll be pretty much rewriting season 3.

Chapter One

Captain Nathan Bridger woke up abruptly, exhausted and wet. He looked around and was disorientated to where he was. Last he remembered, the SeaQuest team were losing the battle in the Hyperion civil war they were unwittingly drug into and that he had set off the explosives, killing them all. Where was he, he thought. He groaned in pain as he went to get up and stepped on someone.

A groggy voice yelled out into the darkness, "Ouch! Watch where you're walking!". Nathan recognized the voice immediately. It was the voice of the young man he had grown to love as his own son. He quickly kneeled down and checked to see how Lucas was doing as best as he could see in the darkness.

"Lucas, wake up!" Nathan shook him. Lucas looked up, saw his captain and the closest thing he ever had to an actual dad, and hugged him. Lucas Wolenczak, chief computer analyst aboard the SeaQuest, and Nathan always had a very close bond, although sometimes it was strained, just like a father-son relationship would be.

Lucas had tears running down his face. The last thing he could remember he and Dagwood were on a lifeboat on Hyperion, knowing that the SeaQuest had been hulled and that Captain Bridger had set off an explosion at the Kratak base to save the planet but killing everyone inside at the same time. At first he thought they were all in some kind of afterlife, that they all had died on Hyperion, but about the same time Lucas and Nathan's vision started to clear and they realized they were at Bridger's island home.

All of a sudden, they heard sounds from more people. Apparently, the entire SeaQuest crew was awakening. They were wet, confused, and scared. Nathan tried to find some place to stand to address his crew. It looked like the entire SeaQuest crew was crammed into his island home.

"Everyone, don't be frightened. It appears we are at my island home. We are all alive. Somehow, someway, we all survived the Hyperion war and Tobias must've found some way to return us to Earth after we were destroyed on Hyperion," Nathan tried to reassure his crew. He knew they all had questions.

Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson, hearing a familiar voice, awoke groggily and sat up. She saw Captain Bridger trying to remain standing in a packed room of people waking up wet and confused. She looked around to see who was all there. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Lucas and Dagwood and Commander Ford and Piccolo. She then noticed how packed the place was. She had barely heard Captain Bridger announce they were in his home. How could they be here? The last thing she remembered was being shot at by Kratak, the shuttle was torched, there was no way out. Nathan had placed his hand on hers and set off the explosives that demolished the base. They should've been dead. 'How are we alive?' she thought. And then another thought crossed her mind...could they really actually have 200 crewmembers all in one house?

Commander Jonathan Ford woke up with a startle at Captain Bridger's voice. He tried to jump up, but with all the people around, he toppled over onto Dagwood. The last thing he remembered was they were trying to rescue the Captain and everyone inside the Kratak base when a barrier mine hulled the SeaQuest. Dagwood was wide awake and caught Commander Ford.

"Dagwood has you, Commander Ford," Dagwood said, holding his friend. Dagwood didn't understand at all what was happening but was extremely happy to see his friends again. He thought they were all gone.

"Thank you, Dagwood," Commander Ford said, patting Dagwood on the arm. Dagwood immediately hugged Commander Ford.

"I'm happy to see my friends again. I thought you were all dead," Dagwood responded sullenly. "So did I, Dagwood, so did I," Commander Ford responded.

Piccolo woke up, hearing his friend Dagwood's voice. He was soaked and noticed he was bleeding. He shook his head, and looked around, seeing Captain Bridger, Commander Ford, Dagwood, Henderson, Lucas, and all the others. Just like everyone else, he was confused.

Everyone started to converse and greet each other, happy to see everyone. However, there were some people missing. Lucas was the first one to notice this. "Where is Dr. Smith and Ortiz?" he asked Captain Bridger. Nathan began to look around and noticed what Lucas was asking. Everyone looked up at Captain Bridger, looking for an explanation as to what was going on.

"Everyone, quiet! I am happy to see most of us came out of this relatively unharmed. Sadly, as Lucas has noticed, not all of us did make it. Wendy Smith, Miguel Ortiz, and James Brody died on Hyperion due to injuries suffered even before I blew the explosives. Why don't we all go out to the beach so we aren't stepping on one another and we can get our bearings?" Nathan addressed everyone.

Everyone figured this was a great idea. Slowly and patiently, they helped each other up and slowly headed out onto the beach. The island looked different. There was a lot of damage around and Lucas noticed another difference. Lucas started freaking out.

"Where's Darwin?" He ran out into the ocean looking for the dolphin who was his first friend on SeaQuest, the friend he helped talk to everyone with his program that translated the clicks and whistles of Darwin into human speech. It allowed Darwin and the crew to understand and communicate with each other. "Darwin!" he yelled out into the ocean before diving under the water looking for his friend. He kept coming up for air and going back down looking for his friend as people started to move towards the water.

Nathan, seeing the commotion, ran to the water. He saw Lucas frantically trying to swim around in the water, but slowly losing the battle to stay above water due to the exhaustion. "Lucas! You aren't well enough to be doing this! Get back here!" He was concerned something could happen to Lucas. Before he could enter the water, Dagwood ran out into the water and swam to Lucas. He grabbed Lucas by the waist and brought him back to the shore. Lucas had tears running down his face. "Where's Darwin? He should be here if the rest of us are here. He's dead. He's got to be dead," Lucas sobbed. Nathan kneeled down and held Lucas, trying to console him, when suddenly they heard a faint sound of a dolphin. Both Lucas and Nathan looked up and saw their friend jump out of the water and back in. At least that that mystery was solved, to the satisfaction of the both of them.

Suddenly, Commander Ford spoke up. He had been scanning the water all around the area. Almost everyone had been returned to Earth from Hyperion, so the SeaQuest had to be here too, shouldn't it? he thought. "Captain Bridger, where's SeaQuest?"

That was a very good question indeed. Where was SeaQuest?