Hi! I'm on a roll today! I recently finished watching Kamen Rider Kiva and I fell in love with the Wataru/Megumi pairing! Fics of this pairing are rare, so I decided to make one of my own! Enjoy!

Couples: Wataru/Megumi (Main) and mentions of Taiga/Mio/Wataru and Yuri/Otoya/Maya

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At the Kurenai Mansion...
Wataru was tuning his violin when he heard footsteps. The footsteps came from his good friend, Megumi Oso. A lady in her mid twenties was behind her.

"Megumi-san." greeted Wataru.

"Wataru-kun, do you think you can fix her violin?" asked Megumi?

Wataru nodded and the lady handed him her violin.

"Oh, one of the strings has snapped. But, no problem, I'll have it fixed quickly." said Wataru.

Wataru went to the cupboards and took out a violin string and quickly fixed the lady's violin. He handed it back to her and she tested it. She smiled when it was fixed. She thanked Wataru and Megumi and left.

Wataru offered Megumi some water which she accepted.

"Wataru-kun, Nago-kun mentioned that you've been pretty down lately." Said Megumi.

Wataru smiled weakly. "I guess I miss Kaa-san, Oto-san and Mio-san. Even though they told me not to blame myself, but I still think that I'm the cause of everything."

"Wataru-kun, nobody blames you for what happened. Your mother, wouldn't want you to feel this way. Your dad and Mio too. They want you to be strong." said Megumi.

Wataru shook his head. "It started all because I'm a Fangire and Kaa-san too.. Kaa-san created a love triangle between Yuro, Otoya and herself. It happened again with Nii-san, Mio-san and myself."

Megumi frowned, "Even if, I'm sure no one blames you. I guess we are all at fault, but one can control human emotions. It inevitable."

Wataru smiled. "Megumi-san, thank you for listening to me."

Megumi shook her head. "It's no problem, of you need a listening ear, just call me."

The pair exchange smiles and Megumi laid her head on Wataru's shoulder. "Because, I'll never blame you for any of it. I love you Kurenai Wataru."

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