Hi! I'm on a roll today! This was inspired by a comment on tumblr about Tomoko and Ryusei standing out among the Kamen Rider Club members in ordinary clothes and another Tomoko/Ryusei fic on this site. So enjoy! This takes place post series.

Couples: Tomoko/Ryusei (Main), Yuki/Gentaro, Miu/Shun and Rumi/Kengo (Sub)

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Tomoko sighed; she was currently in the mall with the rest of the Kamen Rider Club doing some shopping. Actually, it was only the girls; the girls had dragged the boys here to help carry their stuff. Unlike the other girls, she didn't enjoy shopping much. She would shop with her mom once in a while, but other than that she didn't shop much. So how did she even agree to come here in the first place?


It was a week after Gamou had been defeated. To celebrate, Miu suggested a shopping trip. The boys groaned, because they knew that they would drag them along. They along with Tomoko rejected the idea, even though they knew that it was futile.

Miu had suggested the idea as she thought that they deserved a reward and the boys needed a wardrobe change and she wanted Tomoko to feel like a normal girl doing normal girl stuff like shopping. Miu also invited Rumi, Oki, Sayaka and Sugiura who joined the club a few days ago.

End Flashback

Miu and Yuki dragged Tomoko to a clothing store. Ran, Oki, Rumi and Sayaka followed the trio with the boys carrying several shopping bags each. Miu picked out a black mini-dress and Yuki picked out a pair of skinn jeans. They held them in front of Tomoko and pushed her to the changing room to try on the clothes. Tomoko reluctantly tried on the clothes, when she came out the girls squealed about how beautiful she looked. Miu handed her a pair of black wedgies and helped Tomoko put them on. They presented her to the boys and they stared in amazement and nodded in approval. From the corner of her eye, Yuki saw Ryusei's shocked face and smirked. Tomoko changed back to her own clothes while Miu paid for the clothes. Tomoko refused to accept the clothes but Miu insisted before Tomoko reluctantly accepte them. Yuki bought a sliver halter neck dress and a pair of silver heels. Miu smirked when she saw Gentaro staring at Yuki in her outfit.

Miu and Shun help everyone pick out new clothes, even if they refused. After their shopping trip, Miu and Shun had their chauffeurs send their friends home. Shun's chauffeur dropped Tomoko and Ryusei near Tomoko's home. Ryusei lived with his aunt as it was near AGHS, which was near Tomoko's house.

Ryusei walked Tomoko home before heading home himself. Tomoko's mother greeted him warmly and invited him in for a snack. But he politely refused, saying that he had to go home. Tomoko's mother sent her daughter a smirk after Ryusei left and Tomoko blushed.

Meanwhile with Yuki, Gentaro, Kengo and Rumi...
The quartet was at Yuki's place, they were in Yuki's room while Yuki's patents were cooking dinner.

"Miu-sempai organised that shopping trip to matchmake Tomoko and Ryusei." smirked Yuki.

"Those two are in total denial." said Kengo, shaking his head.

Rumi and Gentaro agreed.

"Let's just hope those two get together soon, otherwise we'll have to play matchmaker again." laughed Gentaro.

Tada! Completed! I love Tomoko/Ryusei! They are just too cute and they are totally in denial. I might have a sequel, but I'll see how things go. And please review!