Remember the scene in episode 10? The one where Tomoko first came to the Rabbit Hutch. The one where they described their problem selves. I felt that there should be a second one for all the members. So enjoy! This takes place after Fourze's finale.

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The Kamen Rider Club members were in the Rabbit Hutch. They were currently missing a member, Sakuta Ryusei. He had transferred back to his old school. Yuki, Kengo, Gentaro, Ohsugi-sensei missed him. They agreed that they missed his presence in class. But he promised that he would visit them often. Just then, the said boy entered, the Kamen Rider Club welcomed him warmly. Kengo smiled seeing his friends. He wouldn't even be here without his friends, his friends help him be the person on he is now. Just then an idea struck Kengo's mind.

"Minna, remember the introduction we did for Tomoko we she first came to the Rabbit Hutch? We should do that again, this time with all the members." said Kengo.

The members who already joined prior to that incident nodded enthusiastically. While those who joined after that were confused. So Yuki explained it.

"When Tomoko-chan first came to the Rabbit Hutch, she wanted to be a witch. But that was all a ploy was by the Altar Zodiarts. So to help her, we all introduced our inner problem kids. Because the Kamen Rider Club has lots of them." said Yuki.

The others understood and agreed. Gentaro started the game first.

"I'm the person who's going to befriend every person in this school."

Yuki went next. "I'm a space loving otaku!"

Kengo followed. "I school's biggest class-cutter. I'm the infirmary king."

"I'm an arrogant and domineering woman." said Miu.

"I'm a person of fake authority." said Shun.

"As you can see, I am a clown who bows down to authority." piped JK.

"I'm a dark but friendly goth girl." said Tomoko.

"My fate is mine to decide." said Ryusei.

Ohsugi-sensei went next. "My trademark suspenders everyday, when they snap, it's a brand new day."

Everyone looked at him weirdly. They all felt that it was funny and weird.

Ran followed. "I'm an aikido skilled and senior trusting girl."

Haru went last. "I'm someone who wants to protect my friends."

After Haru spoke his part, everyone cheered. They had revealed their true inner child or dream. They hoped to achieve and get rid of bad problems before graduating. Shun and Miu already achieved that, but decided to their old ones. As they still retained some elements if their old selves. Our old selves will always be a part if us and that it a fact that will never change. But if we have the heart, we can succeed. Change is an essential part of life.

Tada! Complete! Sorry if the ending is kinda abrupt and some of their catchphrases are kind if weird, if you have any suggestions in how it should be. Please feel free to tell me and I'll edit it, just you know Yuki, Miu, JK, Shun and Kengo's are all copied from episode 10's. The rest are made up. Please Review!