The mogadorian points his large gun towards me and pulls the trigger, A bullet departures from the gun and travels through my stomach, knocking me on the ground. I open my eyes a second later and find myself lying on the ground with blood spattering from my mouth and a two inch wide opening on my stomach.

"Are you okay?!" Joseph asked me, and disappeared before I could answer his question, I hope that wherever he went is a wise choice, because I am choking on my own blood, to death.

I put my hands on my wound, trying to heal myself, but it's not working. "Joseph." I shout, desprate for help, and the men approaching towards helpless me.

"He's not here to help you, you're on your own." Their mogadorian commander says, looking down at me with pleasure, ready for the final strike. He is a carrying a big knife, probably planning to stab me with it in any second.

"Joseph!" I say his name unclearly, with blood all over my chin and parts of my neck.

The commander kneels down at me and places the sharpest and smallest point of the knife on my throat. "Oh Joseph!" He mocks me, saying it with a girly voice (even though my voice isn't as girly, it was more like a deep mysterious voice).

"Joseph isn't here to help you, sadly. But lucky for us, the job's now easier that we thought it would be." The commander says with an accent, and then laughs.

The mogadorian soldiers laugh along, the commander increases the force of the knife creating a small cut on my neck, making me lose even more blood than I've already lost, I'm getting helpless and this guy is trying to slowly kill me and torture me with his large silver knife.

The soldiers slowly start collapsing and the commander gets up and scans the whole forest and starts sniffing. And then suddenly collapses like the others, and that's when I realise that I'm offically helpless and weak, I can't heal myself and I'm slowly losing consciousness.

"Get the bullet out and heal her!" I hear Joseph commanding someone, and whoever that person is, they're doing a great job taking the large bullet out of my body using a knife, and puts their hand gently and I could feel the tissues re-connecting and my wound sealing.

"Are you okay?" A female voice says gently and nicely.

"I'm fine. Thank you." I open my eyes and gain my conciousness, I find a pair of light brown eyes looking down at me.

"Good, here I'll help you up." She gets up and gives me a hand, and pulled me up with Joseph's help.

"This's Marina, she's number seven." Joseph introduces me to the five-foot-nine tall brunette that just helped me up, she's pretty with a super skinny model figure and proper manners.

"Nice to meet you, seven, or should I call you Marina?" I offer her a hand shake.

"Nice to meet you too! Zooey, although I do prefer the name 'Marina', I'm getting used to it." She says. My jaws dropped, could she have known who I am all along?

"I found Marina and Number six a few days ago, but we couldn't stay together because they'll find us easily, the mogadorians. So I thought we should split up until we find the rest." Joseph says with a serious look on his face.

I realised that war had just begun.

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