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At AGHS...
Gentaro blinked a couple of times, before looking out the window. It was just three days after Gamou had been defeated, the Kamen Rider Club were all very happy after Gamou was defeated. The fight against the Zodiart was over, or that's what the others thought. But somehow, Gentaro had a nagging feeling that it was not over. He was sure that Kengo did too. Just then, the school bell rang, signaling the end of school. Gentaro turned around and smiled at his friends, Yuki Jojima, Uthoshi Kengo and Sakuta Ryusei. The quartet got p ad left the classroom. Thy met up with JK and Tomoko Nozama. The group then made their way to the rabbit hutch.

At the Rabbit Hutch...
Miu and Shun were already there with Ohsugi-sensei. Kengo immediately made a call to Emoto-sensei. Emoto had been revived not long after Gamou had been defeated. This meant that this left the school without a chairman for the time being. Emoto also erased the memories of Hayami and Tatsugami. He also brought back those that he had put in suspended animation in the M-BUS. Sonoda-sensei returned to teaching after her "sabbatical". Those student Zodiarts also came back to school, Emoto altered the school records with Ryusei's help, to cover their absence.


Gentaro and Ryusei were tackled from behind. The rest of the Kamen Rider Club have them hugs and cheers of celebration. Shun and Haru were supporting Kengo after he had used most of his energy and power to activate and use the core switch to it's fullest potential. The two Riders had yet to un-henshin. Gentaro pulled out the medical switch and healed Kengo.

Just then the Meteor Storm switch began glowing, as did the Cosmic Switch. The two switches released a huge amount of cosmic energy. The energy formed a body which was revealed to be Emoto's. When his body was fully recreated. Emoto smiled and made his way to the Kamen Rider Club. They welcomed him back warmly.

Flashback End

Emoto's face appeared on the screen. He had called Kengo the previous night, the said that he had something important to discuss with the Kamen Rider Club.

"Everyone, I'm afraid that the fight with the Zodiarts is not quite over. Foundation X has the blueprints for making Zodiarts switches. But without Cosmic Energy, they cannot do that. But a large foundation like them can succeed in the future, and by then Fourze and Meteor will not be able to handle them alone." Said Emoto.

Gentaro and Ryusei's faces became alert.

"So that's why I got the feeling that it wasn't quite over." Mused Gentaro.

"What do you suggest we do?" Asked Ryusei?

"We use the Horoscopes Switches." Replied Emoto.

The immediately caused the Kamen Rider Club to protest. Thy felt that they were the most troublesome of all the Zodiarts Switchers.

"Alright guys calm down, let Emoto-sensei explain his plan." Said Miu.

The group quieted down and Emoto continued.

"The Horoscopes Switches still have many potential, if we use them properly they can be on the same level and Fourze and Meteor." Said Emoto.

The group thought about Emoto's proposal.

"This plan has merit and it might work." Spoke Kengo.

"But who do we find to be the switchers?" Asked Ryusei?

Everyone turned back to Emoto.

"We can recruit some of the former switchers." Said Emoto.

"How about Ran and Sugiura?"Asked JK?

"I understand Ran, but why Sugiura?" Asked Shun?

"Sugiura fought me and defied Gamou in the end. I could tell that he was sincere about handing you his switch." Said Emoto.

"True, what about Yuki? Can she take the Gemini switch again?" asked Miu?

Everyone looked at the said girl. "Well, I could take it again. But I don't like the idea." Said Yuki.

"I don't think that there's a need for that." Spoke Emoto.

The attention was on him again.

"I did a background check on you a few hours ago. JK and Yuki are compatible with the Capricorn and Aquarius switches respectively." Continued Emoto.

The surprised the group, especially JK and Yuki.

"Why us?" Asked JK?

"JK is a Capricorn and Yuki is an Aquarius. This made you a main choice take over their mantle." Explained Emoto.

JK and Yuki shared a look.

"Yuki, JK what will you do?" Asked Tomoko?

"I'll do it. It's the least I can do for Erin. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here right now. The least I can do is to master her switch in her behalf." Said Yuki.

"Me too, but for Goto." said JK.

"Will there be any side effects?" Asked Gentaro worriedly?

Emoto shook his head. "There won't be, as long as you don't have any evil thoughts."

"Should we approach Kijima too?" Asked Ryusei?

Even though Ryusei hated Kijima, but he was a former switcher. He could be a big help to them.

Emoto smiled. "You would be surprised to know that Kijima has really changed during his time in the M-BUS."

JK nodded. "I've seen him yesterday, he's really different now. He's a lot nicer and less arrogant."

"But we have no guarantee that he will agree to help us." Said Shun.

"Somehow, I think he will. I have a gut feeling that he will." said Gentaro.

The Kamen Rider Club smiled. Emoto smiled as well, the first part of his plan had succeeded. The next challenge was to recruit the remaining switchers.

The next day after school...
The Kamen Rider Club had invited Kijima, Rumi, Oki, Sugiura, Sayaka, Ran and Haru to the rooftop for an important meeting. Emoto was there as well, with the box of switches.

Gentaro and Kengo stated their intentions and got several unexpected results..

"Actually, we want you to reclaim your Horoscopes Switches." Stated Kengo.

"If you do, we can stop the suffering that the people have from the recent and future Zodiarts attacks." Said Yuki.

Kijima, Ran and Sugiura had surprisingly agreed to Emoto's plan. They believed that the switches could be used for good.

"I'll do it, if I can help people. I will do it." Replied Ran without and hesitation.

"If a freshman can say that, I want to do the same. I've caused a lot of problems by creating all those by-laws. I want to change that, I want to redeem myself." Said Sugiura.

"Well, if the other two are up for it. I'm in as well. I need some excitement in my life." Smirked Kijima.

The Kamen Rider Club smiled and decided that Rumi, Oki, Sayaka and Haru would be tech support for the team. The seven did the secret handshake with Gentaro as a sign of secrecy and their new membership into the Kamen Rider Club.

Emoto opened the box that contained the Horoscopes Switches. There was one empty slot which belonged to the Virgo Zodiarts Switch. Kijima took the Pisces, Taurus and Cancer Switches and gave the former two to Ran and Sugiura. Yuki took the Aquarius Switch and JK took the Capricorn Switch. The Kamen Rider Club members old and new smiled and made their way back to the Rabbit Hutch. The seven were shown the way there and around the Hutch.

Yuki opened the locker that led to the rabbit hutch. The five new members, except Haru and Ran, looked at it in disbelief. Could they even fit in there? The older members chuckled and Gentaro entered first, followed by Kengo and Yuki. Shun and Miu let the seven new members in first before entering. Follwed by Ohsugi-sensei, JK, Tomoko and lastly Ryusei, who closed the door behind him. The rabbit hutch was large enough to fit all of them, but what surprised Sayaka, Oki, Kijima, Rumi and Sugiura the most was that they were on the moon.

"We're on the moon?" stuttered Sugiura?

Yuki nodded. Just then the foodroids started bouncing around catching their attention. Oki, Sayaka and Rumi squealed. "It's so cute!"

Miu picked them up and handed them to the trio.

The rest of the Kamen Rider Club smiled, it looks like that they were going to get along just fine.

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