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A few days later...
Kengo walked into his classroom alone. It was still pretty early and most of his classmates weren't in school yet. Kengo sighed as he sat down in his seat. He looked out the window, thinking about the Zodiarts. He was extremely puzzled about the mysteries behind the Zodiarts Switches. He never actually got to chance to study and examine a Zodiarts Switch. He had originally planned to study the one that Tomoko had been given, but she threw it into the river even before he could take a good look at it. He asked Emoto-sensei for the blue prints as well as a Zodiarts Switch for him to study. Unfortunately Kengo could only study the blueprints. He had to wait for the chance to study it, but with Yuki and JK's help he could study the Horoscope Switches. He wanted to know if there was any difference between a normal Zodiarts Switch and a Horoscopes Switch. It also worried him that more people could get hurt with more switches being distributed. He had suspected that someone was out to get revenge on Fourze and Meteor. And also possibly the other Kamen Riders as well. Perhaps it was time that Kengo paid a visit to one of his friends. Kengo made up his mind that he would make the trip during the weekends. He planned to ask Ryusei and Miu to accompany him. They were the most reliable people to accompany him for this trip. Not that Kengo didn't want Gentaro to go, but Kengo felt that he probably wouldn't understand his friend. Kengo never told anyone that he knew this special friend, but this particular friend helped him a lot. He was the one that helped him accept the Kamen Rider Club as his friends and family.

Just then the classroom door opened. Yuki, Gentaro and Ryusei entered the classroom with several of their other classmates. The trio took their seats.

"Kengo-kun, why didn't you wait for us the morning?" Asked Yuki, pouting slightly.

"Sorry, I wanted to go for a walk to think about what happened recently." Apologized Kengo.

After fifteen minutes most of the class had arrived. Ohsugi-sensei arrived shortly after and started class. Ohsugi handed out a flyer to everyone. There was going to be a festival held in a nearby neighborhood, Fuuto City this weekend. Kengo tried not to smile, his special friend stayed in Fuuto and he had planned to visit there this weekend. It couldn't be just a coincidence right? There has to be some logical reason. After the bell rang, Kengo stopped Ryusei and pulled him back into the classroom. Ryusei looked at him weirdly.

"Sakuta, can you accompany me to Fuuto this weekend? It's very important, I have to meet someone." Said Kengo.

Ryusei thought about it for a while before nodding. "Alright, but why not ask Gentaro and Yuki to go with you?"

Kengo sighed. "They won't understand my friend. You and Miu are the one that are the most fitting to meet my friend."

Ryusei nodded. "We'll meet at your house at 9.30am ok?"

Kengo nodded and left the room with Ryusei. Kengo made a note to tell Miu later.

During lunch...
Kengo and Ryusei made their way to the Rabbit Hutch while the others went to grab some food to eat. Luckily for them only Miu was in the Rabbit Hutch, Shun had a class so he wasn't able to come. Kengo told Miu the same thing he had told Ryusei. Miu agreed to accompany Kengo. It seem important to him and perhaps his friend could help them. They agreed to meet at Kengo's place at 9.30am on Saturday. And Miu's chauffeur would drive them to Fuuto.

Meanwhile with the others...
Gentaro and the others made their way to the Rabbit Hutch with several bags of food. They passed by the large window just outside of the Rabbit Hutch, when JK suddenly stopped. Ran, who was behind JK fell and Tomoko helped her up..

"JK, what's up?" Asked Gentaro, as JK stared at the window when there was nothing there. Yuki walked up to the window and touched it. She closed her eyes as if seeing some sort of memory. She opened them a few minutes later. Ran did the same thing. Kijima and Sugiura felt a wave of energy as they too saw the same memory. As Zodiarts, they felt a special connection. They had special human powers too. JK's was detecting sound waves, Ran's was seeing past memories using a body of water or mirror, as well as being able to turn her body into water for a short period of time. Like Ran, Yuki was also able to see past memories using water or a mirror as well as healing people without having to change into her Zodiarts form. Sugiura and Kijima's were reading the human mind and see past memories without need a special medium. They could directly look into the memories of people and things, by just concentrating on them. Emoto's was teleporting people and things as well as opening portals. They gained these powers just recently, with the exception of Emoto, and are currently learning how to control them. It all started 3 days earlier.


Kijima, Suguira, Ran, JK and Yuki were at Miu's place. They wanted to know more about each other, since they were on the same team. The mood was pretty quiet until the intercom in the room they were in rang. It was Miu, informing them that she was going to be out. But they could stay as long as they liked. After the cutting the call, Yuki noticed JK staring at the intercom.

"JK, what's wrong? Why are you staring at the intercom? Asked Yuki?

JK blinked a couple of times, like he just woke up from some sort of trance. "Nothing, it's just that when the intercom rang, I immediately knew what made the sound. It's like I could detect sound waves."

The others felt confused, except for Kijima who looked deep in thought.

"I think this is a side effect of the blue switches. While I was in the Dark Nebula, Sonoda-sensei told me about the blue switches and their effects. What powers you get will depend on what Zodiarts you are. The Capricorn Zodiarts is related to music, that's why JK can detect sound waves. I'm sure you guys will get similar powers soon." Explained Kijima.

"If that's the case, then Ran and Yuki will probably get water related powers." Said Suguira.

"You and Kijima would probably psychic powers, since you guys can take people's soul rings when in Zodiarts form." Said Yuki.

"What about Emoto-sensei?" Asked Ran?

"Since the Virgo Zodiarts can teleport and open portals, I suspect that his powers have something to do with that." Said JK.

The five switches sat in the room discussing about their new powers.

Flashback End

Yuki discovered her powers a few hours after JK did. She miraculously healed Ran when she fell. Kijima and Suguira were somehow able to read each other's minds and concluded that they could read each others minds. Ran discovered her powers in a very unique manner, the next day. She was swimming when Yuki suddenly said that she couldn't see her. It turns out that Ran turned into water, which was her power.

No one in the Kamen Rider Club except them and Emoto knew about their powers. The five Zodiarts bit their lips as they made their way to the Rabbit Hutch. Apparently they sensed something dangerous was coming, the feeling was familiar, but they couldn't put their finger on it. When they entered the Rabbit Hutch, Gentaro decided to ask them once again.

"Yuki, what's going on? What happened out there?" Asked Gentaro, worriedly.

"What happened?" Asked Ryusei.

"We were on our way here, when Yuki, JK, Ran, Kijima and Sugiura stopped at the large window outside the Rabbit Hutch. They stared at it for a while and refused to tell us what happened." Explained Tomoko.

Now all eyes were on the five Switchers.

"Should we tell them?" asked Ran?

"Don't tell them about our powers, we'll say that we sensed a large amount of energy." Said Sugiura.

"Agreed." Said JK.

"Well, we sensed a large amount of energy when we passed by the window. We're not sure exactly what it is, but it's nothing good." Explained Kijima, choosing his words carefully.

The other Kamen Rider Club members frowned.

"What kind of energy?" Asked Miu?

"Like we said we don't know, but it's definitely not Cosmic Energy for sure." Replied Ran.

"How can you be so sure?" Asked Oki?

"Simple if it was Cosmic Energy, we would have felt something, but we didn't. Besides, Kengo-kun, Gen-chan and Ryusei-kun would have felt it too. Since Kengo has the Core Switch, Gen-chan and Ryusei-kun are Kamen Riders whose's powers are linked to Cosmic Energy." Explained Yuki.

"How were you guys able to detect that energy if it's not Cosmic Energy?" Asked Haru?

Kijima shrugged. "It's a side effect of being a Horoscope Zodiarts. We're a lot more powerful than normal Zodiarts. We have the ability of detecting energy signals."

The others nodded, still unsure of the five Switchers's energy prediction.

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