After the hug... This short story takes place right after the hug at the end of the episode call The Whipping.

Bill reached down and swung Barney into his arms. He carried him over to the fire next to Wooster.

It wasn't long until all had returned to their wagons and activities. Bill and Barnaby sat looking into the fire.

"Bill I really meant it when I said I was sorry."

It's ok Barney all is forgiven, but I would like to understand something, what made you so scared of me?" Ask Bill

Barney thought for a minute before he began to speak

"When you first threatened to spank me, I was just really embarrassed. The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself you were just treating me like a baby,I found out that the other guys had over heard you threaten to give me the whipping, I knew that they would never let me live it down."

"That's where my mind was instead of on what I was doing while I was replacing the wheel, Then when I broke my leg I had plenty time too just feel sorry for myself."

"Barnaby, I'm going to be totally honest with you, at first I had ever intention of giving you a whipping.

When you broke your leg, I was convinced that it was my fault, I was so anger at myself that I started making lots of mistakes. The more disagreeable you became the more I had to find someone else to blame."

"Bill, I guess we both did a very good job of punishing ourselves. Then when you threatened to send me back to

Barnaby West Sr, well Bill," " you don't make threats."

"That's why you ran?" replied Bill, as he threw another long on the fire.

"Yes sir," Barney almost whispered scraping his boot in the dust.

"Barnaby the night that we brought you back, when you had fallen and re-broken your leg, all because you were scared of me, I thought I might as well crawl into a bottle and not come out. I thought that I had lost you.""Barnaby, son, It was only a threat, a very cruel and unfair one. I hope that you will forgive me."

"Barney lowered his eyes and spoke, I guess that we both learned that no matter how old you are if you do

something wrong you have to be punished."

Bill placed his arm on Barney's shoulder as he spoke.

"I will make you a promise. No matter what you do I will never again even threaten to send you away.

"Will you make me one other promise Bill? will you promise me, you will still be willing to "dust my backside" if I deserve it?" Barney"s face reddened, just a bit as he Look into Bills eyes.

Bill and Barney wrapped in a mighty bear hug. As Bill stood, he lifted Barnaby off the ground. When he placed

Barney back on his feet, He landed two quick swats to his seat,

"You've got a deal son!" Now, off to bed.

Barney smiled as he hopped away toward the wagon and Bill smiled as he reached for his coffee cup.