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The day was hot and sunny. Camp Half-blood was bustling with busy campers: both Greek and Roman. They were working together to make everything perfect for the most happy event in camp since…a long time actually. Piper, Thalia, Lacy and Katie Gardner were helping Annabeth with her white wedding dress.

Yes, she was wearing a dress. Yes, it was white, simple, elegant, with spaghetti straps; nothing much. She really didn't care for the dress after all, she cared that in less than four hours she would be Annabeth Jackson.

She was finally getting married to Percy Jackson. And to say that she was nervous would be understatement.

''Okay Annabeth, now it's time for your hair. After that I'll do the make-up and you'll be ready to go.'' Lacy exclaimed excitedly.

Piper was helping Katie with her hair while Thalia was distracting the nervous bride.

''So Piper, will you be the next girl in white?'' Katie asked then, which made the said daughter of Aphrodite blush.

''What makes you say that?'' she just asked without looking anyone in the eyes.

''Oh, I don't know, maybe the numerous times we had caught you and Jason hiding from the others.'' Thalia snickered.

''Why didn't I know about that?!'' Lacy shrieked then with eyes, big and blaming, focused on her half-sister. Piper choosed that moment to change the topic.

''Maybe Katie will be before me. We have to ask Travis about that though.''

That shut the daughter of Demeter up. The rest of the girls giggled, even Annabeth managed a smile.

After half an hour Thalia decided to check the how the preparations at the beach go. Percy and Annabeth both had agreed that the beach would be perfect.

Piper also left to get dressed.

Another half an hour had passed when someone knocked urgently at Cabin 6's door.

''Who is it?'' Annabeth asked from her place in front of a big mirror.

''It's Leo. Is Thalia there? I have to show her something.'' the boy was so exited; he nearly burst into flames right there and then.

Annabeth was quiet for a while.

''Piper and Jason again?'' he heard her sigh.

''Do you even have to ask?''

''Thalia went to the beach. And Leo, tell her to get them: this is my wedding godsdamnit!'' the daughter of Athena shouted furious. Leo took off towards the beach as fast as he could. He didn't want an angry nervous daughter of Athena after him.

When he found Thalia he cautiously explained the situation. She was first in disbelief, then angry and when they both headed to the Aphrodite cabin, she had a dangerous smile on her lips.

There, they found Percy hidden under an open window. Unfortunately, the curtains were hiding the inside of Cabin 10, but they could hear Jason's and Piper's voices from the inside.

''Come on Sparky, it's not so hard to lift it up!''

''It's not my fault.'' Jason mumbled

''Then what is it?''

''If I knew we wouldn't be in this situation, don't you think?''

They both chuckled. In the meantime, Reyna was walking by. She saw the three eavesdroppers and made her way towards them.

''And what exactly are you doing?'' she asked with narrowed eyes.

Leo ignored her attempt to scare them and pulled her down, blocking her mouth.

''Listen.'' He mouthed.

''I have to go back soon or they will suspect something.'' Piper sighed.

''You are not going out like this!'' Jason demanded.

Reyna froze. She blinked a couple of times and the listened intently. That had to be some kind of a mistake.

From the inside, Piper chuckled.

''Why, am I bad looking Sparky?'' she said seductively.

''You know exactly what am I talking about.'' He growled.

''Then lift it up and let's finish with this.''

Leo and Percy clutched their sides, trying to not laugh out loud.

Reyna had a cold stare on her face and Thalia's electric blue eyes were glinting dangerously. It seemed that the daughter of Zeus was waiting for the right time to interfere.

It was Jason's turn to chuckle.

''If you are so smart, why don't you lift it up?'' he snickered.

''I can't reach it smartass. What's the problem anyway, haven't you done this before?''

''Of course I have done it! Ask Thalia, I was with her then.''

Percy, Leo and Reyna looked at the daughter of Zeus with big eyes. The said daughter was found dumbstruck and started stuttering.

''I…I … it wasn't…that's…we haven't…I'm not that…he's my godsdamn brother!'' she almost shouted but Percy tackled her to the ground before she could blow up their cover. The amazed expressions were still on their faces though.

''Then what's the problem?'' asked Piper and everyone sighed from relief that they weren't heard.

''I really don't know. It seems stuck.''

''Oh, you are master in sticking things.'' She mocked.

Jason just mumbled nonchalantly but didn't say anything.

''What if I push a little more…'' he suggested.

''No! You'll ruin the dress. My mom picked it up and I'm sure you don't want she to curs you about ruining it. Besides, she and Annabeth will pulverize me!''

''Do you think that they are…?'' Reyna whispered to no one in particular. ''They wouldn't dare, right?''

''Don't be so sure Warrior princess. You can never know what Sparky will do.'' Leo smiled at the Roman praetor. She just rolled her eyes which made the son of Hephaestus smile even wider; maybe he had chances with this hot chick after all.

''You'll get used to the Greeks eventually. At least Jason got used to us.'' Percy snickered.

''Aren't you supposed to be preparing for your wedding?'' Thalia glared at him then.

''Hey, don't judge, you're not my mom! Besides, I don't need half a day to get ready like you girls.'' He stuck his tongue at the daughter of Zeus like this was the greatest way of ending a conversation.

''Very mature, Jackson. What sees Annabeth is your kelp head after all?''

''Quiet!'' Leo glared at both of them. Then he turned towards the window, muttering ''children'' under his breath.

Reyna couldn't react. She had never seen someone acting like this, not to mention heroes. She knew that Percy wasn't…well, normal, but Jason? He was Roman! He wasn't supposed to act like a…mindless boy! He was a warrior! Gods help her with these Greeks!

''I think it moved.'' Jason exclaimed then, drawing everybody's attention back to him and Piper.

''Really, 'cause I didn't feel anything.''

''Ha-ha. Laugh it all you want but I saw it. My little friend finally moved upwards!'' Jason sounded like five-year-old.

Percy and Leo were rolling on the ground with silent laughter.

Piper's laughter filled the space.

''Why don't you try to free it?'' she finally suggested.

''Mhmm…just a se-e-cond!'' his voice picked up an octave in the end and the boys were now crying from all the laughing.

''You okay there, Sparky?'' Piper chuckled again.

''Yeah, it's moving!''

''I felt it too!''

''Just a little bit up…got it!'' Jason exclaimed finally and laughed from joy.

''AHA!'' Thalia shouted and jumped through the window with her bronze blade in hand. ''Now I've got you!''

Leo, Percy and Reyna looked through the window and found that Jason and Piper were bright red and frozen in spot. Leo pouted when he saw that they were fully dressed, not even with messy hairs or something like that. He thought that they were too late again.

''Oh, come on!'' he whined.

''You have to be kidding me!'' Percy smiled from disbelief.

''What are you two doing now?'' Thalia asked. ''This is a wedding for Zeus' sake! You have to act appropriate!''

''Annabeth is so going to kill you!'' Percy laughed again.

''She doesn't have a reason to.'' Jason protested.

''You are praetor, Grace. You should be an example for everyone else! Is this the message you are giving them?'' Reyna asked with her cold stare and deadly calm voice.

''Actually yes.'' He stated confidently which made everybody else stare at him in awe. Piper started chuckling silently.

''You have no idea what we did, do you?'' she asked through gasps.

''So you do admit that you were…'' Leo started with a crazy smile and pointed between Jason and her.

The son of Jupiter pouted again but Piper laughed even harder.

''What do you think are we: rabbits?'' he glared at his sister, Reyna and Leo. The girls glared back at him. No one seemed to be affected by the others' looks.

''Okay, okay…enough with the staring contest. If we are wrong again, what did you actually do inside?'' Percy asked trying to get everybody to calm down.

''Jason was…was…'' Piper started but her laughter was uncontrollable.

''Knocking you up?'' Leo said wiggling his eyebrows. That helped the daughter of Aphrodite to snap out of her trance and she almost lunged at the fireuser. Jason was fast enough to hold her back though but he looked like he was doing it for her sake, not fir his friend's.

''I was helping her with the zipper of her dress.'' The son of Jupiter announced coldly. ''Seriously, you guys are so perverted and unsatisfied that you see sex everywhere you go!''

Everyone blushed, except Leo. He was pouting again.

''I just want to become an uncle, is that too much to ask?''

''Yes! I'm on the age of seventeen for godsdamnit!'' Piper shouted then, startling everybody else.

They just stared blankly at her.

''I knew that you are civilized.'' Reyna stated proudly which earned her a couple of strange looks including from Jason. ''I mean that the Greeks hadn't affected you that much.''

''Oh, you will be surprised.'' He muttered but only Piper heard him.

''Now everybody, out!'' Piper shoed everyone and closed the offending window. She turned to Jason again.

''They think that we are like rabbits! Why did you stop me from getting Leo?'' she pouted at him.

''Because you would have ruined the dress.'' He smiled at her and kissed her cheek. ''Besides, we have luck that they didn't spot us this morning.''

''Okay then. Now, let's go before they do something stupid again.''

Piper and Jason smiled at each other and both leaned in for a kiss. And it didn't matter that started chastely and easily, it got heated and passionate soon enough.

''Out!'' Reyna shouted then, startling both of them. She and Thalia were at the door with hands on their hips. The couple sighed dramatically and followed the girls out.

Thalia dragged Piper by the hand towards the Athena cabin while Reyna was pulling Jason towards Percy's cabin…by the ear.

Although being dragged by the ear from a girl was embarrassing as hell, his thoughts were focused on something else. It seemed that there was only one way to have alone time with Piper without someone to interrupt them. He had thought about this before but it seemed to be too soon.

And now, as he stood next to Percy and watched the smiling Annabeth in her white dress getting close, Jason looked at Piper with a smile. Yes, she would look gorgeous in white and he was eager to see her.

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