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Chapter 1:

Crash! Naruto collided with the battlefield below, forming a ripple of dust and splinters of wood as if he had crashed into water instead of a battlefield in the process. Looking down at his feet Naruto quietly cursed as he saw the small pool of blood that was rapidly forming at the base of his feet. He was in a worse state than he had originally thought…

Crunch… crackle… crunch… Naruto looked up. Pein was once again launching himself towards him, ready for another round. Throwing a punch at Naruto the young blonde blocked, countering with a hastily formed rasengan. Pein simply dodged the attack, retreating till the next round.

Glaring at the retreating figure Naruto scowled. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Pein was playing around with him. He had yet to use a destructive jutsu, he yet to call up the Pein's that had murdered his beloved sensei.

Pein would call for them eventually though. He wouldn't play around with Naruto forever after-all. When that time happens the other Peins would defeat him minutes, leaving him to the Akatsuki whilst they went on to rip Konoha to sheds. If he wanted to save Konoha, if he wanted to save himself then he would have to change tactics; and soon.

But what could he do? Use his best attacks against him? Already done that and failed miserably too. Call for Back-up? Too risky, Pein could end up getting closer to Konoha in the process of doing it. Besides, if couldn't defeat Pein, if one of the legendary Sannin couldn't kill Pein then who could?

No, what he needed was a jutsu, a jutsu so powerful that it could defeat even the most powerful of men regardless of the cost… 'Of course!' Naruto's eyes widened as he recalled a memory dating back from his travels with Jiraya. Perhaps he and the rest of Konoha were not doomed to destruction after-all…


"Stupid Ero-sannin, Stupid research…" Naruto grumbled to himself as he sat down at the towns local Ramen stand with a huff.

Looking at the menu Naruto cheered up as he saw his favourite flavour on the menu "Miso ramen please!" he shouted.

"Miso ramen… not many people like that flavour you know." A calm, mysterious voice coming from Naruto's right commented.

"Whirling around in his chair Naruto turned to face the mysterious man. Looking at his face strangely for a few moments he stared at the man before his own face morphed into a large smile "Yeah, miso ramen's my favourite!"

"What a coincidence, miso ramen is my favourite too, do you like ramen a lot?" the man asked.

"Yeah, old man Teuchi back in Konoha makes the best Ramen ever!" Naruto shouted in reply.

"Konoha…" The stranger paused "Are you a ninja by any chance" He asked, looking at Naruto's headband.

"Yeah, in fact I'm gonna be the next hokage -ttebayo!" Naruto shouted, unable to stop himself from inputting his verbal tick in the process.

"…Why do you want to become Hokage?" the man finally asked after a few moments of silence

"Because I want to protect the ones that I care about" Naruto simply said after a few moments of silence

"Want to protect the ones you care about huh…" The man looked at Naruto intently for a few seconds, lost in thought "what would you say if I were to tell you that I could teach you a jutsu that would help you with that?"
Would you really do that! Teach me please!" Naruto practically begged, stars in his eyes as he did so.

"Yes I would, but don't get ahead of yourself." The man began by saying "The jutsu that I would teach you is called the Taimuwapu no jutsu. Using this jutsu speeds up time for the person it is aimed at such a rate that they disintegrate within seconds. For this reason the jutsu is extremely powerful and can kill even the strongest of beings, however there is a downside. If used an imbalance in time is created due to the speeding up of time hence the balance of time must be restored by the user being sent back in time to a random era, being shrunk to between the ages of 3-12 and from then onwards they would physically age at a slower age then normal as well as being physically weaker too. Do you understand what this means. It means that if you use the jutsu then you will never see the people you care about again. Do you still want to learn how to use this jutsu?"

Looking at the man with an uncharacteristically serious expression on his face Naruto faced him "Does it really matter?" He asked "Who cares if I never see my friends again? Who cares if I am stuck in a place where there is no one who cares about me? As long as my friends are safe then that's what really counts!"

"…Good answer…" the man simply said "Now listen close since I will not repeat anything for your sake. The jutsu starts with this hand seal…"

Naruto simply smiles as he began to listen to the man's lesson.

Flashback end!

Remembering the jutsu that the man had taught him Naruto smiled. It was an unusual smile for him. Too melancholic and nostalgic too be classified as one of his usual smiles.


Pulled out of his reverie by the sound of Pein shifting his weight Naruto began to focus as he formed his first hand sign.


Pein, noticing that Naruto had begun to form an unknown jutsu began to run towards the young blonde, forming the necessary hand signs for an experimental jutsu he had been recently working on as he did so.


Hand signs complete. Pein started to form a large ball of energy. A large ball of death and destruction that was heading right towards Naruto…


There it was Coming closer and closer. He could feel time start to slow as what could most possibly be his death sentence continued to come closer… and closer...


It was close now. Far too close for his personal taste. Its light blinded him. Its heat burnt his skin. Even worse though, as the raging inferno got closer and closer Naruto realised that his chakra was beginning to weaken. That was its purpose. To suck him of his power and leave him powerless… defenceless… sure to lose…

Desperately hoping that he still had enough chakra Naruto hastily formed the last hand sign…


Jutsu complete Naruto's eyes widened as a thin ray of chakra began to appear from his chest. It steadily grew as it began to head in a certain direction. But where?

Creating an imaginary line in his head Naruto's face morphed into an expression of unhidden horror as realised where the jutsu was heading. It was heading straight towards Pein's jutsu!

Watching the two attacks come closer… and closer together Naruto wanted to look away. But he couldn't, didn't dare to as the attack only got closer and closer.

Watching the two attacks approach each other with bated breath Naruto tensed, waiting for the inevitable explosion that was bound to happen.

Except that it didn't.

It was unbelievable. Impossible. Completely against the laws of physics yet Naruto couldn't deny his eyes as he saw what really happened. As he saw his seeming puny and insignificant attack go straight through Pein's raging inferno, popping it as if it was a bubble. Stopped in its tracks Pein's attack dispersed into a million glowing lights of chakra, falling to the ground like snow. It was magical…

Unaffected by its previous obstacle Naruto's jutsu continued on. Heading towards its true target; Pein.

Shocked by what had had happened Pein was unable to move, frozen as his death sentence continued to approach his dazed form. A few seconds later it hit. Naruto could only watch as a pair of purple eyes began to widen and its body began to wrinkle, dry and shrivel up. A few seconds later all that was left was a pile of dust that would soon be blown away.

Amazed by the fact that he had actually won Naruto's knees began to buckle, causing his to fall to the ground. A few seconds later he realised that something was wrong, very wrong.

Darkness had begun to creep into the edges of his vision. Panicking Naruto began to hyperventilate as his breathing grew desperate and crazy, yet his mind slowed.

Desperate to remain conscious Naruto tried to fight against the darkness with all of his might. However he was powerless to stop it. Powerless to stop his mind from becoming hazier and hazier as the seconds ticked by. Powerless to stop himself from toppling over as he slowly began to fade away… leaving behind a battle field filled with a million and one falling lights.

Blood. There was blood in the air. Stopping, a young minato namikaze looked around, his nose trying to discover the source of the worrying smell. Eyes narrowing they followed his nose only to discover the location of the worrying scent. A bush; the perfect location for a trap.

Slowly walking towards the bush Minato mentally scoured his surroundings for foreign chakra in order to see if the blood was a trap. He found nothing save for a very weak chakra signal coming from the bush itself. Someone was in there.

The chakra signal was faint, whoever it belonged to was in the process of dying as his organs slowly began to shut down. Judgeing by the amount of chakra if whoever it was wasn't brought to a hospital and soon then they would soon die of chakra exhaustion. Deciding to risk it Minato slowly walked towards the bush. Taking in a deep breath as he began to part the leaves in order to see what was inside.

What he saw shocked him.

There was a boy. A mere infant of three, possibly four years of age. He was injured, and badly. It made Minato want to vomit as he saw the dirty, blood matted brown hair. As he saw the boys wounds; some shallow, some deep oozing blood in order to form a steadily growing pool of blood. As he saw the boys ankle obviously sprained he realised that no matter whether it was a trap or not he had to take the boy to a hospital, it would be cruel to leave him to die.

Picking him up, Minato silently thanked whatever Gods there were out there that he was near Konoha as he began to head towards it.

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Taimuwapu no jutsu: I pretty much explained this in the story but to put it simply the jutsu essentially sends its user back in time and shrinks it in the process. As for the side effect of growing more slowly and being a bit physically weaker I did this because to affect the speed of time an insane amount of chakra must be used. So much that I doubt that even Naruto would have enough chakra for it. Of course I can't allow Naruto die from chakra exhaustion therefore another way must be found to provide the chakra needed. The answer; make the user (A.K.A: Naruto) continue to provide the chakra needed for the jutsu throughout the rest of their lives. Of course this constant drainage of energy would affect him hence being physically weaker and growing more slowly. Oh and as a side note Taimuwapu no jutsu essentially means time warp no jutsu in Japanese.

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