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Q5) When are he and Kushina gonna become the Uzumaki family?

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Chapter 5

Darkness. He was greeted with darkness. Slowly Opening his eyes Naruto groaned as he peered into the inky blackness; waiting for his eyesight to slowly adjust as, for a few seemingly unending moments that darkness pressed onto him from every corner; desperately trying to extinguish his shallow breaths. Finally though; after what seemed to be an eternity the darkness began to subside as his eyes slowly got used to his surroundings.

He was in a cell: A filthy cell with grimy walls and rusty metal door. The floor was covered with small tufts of decomposing hay with a giant mound of it in the right corner of the cell; a giant mound with something … no… someone leaning against it. Taking a closer look he examined his fellow cell-mate.

It was a girl… Or at least he thought that the creature with her long, matted hair dyed a dark brown from blood and months of filth and with her hunched back and bones' jutting out of her severely malnourished frame was a girl; girl or not though it was horrifying. So horrifying that bile rose to his throat as he observed her; her current state was sickening.

Whether she was alive or not he did not know; however he would have to find out. He wanted to… needed to know where he was. He didn't want to end up like her… he couldn't end up like her... right?..

Gathering up his courage he breathed in deeply "where are we?" he asked, his voice eerily echoing around the room as he spoke.

There was no answer.

Trying again, he repeated his question "Where are we?" he asked again.

No answer.

For a few tense moments silence reigned throughout the room. As the seconds slowly drew by Naruto began to lose hope, when suddenly a hollow croak reverberated throughout the room. It was a ghastly sound; one that would forever haunt his nightmares. It was a simple one word answer.


It was official the young jounin decided as he scoured the ramen bar in the vain hope that his little brother would pop out from the middle of nowhere. He, Minato Namikaze was an idiot; A complete and utter idiot.

In hindsight it was stupid; so stupid; how could he have left his little brother; a little brother that he had yet to properly introduce himself to on his own. How? Now that what was actually just a minor robbery was cleared up he couldn't help but groan in frustration. He. Was. An. Idiot!

Deciding that it was futile to stay where he was he started to head towards the town square, hoping to find his brother there instead. As he began to raise the flap of the ramen bar he took a step forward… and immediately bumped into Jiraya.

"Hey! Watch where you're going kid! You're supposed to be a ninja dammnit!" His mentor grumbled; unhappy about the absentmindedness of his former pupil.

"Sorry, sensei… I was about to go look for my brother" Minato apologised; slightly embarrassed about being so unaware of his surroundings that he had ended up bumping into his former sensei.

"…Wait… He's gone?" Jiraya simply asked in response.

"Yes he is… I was just about to go looking for him. Why" Minato asked, slightly worried by Jiraya's unusual reaction.

"This is bad… very bad…" The elder ninja simply murmured in response.

"What is so bad?" Minato questioned, his ninja hearing picking up on what his mentor had said.

"After you left I heard rumour's… Rumours about the recent disappearances of children in the past few months; they would literally disappear and never be seen again." He said; a frown forming upon his face.

"Is that true for all of the children?" Minato questioned.

"Yes… save for one. He was found a few weeks after his disappearance, however when the villagers tried to get any information out of him, all that he would do was chant one word over and over again."

"What was that word?" Minato asked, curious as to what the answer was.



He had been here for what seemed to be an eternity now. At first it had been terrifying scary. But as the minutes went by, and his time-wasting attempts at getting more information from the girl bore no fruit he soon became bored; really bored. He wanted to escape dammit!

He had tried opening the door by force- turns out that for a rusty old door that looks as if it had been abandoned for decades it was surprisingly sturdy so… It didn't work.

He had tried getting someone's attention so that they would open the door for him allowing him to escape in the process- That also didn't work; were his captors deaf or something? If they were going to capture him then they could at least come over when he called them so that he could escape!

Then, he tried singing really loudly and badly so that someone would get a bad enough migraine that they would come over in order to try and shut him up- It was official; his captors had been bestowed with the disability of deafness. Out of all the captors in the world that had to come and kidnap him it just had to be the ones that couldn't hear him didn't it?

Silently grumbling to himself Naruto paced around the room. If only he could break that door down… If only … Of course! Why on earth didn't he think of it before?

Smiling to himself Naruto quickly formed the necessary hand-sign needed for the Kage Bunshin no jutsu so that he could then form a rasengan and break the door. Smiling to himself he looked to his right, expecting a clone to appear out of nowhere as they usually did. But… Nothing happened…

How could this be? Staring at the palms of his hands Naruto frowned, trying to figure out the source of this anomaly. A few seconds of shocked silence later his eyes widened as he came to terms with a shocking truth.

Three to Four year old body= no academy training. No academy training= no chakra control training. No chakra control training= his body does not know how to use charka. His body not knowing how to use charka= he can't use any jutsu's… not very helpful when trying to bust down evil doors that refused to be opened.

Deciding that his earlier method's were stupid and pointless after his latest revelation Naruto instead settled for just standing there, glaring at the door with all of his might. The big bad guys would have to come sometime and when that time came he would be ready.


"So basically what you're trying to tell me is that my little brother; who I have yet to properly introduce myself to; has most likely been kidnapped by an evil organisation that appeared a few months… and may just end up being driven insane judging by the state of the one person that was found after his kidnapping right?" Minato asked ever so slightly incredulously.

"As much as I hate to admit it yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to tell you." Jiraya confirmed; his tone uncharacteristically serious.

"We will have to find them then. Whatever it is that they're doing to those children is definitely not good and I definitely do not want my little brother involved in that" Minato said seriously.

"Not gonna be so simple. Some of Konoha's finest jounin's were sent to investigate the organisation a few months ago and found nothing according to the villagers."

Frowning slightly Minato interrupted the perverted ninja "Jounin's? Investigating what could simply be a village rumour hardly seems like the sort of mission that the third would send jounin's on?" He couldn't help but say.

"Usually it isn't however the mayor's daughter was one of the children kidnapped, and the man refused to employ any less than the 'best' in order to find his 'precious daughter'"

"Oh, I see…" Minato commented


For a few moments there was silence as the two ninja's became absorbed in their inner world's; Minato in particular. As the seconds ticked by he slowly began to formulate a plan and after another few minutes he finally spoke up. "We may still be able to find them though"

"Oh really… and how do you plan on doing that" Jiraya challenged; sceptical about whatever plan Minato could have come up with in the brief period of time.

"Simple. Think about it… This organisation is obviously very good at hiding. Judging by the fact that a team of jounin where incapable of finding them I'm guessing that looking for them would be a complete waste of time. However if we could get them to capture one of us then we could instead infiltrate the facility before freeing everyone including my little brother."

"That won't work. The organisation doesn't kidnap adults" Jiraya pointed out.

"I never said that we would be infiltrating them as adults…"



As the door finally began to open Naruto's ears twitched upwards as he crouched down; preparing to run and make a break for it as soon as the door was fully open and counting down to zero in his head as he did so.

Three… The narrow slit of light gradually got larger and larger as the rusty hinges of the door began to screech loudly in protest.

Two… The slit of light was no longer narrow now. He could even just about begin to see the corridor that lay behind the rusty door. It was almost as dirty and grimy as the cell, the only real difference being that there was no hay and the walls weren't filthy enough to have any grime on them.

One… The door was almost fully open now and he could clearly see the corridor… as well and the humongous man that guarded it: it would soon be time to run.

Zero… launching himself at the man Naruto desperately tried to make a break for it; hoping to get past him to freedom.

It wasn't to be though. Within a few moments the guard had caught him and held him in a tight hold. One that no matter how hard or passionately he thrashed about was impossible to escape from. A few moments after he finally calmed down the man released him, only to roughly grab his wrist a split second later. With a violent pull the man began to drag him down the corridor. His destination was unknown to Naruto however as he once again began to rebel against the man's touch he decided that he sure as hell didn't was to find out.


"So basically what you're planning to do is use this experimental jutsu of yours called the… Shukudō Justu?.. and use that to temporally turn yourself into a child in order to get yourself captured and in the process infiltrate the organisation and save your little brother." Jiraya confirmed with a raised eyebrow.

"Essentially yes that's what I plan to do… But it's called the Shukushō jutsu, not the Shukudō jutsu Jiraya." The younger jounin corrected.

"Shukushō, Shukudō… Who cares! Don't you get how serious this is. Your basically crippling yourself before handing yourself over to the enemy. What will you do if they realise that you're a ninja and you're incapable of defending yourself huh? What will you do?" Jiraya practically shouted.

"If that happens then I will immediately cancel the jutsu and return to my adult self" Minato calmly responded.

A few tense moments followed in which both parties shared a heated glare; each trying to force the other into submission. After what seemed like an eternity Jiraya finally relented "Fine… Go along with this foolish plan of yours. I'll give you a week to complete and you had better be back by then. If you're not then I'll be coming after you and I will not be happy. Clear?" He growled; looking for confirmation.

"Crystal." Minato simply said in reply.


"Welcome to your new home brat!" the man growled before throwing Naruto into the room and slamming the door behind him. Panting slightly after his violent entrance Naruto slowly looked up.

He was in a dormitory; a very bland dormitory with grey walls and five grey beds to his right as well as another five to his left. Every bed minus two of them was occupied and all of their occupants stared at Naruto; sizing him up as if he were a piece of fresh meat; It was disconcerting to say the least.

Taking a closer look at them Naruto's eyes widened as he noticed something. There was something unnatural about each and every one of these children. The closest one to his right had Blood red eyes that seemed to glow. The second closest one on his left had large rabbit ears sticking out of his head. These children… They were being experimented on…

As he observed them and they observed him Naruto suddenly got a very, very bad feeling…

DUN DUN DUN! What will happen to Naruto will he be experimented on? Or will Minato save him from that horrible fate? Who knows…

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