Chapter 1

Hola bitches! You sure thinking who might this be aren't you? Well, well, well, how about I tell you a little fucking-tastic story about me... Hm, should I start with the formalities of introducing my awesome self to you?

Okay, aside from the awesomeness that is me, my name is Brittany Susan Pierce. Brittany S. Pierce. Not Britney Spears you fucking bitch but Brittany S. Pierce. The youngest child of Vincent and Caitlin Pierce. And heiress of the Pierce Group of Companies, Pierce Empire Hotel and all the never ending properties of my parents. I have a sister, Thea Francessca Pierce. She's engaged with her 3 years excuse of a boyfriend, Theo Bartholomew Acker. Yes! The douche's name is Theo and my sister's name is Thea. Hilarious right? I mean if i'm Thea why would I look for someone with a name Theo? Like it's the most pathetic thing in this whole world! I don't like him because he's a douche! How? When my sister introduced him to our family that ass tried to hit on me. Fuck right? My sister's boyfriend hit on me when my sis isn't around. Like fuck you! Is she not enough that you're gonna fool around? I know he's with her only because of our money. I Heard him while he's talking to his Bastard father on the phone. But I don't have the courage to tell my sister that and be the reason to break her heart. We don't go well and i'm a bitch but still she's my sister and I still have a heart you know?

Enough of that and back to me. I am awesome, but that's given. I'm most definitely the hottest piece of ass in my previous school in New York. Aha! I'm a New Yorker but since there's a massive amount of threat sent on my way due to the fact that some people were jealous of our family's wealth. My parents forced me to move from one state to another. And that's why i'm gonna start a new life in this shit hole you called Lima, Ohio.

I'll tell you the story myself one time. But lemme continue my intro to you guys. Hm...Aside from myself and the people around me... I am a badass! Yep! You heard it right. I don't care who you are or what do you with your fuckin' life as long as you stay the hell out of my way or you'll end up praying that your parents shouldn't have let you been born.

Now where am I with my story? Oh yes. Name? Check! Badassness? Check! Well, I'm filthy rich.. Wait... Scratch that! My parents are, but since i'm their child what is theirs is mine. That's like the rule of life right? I am happy with what I have.. I mean I have everything. I'm beautiful, amazing, hot, sexy and I do have great skills in bed! I'll prove it to you soon. I do have Great parents, money, car, own house.. Yes! I live on my own. Others may think that it sucks right? But hey! It has its perks you know. I can throw parties here and there and whenever I want. So yeah! Great life! Oh, I have friends too, but I can count on my fingers who I consider real, those who'll stick with me through thick and thin. Of course there will always be the so called plastics and all, but I don't give a flying fuck! sure they wanted to be my friend but me? Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.

But it's not always rainbows and sunshine, I have this secret... Well not deep dark secret. But I just don't want people to mess with my business you know. Okay. I'm bisexual. You know a person attracted to both sexes, girls and guys. But lately i've been hooking up with girls because i'm tired of boys being all rough on me. So Yeah. Tada! I'm Bisexual!Now about the friends I'm talking about...

First on the short list of my circle of friends is Noah Puckerman! Others call him Puck, Puckasaurus, Puckster or whatever the hell starts with PUCK. But me? I get the dibs to call him NOAH. Well, I was the only one to call him that anyways. Don't ever try to call him that or you'll end up having a disoriented face faster than you can say sex. Well, Noah is a great bestfriend, brother, boyfriend in-case of emergency... No. we didn't hooked up if that's what you're thinking although he suggested to get off some steam on more than one occassion. But no, he ain't my type and ewwww. It'll look like I'm getting it on with my brother which is total gross! but most of all he's a great person in general. He doesn't show it often times for the sole reason that it's not good for his reputation.

Next is Michael Chang or sometimes I call him Asian. Mike is a nice guy. He's a good boy compare to Puck. He's also a great bestfriend, dance partner because we both love to dance, running partner, boyfriend in case of emergency as well. He's always concern about my well being that's why I consider him a big brother I never had just like Noah. He's always been the responsible one. He's an A straight student who helps me whenever I have issues with my studies.

And last but not the least, Quinn Fabray. She's my home girl! She's beautiful! She's every guys dream well next to me of course. But don't let her beauty fool you. She can be a bitch too especially if you start to annoy her. She's always bickering with Noah even on the petty things in life. That's how they roll I guess. I consider Quinn as my very very best friend, a shoulder to cry on and she's the first person who's willing to give themselves to me to vent on that's why I consider her a sister. I have an older sister but Quinn's like a true and better sister to me than my real one.

So yeah you met my friends, Best Friends! I love them to death and if any of you try to mess with any of them you automatically be placed on my list to be assassinated and thus make your life a living hell.

Now lemme tell you now the reason why i'm shipped here in Lima, Ohio. Well here it goes...


"You have got to be kidding me right?"

"i'm sorry honey but this is for your welfare. We don't want to do this to you but we have to." My mom said with apologetic eyes.

"Hire more security then! I am not leaving New York! My life's here as well as my friends! You can't do this to me!" I yelled

"Your friends, they're coming with you to Lima." My dad said calmy.

"Like tha- Wait what?" I asked confused

"You heard me. Quinn, Michael and Noah. They're coming with you. Look, what's happening here in New York is not only on us. Those guys knew that us the Pierces, Fabray's, Chang's and Puckerman's were business partners and close family friends. There were threats sent to them as well, that's why we all decided to force you to leave New York and go to Lima. It's small town so we won't be having any problems regarding your safety." My dad said in a tired voice.

"So you're saying that i'm gonna be in Ohio with my friends?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes honey. You'll be in one house. We took care of it already. You don't need to bring all your stuff here because we bought all the things you needed there. And the house is furnished already. So you just have to pack your clothes and that's it. Regarding your car. We bought a new one and it's on the house garage in Lima." Mom said with a sweet smile.

"We know this is hard for you baby. But if it means that you'll gonna be safe and away from danger, we'll do everything we can. You know we love you so much kiddo!" My dad said while moving to me to give me a hug.

"Okay" I said quietly.

"Okay? As in you're gonna be okay with this set-up?" My dad asked hopefully.

"Yes daddy. I know it'll suck big time but I know you're doing this because you love me and care for me that much." I said in a croaked voice.

"Thank you for doing this baby. Thank you. We'll visit you in Lima. We promise." Dad said while looking into my eyes.


Yeah. That's what happened. So here I am in the airport in Ohio waiting for our luggage.

"Ugh. Please remind me why I agreed on this." I told them annoyed

"Oh c'mon babe! Give it a chance. Who knows maybe we'll rule this shit of a town." Quinn said to me with a smirk.

"Damn right Fabray!" Puck said while putting his arm on my shoulder. "And besides, no parents here yo! We can do whatever the fuck we want. Screw girls left and right!"

"Ewwwwww. Noah. I have standards you know." I said disgusted.

"Oh stop being a prude Britt!" Puck said while laughing.

"Enough of that guys. The driver's here already. You guys got your luggage?" Mike asked.

"Yes daddy Chang!" Puck teased.

"Fuck You Puck!" Mike said while punching Puck's arm.

"Gross Asian! Never knew you swing that way?" I said while laughing.

Mike turned beet red in embarassment while Quinn, Puck and Me made our way to the car and handing our bag to the driver.

On our way to the apartment. We can't stop talking about our plans here, how excited we are about this whole set-up and how we are going to drop a huge bomb in this town.

"So you know what school we're gonna transfer?" Mike asked Quinn who was sitting next to me.

"Yes. I think it's called Mckinley or something? It's not a great of a school aside from the football team and Cheerleading squad which I will most definitely rule the moment I join okay?" Quinn told us.

"You're plotting already honey?" I told Quinn with a smirk.

"Oh c'mon! Oh wait! We should join the squad together!" Quinn said in an excited voice.

"You're shitting right? Me? Badass! Brittany Pierce joining a cheerleading squad? Not gonna happen honey! Just no!" I said to Quinn while erasing the images of me in a cheering uniform in my head.

Puck laughed loudly. " So Q's gonna be on the cheering squad. Well me maybe on the football team and be the star quarterback. How bout you Mike?"

" If there's a dance club yeah maybe i'll join it. " Mike said while looking at Britt.

"Wait. Don't tell me a Glee Club? Oh god! Are you insane? You haven't even started in that shit school and you're already putting yourself in the bottom of the food chain!" Quinn said horrified. "Britt babe what about you?"

"I think i'm with Mike but not the glee fucking club! If there's a dance club i'm in. If not, well i'll just focus on ruling the school on telling everyone who the HBIC is." Brittany said while high five-ing Mike and Puck

"That's my lesbro!" Puck said in a proud smile

"Oh shut it Noah. And please don't parade my sexuality in front of our new school okay? Or else i'll cut your balls and shove it on your mouth so that whenever you fuck a girl on your bed, you won't be that loud when you're cumming!"

"I'm not loud!" Puck said defensively.

Brittany, Quinn and Mike just laughed loudly.

Suddenly the car came to a halt and after a minute the driver opened the door to tell them they've already arrived in their new residence.

"Holy shit!"

"4 story house? This is insane!"


"I'll be taking the 4th floor okay guys? If you need anything i'll be on my room" Brittany said and hurriedly walk past her friends.

"That's unfair B!" Puck said while going after Brittany.

"Who says?" Asked Brittany with her raised eyebrow.

Puck knows not to mess with Brittany so he let it go but started to bicker with the rest of his friends.


Thank god our parents knows us too well and even bought a house that ensures privacy. I love them but seriously, I need privacy especially during hot drunken nights you know? And since i'm occupying the top floor. I can do whatever I want.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in!"

"Hey B!"

"You need anything Q?"

"No not really, just checking on you." Quinn said with a smile.

"Awwww. Come here! The view here is insane!"

Quinn went outside the balcony where Brittany stood and placed her arms on the other blonde's waist.

"Are you ready to rule this town Q?" Brittany said while leaning into Quinn's body.

"Of course B! Especially with you guys here? And you of course!" Said Quinn and kissed Brittany's cheek.

"When did Quinn Fabray became a sap?" Brittany teased and turned around to hug Quinn. "But thanks tho. Because I know this was my parents' shit crazy idea.

"It's o-"

"Jeez! We arrived here just a couple of minutes and you guys are getting it on already? Stop making out for a while cause i'm starving. " Puck said playfully.

"Oh you know I can't get enough of Quinn's sweet lips Noah." Brittany answered back playfully.

Quinn blushed deeply. "Shut up!"

Mike laughed but stopped suddenly when Brittany threw a pillow on his face.

"Woah! Take a chill pill! Puck and I knows you're doing the dirty you know! C'mon the driver suggested this Italian Restaurant around town." Mike shouted while leaving Brittany's room.

"we're not doing anything you dickhead!" Brittany run after Mike and jumped on his back. "Off to the car mikey! Woohoo!"

Puck and Quinn looked at each other and shook their heads and followed Mike and Brittany outside.

"And you tell me I'm the immature one. Seriously? She's convincing us that she's badass! But she loves it when we give her a damn piggybacks. Really?" Puck shook his head.

Quinn giggled. "But she's pretty badass! One way or another."

"Puckerman! Stop trying to persuade Quinn to get it on and get your asses out here!" Brittany yelled from outside.

"Yeah! Yeah right!"