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"Hey Britt, seriously tho. What is wrong with you? You are acting so strange"

Brittany stopped mid-chewing her food and looked at Puck confused. "What do you mean what is wrong with me? I am perfectly fine you asshole!"

"You know what I'm saying here babe…"

"Actually I don't? Why don't you just tell me? Direct to the point?"

Puck looked around like he's going to tell the blonde a deep dark secret that no one is allowed to find out. "Why don't you date Lopez?"

Brittany choked on her drink and coughed, tears springing on her eyes. She wasn't ready for her best friend's question. She thought it was just one of Puck's out of this world humor.

"You do know that the question is serious and it is yet to be answered right?" Puck asked slowly.

Brittany huffed frustrated. "What the fuck do you want from me?"

Puck smirked. "Just answer the fucking question…"

"Why do I have to answer the question anyway?"

"I know how to be curious sometimes yanno and that moment is right now plus the fact I am your best buddy. Yeah? C'mon man! Just tell me why or why not?"


"You are such a coward Pierce! I lost all my damn respect for you" Puck said.

"What did you just called me?" Brittany said gripping her fork tightly.

"You Brittany S. Pierce are a big fat coward! You, we, damnit everyone knows that you like a Hispanic girl named Santana Lopez and that she likes you as well, but you're not doing anything about it. Dude! She's a jackpot! You heard me? A mother fucking jackpot! I mean she's hot and sexy as hell so what are you even waiting for? Date her before anybody could, like the dude over there get into her pants before you…" Puck stated wiggling his eyebrows.

Brittany scoffed. " You want me to date her so that I could sleep with her and then you're going to ask me questions how good she is in bed! Jesus fucking Christ! Is that all you can think about? Sex? Sex? Sex? And sex?"

Puck raised his eyebrow. " Why? If you don't want to date her then at least bang her right? That's our bro's code remember?"

Brittany got disgusted by Puck. "Why am I friends with you?"

"Just saying B.." Puck shrugged.

Brittany threw the tissue to Puck. "She is different okay? I don't just want to fuck her and then that's it.." Brittany said while looking over Santana's table.

"Is that so? Then what? What do you want from her huh B?" Puck questioned.

"I want to date her and then we'll see what happens after that. But I don't want to just shag her like she's one of my one night stands. I want to take her out on a date. A Proper date that is and treat her like the way she deserves to be treated…"

"Ha!" Puck exclaimed.

Brittany broke out of her daze and looked over at Puck. "What? What?"

"You do want to date her!" Puck said waggling his fork towards the blonde.

"I do not!" Brittany said defensively.

"Yes you do!"


"You said it yourself you fucker!"

"I did not!" Brittany defended; silently face palming herself on why she allowed herself to slip up.

"You know what B, I wouldn't get mad if you wanted to be in a relationship with someone here. I mean I think it's time to get serious with a girl yanno.."

"So does that mean you are going to get serious with someone too?"

"Not a chance B." Puck stuffed his mouth with food. "What I meant is I think it's time for you to find someone to give your attention to. And I am convinced that Santana Lopez is the girl right for you…"

Puck got Brittany thinking.

"Just take the chance babe.. if she likes you back in which I am 101% sure that she is, then good for you two I mean I think it's about time to get your girl.."

Brittany looked at Puck.

"You can kick me in the balls if she says she doesn't like you back."

Brittany smirked. "Really huh Noah?"

"Yes and that's how sure I am that Lopez there, likes you too. So man up B! It's Time to take action.."


"Dear lord! Breadsticks is still your favorite restaurant? Really?"

"Shut the fuck up Daniel! This place is the best restaurant in Lima, well scratch that! The best thing that ever happened in this town that is. I mean I think I wouldn't survive this town if it weren't for Breadsticks." Santana said as she sat down opposite her company.

"You like this place cos of unlimited breadsticks. Puh-lease.." Daniel rolled his eyes at Santana.

"Oy! That's not true, they serve nice foods too you know.. yeah plus those unlimited breadsticks too.." Santana giggled.

As soon as their food were served, Daniel started asking.

"Anyway, So tell me what did I miss from all those years that I've been away?"

"There's nothing new here. I mean nothing interesting. It's still the same... Not until…" Santana trailed off.

"Not until what?" Daniel perched up, smile slowly growing on his face.

"Nothing." Santana said, looking down at her food, she didn't have the appetite to eat anymore.

"Nothing eh?"

"It's nothing. Never mind…" Santana said avoiding Daniel's gaze.

Daniel reached Santana's hand that was gently resting on the table and Santana looked up at him.

"I know there's more to it than what you're telling me or not telling me or whatever that was."


"Santana Lopez just because I moved far away from here doesn't mean that you can't talk to me anymore, that you are not allowed to call me. I may be far from here but I'm just a phone call away sweetheart…"

"I know that.. It's just that it's so hard that I have no one to talk to…"

"What about Rachel?"

"She's a little different to you Dan.. I think you know that too well..." Santana snickered. "She freaks out on little things, what more when I tell her about this.."

"The good ole Rachel Barbra Berry! Of course! How could I forget that petite woman with a loud voice?"

"Exactly! She's a great best friend yes. But there are times that she's so pushy and it's so hard for me to deal with it unlike you, you always listen to me first then you're going to weigh things and lead me to the light... It's just so different..."

"Lead you to the light.. That sounded like I was a shepherd huh?"

"Oh come on dan! You know what I mean here.."

Daniel brought Santana's hand to his lips and gently kissed it. "Tell me what's wrong Tana.. I knew there's something that's bothering you.. Since I came back here a few days ago.. You've been acting strange… Something's different and I'm not so sure if it's a good thing or not.."

Santana took a deep breath. "It's about someone... Well I'm torn…"

"Okay! First and foremost, why the heck did you waited up to this day to tell me about this huh? I'm off the loop! I don't have any idea what's happening to my favorite cousin's love life! Second, tell me everything about it! I demand the important details!"

"Well it's just about a certain someone…"

"And then?" Daniel inquired.

"At the start of the school year, there were four people who transferred school from New York to here…"

"Wait Hold up!"

"New York? As in the Big Apple New York? As in Empire State Building New York? Central Park New York? To here? Lima, Ohio? Fucking hell! Who with a proper sanity will do that? I mean its bullshit! That was a whole lot of downgrade frankly speaking…"

Santana laughed. "Yes! That was our initial reaction when we heard about those new kids… Well anyway, so yeah. First day happened and just like any other first day of school it's time to slushie the first years and the new kids."

Daniel shook his head. "You guys are still doing that? It's childish to be honest… and you guys are what? 17 that needs to stop and what if someone reported that incident to Principal Figgins, that'll just be a problem cos it's bullying"

"I know but what? It's fun! Going back to it… So yeah the jocks successfully slushied the three new kids… And then I scared Jacob Ben Israel to slushie the remaining one… Next thing I know she was behind me and when I turned around I was.. Uhm.. I was.. I.. Stunned…"

Daniel smirked. "Stunned? Santana Lopez stunned?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up! She is beautiful and stunning! And her eyes… God her eyes are like the ocean that I keep on drowning whenever I'm looking at her and-…"

"Okay so I think I know where this is going… The initial plan was you are going to bully her right?"

"I'm not a bully! I planned to just scare the new kids so they'll know who I am!"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "And then what happened next?

"Uhm… The slushie plan backfired…"

"What do you mean backfired?"

"I was left speechless when I saw her face and I didn't see the slushie in her hand and next thing I know it happened, I was drenched in red slushie… Ugh! It was so embarrassing…"

"Now you know how those kids felt when the cheerios and the jocks throw slushie on them…"

"I know okay?"

"Carry on…"

"So I was covered with slushie all over my face and she dragged her finger on my cheek then sucked her fingers painfully slow.. And it sent waves directly to my down there... And that has never happened to me before… never… not ever… I mean I just got a lady boner" Santana exclaimed.

Daniel snorted. "Oh poor cousin.. My poor poor cousin…"

"Shut up! Yeah. And then from then on, I just keep on getting attracted to her but she hates me.. Well it's my fault that I didn't have a very good first impression to her… And then yeah, everyone likes her.. Girls… Boys… Everyone… Like everywhere we go there were girls that keeps on checking her out or flirting with her and it maddens me cos really?"

"Why are you mad?"

"Because I like her!"

"You do know you don't have any right to be mad yeah?"

Santana threw her hands in frustration. " I know that I just, I don't want other bitches touching her smooth skin and her silky hair…"

"Smooth skin and silky hair? Okay that sounded creepy! You creep me out on that part Tana…" Daniel teased.

Santana scoffed. "Fuck off! Want me to continue or what?"

Daniel chuckled. "Okay continue with the story.." he said while eating his food.

"So yeah, at first we're not in good speaking terms like she's being mean and rude to me and all that shit… But now, I think we passed on that level cos at least I get to see the good side of her…"

"So what's the problem with that? If you guys settled your differences then what could be the problem with it?"

"It's because I did something stupid! And I regret it for even thinking about coming up with that plan!"

Daniel was covered his mouth with his hand and asked. "Oh my god! You raped her?"

"What?! Fuck! No! I wouldn't do that to someone especially to her.. Duh! Have you heard me when I said I like her?"

Daniel laughed. "Then what have you done?"

"I disguised as a Secret Admirer?" Santana covered her face with hands in embarrassment.

Daniel's jaw dropped on the floor.

Santana peeked over her cousin. "Please say something."

"I… I… Dear god Santana Lopez where the hell did you got those ideas?"

"what do you mean by that?"

"I don't know.. It's just not a good idea?"

"fuck that! It's romantic and sweet!"

"You know what I think? It's all fucking lame! LAME! L-A-M-E! LAME. You know when-"

"Yeah shut up I got it the first time!" Santana sighed. "What am I going to do now?"

"So did she know it's from you? I mean idea that it's from you?"

Santana shook her head.

"Okay, The best thing you could do is tell her. Be honest and cut the crap!"

"But how?"

Daniel looked at Santana. "Figure it out couz"

Meanwhile on Brittany and Puck's table.

"Hey Britt take it easy on the fork, it didn't do anything to you."

Brittany glared at Puck.

"Yup I'll shut up and continue eating." Puck said.

"They are leaving Noah. What do we do?"

Puck looked over his shoulder and wiped his mouth.

"We play it cool. If they see us let's pretend we didn't know they were here if not then I guess it's okay."

"Of course the asshole tries to be a gentleman and pays for them showing off his money to Lopez."

"It's just a show off Britt and that's what I'm telling you. Upped up your game man."

Brittany sent daggers on the guy's head as he and Santana leaves the restaurant.

"Who the fuck is that guy anyway?"

Puck shrugged. "Let's just enjoy the food and grab something to drink along the way yeah?"

Brittany smirked. "Great idea Noah."


After Brittany and Puck left the restaurant, she can't stop thinking about what Puck said.

"Date her before anybody could"

"Date her before anybody could"

"Date her before anybody could"

"Date her before anybody could"

"Date her before anybody could"

"Date her before anybody could"

The fuck britt? Stop thinking about it. Like seriously stop thinking about her.

But I can't…




Brittany plopped down on her bed but got up and went over her drawer and retrieved the notes.

"I think it's time for me to let go of someone who I don't even know if they really exist.."

Brittany crumpled the paper and threw it into her trash bin.

"And go for someone who is real…I think it's time to step up the game then…"

Santana's House

"Why don't you just suck it up and confess?"

"Bitch it's not easy!"

"It is!"

"Do you hear yourself right now Rach?"

"It is easy to tell her Santana"

"Is not"

"Of course it is!"

"Brittany likes you too Santana."

"How sure are you with that Berry?"

"All the members of the glee club know that! I'm sure even her best friends know that!"

"See Tana? The girl likes you too.."

"Shut up Dan! Look Rachel she doesn't like me.. She hates me.. Oh god she hates me. Brittany hates me. "

"Stop being dramatic. I am the only one allowed to be dramatic."

Daniel chuckled loudly.

"Look Santana tell Brittany about your feelings. What's the worst thing that could happen?"

"What's the worst thing that could happen? I may end up in a box back to where my origins came from." Santana huffed in frustration.

Rachel packed her things. "You know what? I give up with this Intervention. I'm leaving…"

"What? You can't leave me…"

"Yes I can and I will"

"You are not allowed to leave until we think of solution to this."

Rachel backed Santana against a wall.

"Whoa whoa Rach relax."

"Listen closely Santana. Brittany, the girl you like likes you too. People can see that, she may act like she hates you cos that's how Brittany is. We met her like that so it's just normal. And you a have to cut this crap as soon as you can because it's you who just make things complicated. You and nobody else…"


"I'm not finished. If you continue with this charade, by the time you got your courage to tell her how you feel, it'll be too late. So think about it. If you like the girl then go get your girl."

Santana and Daniel were gobsmacked by Rachel's outburst.

"So can I leave now?"

"What? Yes. Of course. Yeah you can leave now."

After Rachel left Santana's house.

"Rachel Berry said it all." Daniel shrugged.

"But did she just say crap or am I hallucinating?" Santana looked at Daniel and they burst out laughing.


The next day, Brittany went in her locker expecting a rose and a note from the anonymous sender.

"Am I early or?"

"Who are you talking to?"

"Huh? Oh nothing Mike."

Mike looked at her and smirked. "So no delivery yet?"

"What are you talking about?"

"No rose and love note from the Secret Admirer?"

"Please I am grateful that it stopped."

"Oh really britt?"

"Leave me alone Chang!"

Mike laughed at Britt. "Let's go to class."

Santana didn't paid attention the whole first period but instead thought of what she would say on her last note for Brittany.

God this is sooooooo hard.

I can't think of anything to say.

"So when are you going to tell her?" Rachel asked as she sat down beside Santana.

"Woah berry we had the talk last night and I'm still in the process of coming up with ways.."

"Coming up on ways? How? By giving her a love note too?"

Santana hid the paper in Rachel's sight. "Cut me some slack rach please…"

Before lunch time, Santana got out of the room first and walked to Brittany's locker to leave the note.

"What are you doing?"

"Fuck." Santana turned around. "Brittany. What are you doing here?"

"Uh? This is my locker? I should ask you the same question. What are you-"Brittany saw the rose and note in Santana's hands.

"You are my.."

"Your what?" Santana gulped.

Brittany slowly walked towards Santana.

"You are the one leaving me notes?"

Santana feigned innocence.

"What? No! No! Of course not!"

Brittany raised her eyebrow as Santana's heartbeat fastens its pace.

"I… Someone.. It's not from me.. Someone asked me to give this to you… Yeah.. It's from someone.." Santana faked smiled as she internally punch herself in the face.

Brittany looked around.

"So you met the person who was giving these?"

"Uh. I. Yeah?" Santana looked away.

"Oh my god really? Where?" Brittany looked around.

Santana looked down. "She.. I.. she left already.."


Brittany snapped her head towards the Latina.

"What is she wearing? What do they look like? Santana tell me.. Please I need to know.."

"She's brunette, around 16 or 17 of age.. Shorter than you, I think around the same height as me?"

Lie again.

Brittany looked around.

"Listen Britt, she left already and I think you won't be able to find her, I mean I haven't even saw her face.."

Go on Santana, make another cover up..

"She was wearing a hoodie, yeah she was wearing a black hoodie so I wasn't able to see her all I know is just… she wanted me to give you this.." Santana extended her hand to Brittany.

Brittany looked at Santana's hands and saw a rose and the letter.

"Thanks Lopez"

"Listen britt I'm sorry that I can't-…"

"It's okay Lopez. I got to go" Brittany said as she ran out of the school towards the parking lot and climbed in her car.


I'm so sorry to say that I won't be able to give you roses and notes anymore. My family and I are moving overseas and we are leaving Ohio today. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to have the courage to tell you that I like you in person. It's not my intention to do this, I just didn't have the enough courage to approach you and tell you about my feelings. I'm really sorry Brittany but I wanted you to know that I really like you. I really really like you and if by chance I came back and I found the courage, I'll tell you who I really am. I do hope that Fate will lay a hand on us and I'd be able to tell you things which I kept inside of me for a long time now. Hope to meet you soon Brittany Pierce.


-Anon 3

Brittany sighed deeply as she slouched on the driver seat of her car.

So I guess it's really time to let go of someone who I won't be able to meet.

Brittany looked at the note.

This is goodbye then anon. Nice to meet you. I mean nice to know you.

Brittany crumpled the paper threw it in the bin and walked back inside the campus.

"Hey babe where were you"

"I forgot something in my car so I just went in there and got it."

"Okay so we were just talking about the upcoming weekend."

"The Glee Club has planned to go out this Friday night til Sunday afternoon." Mike said.

"Are you guys sure about this? I mean I think we should just practice for the competition and not waste time."

"Okay hold up there tiger. We will rehearse but you guys need a little breather too."

"Oh god I need to de-stress I feel like I'll be having an outbreak any second.." Kurt said as he touched his face.

"You know what I realized?"

Everyone looked over at Brittany.

"I am not surprised that you and the Hobbit are bestfriends. I mean you could be frodo and golum or harry potter and dobby."

"Excuse me?" Rachel but in.

"Of course dobby is berry. Berry the elf. Wow that sounded like bury Rachel."

Everyone cracked up laughing hysterically.

"I will not tolerate that demeaning words and bullying towards me."

"Oh come one rach, Brittany is just kidding." Quinn raised her eyebrow at britt.

"No I'm not.." Brittany said casually.

The glee club roared into laughing again.

"See? She is bullying me and as the president of the glee club I wouldn't allow it."

"What are you going to do dobby?" Brittany smirked.

"I… Uh… I.." Rachel huffed in frustration.

"Going back to what we were talking about. So where to this weekend?"

"Beach?" Tina suggested

"Too cold."

"Shopping?" Kurt said.


"Camping?" Blaine added.

"Option A."

"Pajama party?" Rachel inquired.

"Hell to the No!." Mercedes said.

"What era are you from?" Quinn asked.

"Barbeque dinner?" Mike said.

"Option B."

"Clubbing?" Puck suggested.

"I think you had enough party for the whole year puck."

"Bake sale?"

"Fuck what?"

"God no."

"What? It's exciting? We can bake sweets and sell them and then we have money?" Rachel explained.

"Can someone tell the hobbit to shut up before I strangle her and put her inside the oven and sell her to someone?" Brittany said sending death glare to Rachel.

"Road trip? I mean drive until no where?" Artie said.

"For three days? Really?" Quinn added.

"How about we go Six Flags?" Santana suggested.

"Same question for you Santana. Three days?" Quinn asked.

"Saturday we go there until afternoon then grab some food near the area cos I think we had so much of the food here in Lima, I want to try somewhere else. I mean food outside Lima" Santana explained.

"And after that?" Mike asked.

"We can do Barbeque Party at someone else's house Sunday." Santana shrugged.

"I think it's a better idea than all those things you gave." Brittany nodded.

"We can do barbeques at my house. I think my dad will be away and won't be back until late evening on Sunday." Tina said.

"Okay! That's settled so let's just meet Saturday morning somewhere.." Mike said.

"Yup and we can go breakfast together so we can leave after at least by that we don't have to wait for the late comers.." Rachel glanced at Brittany.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Is it my fault that my bed and I have this close intimate relationship?"

"So is the fridge britt." Mike added.

"Oh yeah how could I forget the fridge I mean next time I'll bring the fridge inside my room so I don't have to go out if I got hungry."

Santana giggled.

The bell rings and they all parted ways.


"Yes Rach I got it all.."

"Yes I double checked the list. Gosh! This is a barbeque party and you are all going to eat tofu?"

"I am vegan Santana in case you forgot"

"Jeez. Chill out! I bought everything on the list and I am now going home cos I am tired of the cheerleading practice."

"So did coach look for me?"

"Yes she did. Where were you anyway?"

"I just had to deal some things with my dads but it's all okay now.."

"Okay listen I got to go now okay? I'm here at the parking lot and yeah I'm driving and I want to go home so I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Thank you Santana…"

"No problem bitch!"

Santana climbed in her car and drove off.


"Listen man I don't have money okay?"

"Shut up. Go to that alley and give me your money and cell phone."

The guy pushed Brittany on the dim alleyway.

Was that Brittany?

Santana peeked over and saw it was indeed Brittany while being pushed roughly by a tall guy into the alleyway.

"Listen, I have no money in my pocket right now.."

"I don't believe you. I know who you are kid."

Brittany, her hands up in the air. "Okay I'll give you my wallet and phone just let me go."

"Hand it in, quick!"

Suddenly the guy was on the ground clutching his ribs.

"Run Brittany! Run!"

Brittany looked as a person attacked the guy.


"I said run!" Santana said as she keeps on kicking the fallen guy.

"Fuck this shit." Brittany exclaimed as she grabbed Santana and started running.

They round a corner and ducked down.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Brittany asked panting.

"Saving your ass?" Santana answered back. "You know I think the guy is gone, we should go now, and my car is over there. I'll give you a lift home."

As they were walking towards Santana's car…

"Where do you think you're going?" The guy said as she grabbed Santana by the hair and pushed Brittany hard to the dumpster, her back hitting a scraped metal.


"Brittany!" Santana screamed as the guy dragged her to the dark alleyway.

"A little girl like you shouldn't meddle into somebody else's business" The tall guy said as he pushed Santana against a wall. "You should have kept it to yourself or best you should have walked so fast away from us.."

"You fucker!" Brittany said as she kicks the guy straight in the face and the guy falls on the ground.

"I can manage this Britt! Go!"

Brittany looked at Santana as the guy had the chance to grab his balance and punched Brittany in the jaw.

"Fuckkkkkkkk!" Brittany said clutching her jaw, blood on the side of her mouth.

The guy pulled out a knife from his pocket and pointed it at Brittany.

"Come here you bitch!"

Santana lunged forward to the guy and bit the guy's hand until he loosen his grip on the knife and drops it on the ground. Santana took the chance and kicked the guy hard in the balls.

"You motherfucker!" the guy exclaimed in pain.

Santana helped Brittany up and they ran towards the car as fast as they can and left the area.

"Oh fuck do you want me to bring you to the hospital? You are bleeding!" Santana said in panic.

"I'm fine Lopez."

"No you're not! I'll drive you to the hospital."

"I said I'm fine! Like fuck!"

"You don't look fine and you are bleeding so I know you are not okay!"

"I don't need your help Santana so could you shut the fuck up?"

Santana stopped the car.

"Listen here you ungrateful bitch, I just saved your ass off from that guy and I was just concerned about you bleeding to death. I saved your life; I put my life in danger so you could get away safely."

"Did I ask you to do that? Did I call your name for you to help me?"

"What? I just risked my life for you and this is all I get?"

"Listen Lopez, maybe if you didn't meddled I wouldn't be bleeding right now."

"You know what? Get out of my car!"


Santana grumbled in anger and got out of the car.

"I said.." Santana opened the door of the passenger seat. "Get the fuck out of my car."

Brittany looked at Santana. "I am bleeding because of you and you want me to walk home in this state?"

"I don't fucking care Brittany. Get out of my car!"

Brittany rolled her eyes and got off the car. "Fine!"

"Fine!" Santana yelled at Brittany's face.

Brittany started walking home as Santana was looking at her still angry.

"I just fucking saved your life and that's what I will get in return? You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

"I can't believe she fucking told me to walk home like this?"

"Who does she think she is?

"I can't believe you Lopez"

Santana still watching as Brittany continue walking limply.

"No I will not cave in! Just because I like you doesn't mean I will allow you to bitch at me especially when I saved your ass"

"You are unbelievable Santana Lopez.."

"You are unbelievable Brittany Pierce.."

Santana climbed into her car and started the engine.

"You don't need any negativity right now Santana.."

Santana saw Brittany's phone vibrating on the passenger seat.

"Of course she has to leave this behind." Santana said in annoyance as she answers Brittany's phone.

"Hey Britt! Where are you?"

"Fabray this is Santana."

"Santana? Why do you have Britt's phone?"

"Uhm. She left it in my car."

"You guys were together?"

"Something happened and yeah just ask her when she gets home yeah? And kindly tell her that her phone is with me, I'll give it to her tomorrow at school."

"Wait where is she?"

"She left already and yeah, listen Quinn, Brittany isn't in a good state right now and yeah you'll know about that when she gets home.."

"Wait wait what do you mean?"

"Listen it's not my place to tell you but there was this huge guy who has robbed her and yeah and.."

"So she was robbed and you let her go home alone? Are you being serious right now?"

"Wait what?"

"What kind of person are you? You are ruthless."

"Excuse me?"

"You know what thanks but yeah I got to go and find my best friend."

Santana looked at Brittany's phone confused.

What the hell just happened?

"Ungrateful New Yorkers are ungrateful.." Santana shook her head and drove home.


"Oh my god Brittany! We were looking for you" Quinn said as she saw Brittany walked in the house.

"Fuck Britt what happened to you?" Puck asked as he helped the blonde sit on the couch.

"I'll go get an ice pack. Wait here…" Mike said as he left for the kitchen.

"Jeez man! Did you join the fight club?" Puck joked.

"Want me to beat your face Noah so you can be the judge if I joined fight club or not?" Brittany said annoyed.

"Don't take your panties in a twist man! I was just kidding. "

"B what happened to you? I called your phone and Santana answered and said you left it on her car.."

"Ooooooh so too much sex on the car and you end up beaten like that eh?" Puck said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Puckerman!" Quinn yelled.

"Fuck does both of you have the time of the month at the same time cos seriously that's not good news for me and Mike…" Puck said as he stood up.

"Here britt put this on your jaw." Mike approached. "That looked worse B.."

"Thanks Chang.."

"So care to tell us what happened?" Quinn asked.

Brittany sighed. "I was on my way home from jogging at the park and when I round this corner a guy blocked my way and asked for my phone and money."

"Where is your car? You should have taken it with you. I mean leave it at the parking lot" Quinn asked.

"What part of she's jogging didn't you understand Q? She was jogging, why the hell is she going to bring a car?"

Brittany ignored Quinn and Puck's argument. "So I said I didn't have the money in me and the asshole told me to go to this alleyway and then there he asked me again to give him money and knows that I'm lying that he knows me and blah blah blah."

"So what does Santana have to do with this?" Mike asked.

"Santana must have seen me and tried to be a hero and save my ass.."

"Looks like you got yourself your superhero eh?" Puck smirked.

"Carry on Britt.."

"So I grabbed her and run away but when we thought the guy was gone, he came out of nowhere and pushed me towards the dumpster and that's why I am bleeding and dragged Santana into the dark."

"Is Lopez okay? You didn't leave her there right?"

"Fuck no! What do you think of me Noah? Of course I went after the guy and then punched him but Lady Lopez said she can manage it and told me to run and next thing I know that mofo took a blow on me and yes it successfully landed on my jaw."

"Ouch!" Mike said.

"Yup hurts like a bitch! But yeah we ran away and yeah."

"So if you two got away how come you were walking alone?"

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Lopez and I had an argument and told me to get out of her car so yeah I walked home."

"She did what?" Quinn asked in surprise.

"Oh man! I thought you got those cos of the makeup car sex after.." Puck teased.

Brittany laughed.

"This is serious and you guys just laugh and joke about it?" Quinn huffed in frustration.

"Listen Quinn, we are just trying to lighten up the situation, we know that this is serious but Brittany is home now right?"

"What if she didn't? made it home? I mean what if the guy went after her? Oh god I feel sick in my stomach.."

"Aishhh. Don't think that Q. Let's be happy that Brittany got home in one piece." Mike said.

"Mike's right. So now B you go wash yourself cos you look like a hobo right now."

"Okay fine I'll let this pass but we need to talk about this tho. I mean if we are going to report this to the police…"

"Quinn shut up!" Mike said.

"Go clean yourself and Q will make dinner for us." Puck added.

Brittany nodded and scurried off to her room.

Meanwhile at Santana's home…

Santana was staring at Brittany's phone for the past 15 minutes.

"Why are you being a bitch?"

"I saved your life you should have showed a little gratification for what I did for you, but no! You fucking cut my head off! If I should have known that this will end up to this, I should have just drove off and never stopped."

"Like wow Pierce such a fucking bitch!" Santana said as she plopped down in bed, the blonde's phone still in hand.

"What did I do to you?" Santana asked as she pressed the home button as Brittany's wallpaper of her and best friends appeared.

"Okay scratch that. I know I did something stupid before but really until now you were having a grudge on me?"

"Can't we move on and start a new friendship? Can we? Can we?"

Knock knock

"Santana honey are you okay?"

"Yes mom! I am fine!"

"Who are you talking to?"

"No one mom. I was just studying for a test tomorrow. I'm sorry if it's too loud." Santana lied.

"Are you sure everything's fine?"

"Yes mom! Don't worry I'm all good. Good night mom"

Santana looked at Brittany's phone.

"See? You nearly got me in trouble!" Santana sighed.

Suddenly her phone vibrated.

Mike Chang: Hey Lopez its Brittany, I need you to give me my phone before first period okay? I need it.

Santana Lopez: Wow, you left it so I think it's you who should get it. Right?

Mike Chang: Whatever! Give it to me tomorrow.

Santana screamed into her pillow in frustration.

"Brittany Pierce you will be the death of me!"


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