Authors note: Hello readers! I was hesitant to start updating this on here, but hey, why not. With this fic I hope to analyse Elphaba's character, the layers to her personality and her motives, and to do that I'm sticking to both the musical and the book and sort of meshing them together into some kind of biographical story... thing. Hope you enjoy!

"She is no longer I, she is too long ago, she is only she..." - Gregory Maguire, "Wicked"

Elphaba Thropp, the Third Descending of Munchkinland, was different from the moment she was born. With skin as green as sin - as Nanny had said - and eyes as sharp as her little teeth, Elphaba was unlike anything Oz had ever seen. A little dragon, according to her father. Vicious, and unable to be tamed. The horror that coursed through Frex's veins as she had been born still gnawed at him every now and then. She was his daughter. But the young infant Elphaba remained clueless of his observations, and happily chewed on anything that was close enough to catch with her mouth; fingers and toys alike.

She was an inquisitive little thing. Observant. Smart, even at such a young age; Curious about much and held back by much more. If she had been instantly affected by the lack of parental affection in the first months of her life, Elphaba did not show it. The simple fact was that she didn't know any different.

She knew not of her family's embarrassment, their shame, for she was too young to understand, and too feared to be made aware. All she knew was Nanny's assistance and care (if it could be called such a thing, when the old woman only touched her when absolutely necessary), and that the world around her was so unlike herself.

For one thing, she could not touch water.

She had found out the hard way, when, several hours after her dramatic entry into the world, her terrified midwives had attempted to set her down in a small tin bath tub. Maybe some of the green would come off, they joked. But little Elphaba had screamed bloody murder, and clawed and writhed until she was safely out of the water. A sign of the Devil, is what Frex had called it.

She was a demon child, a sinful little monster with a thirst for knowledge and no remorse, and he pushed her away. Held her back with his refusal to acknowledge her; his refusal to treat her as his own and love her. He even tried to stop Melena from holding her, out of fear that she would snap and claw. It was that lack of love, of acceptance, that began to shape Elphaba from the moment she came into the world.