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She had always been told it was a family but she didn't believe it. How could they be? She was brought up to believe that being a family was about blood and nothing else. That was what she thought until she started working with them. That was when she found out what being a family was truly about.

When she first started with the unit she couldn't understand their closeness. After her first case she assumed it was because of the type of crimes they investigated. They were the outcasts of the department. They were often being called the sex police or the panty patrol. She noticed as she started going out for drinks with the guys that other officers would give them strange looks. Some even going as far as making rude and unnecessary comments about what their sex lives were like.

One thing she learned quickly was no matter the comment or division when it came down to it they were one. There was no robbery unit, homicide unit, or special victims unit. There was no Port Authority or Transit Authority either. They were simple New York Police Department and may god bless the soul who messed with a brother or sister in blue.

That became evident the day that Stabler was shot in the line of duty. Everything in their world stopped when a 10-13 code went out for him. Every mobile officer broke national records getting to him while those stuck on posts sat on pins and needles waiting to hear something on their radio about their brother. Off duty officers arrived as soon as word had gotten to them about him. Some arrived in uniform other showed up in plain clothes. The officers who was coming off sixteen hours or more loaded up on more caffeine or energy drinks for the duration. Not that they needed it. Their adrenaline rush of having one of their own shot was enough to keep them going for a week.

The diligence they showed in not only locating and eventually saving the tax payers a lengthy trial of a would be cop killer but to Stabler's family astonished her. The ER waiting room at Mercy General had become a swarm of blue. Officer's steadily coming and going making sure that his wife, Kathy, had everything she needed. It wasn't just for that day either or even for a few days after. It was on going until he was released to full duty and returned to them.

During this period there was no such thing as a menial task or bothering them. Officers would help get the kids to and from school. Did everything they could to make sure they made all their after school activities as well. They would come over and cut the grass, do repairs as needed, grocery shop for Kathy, cook dinners or brought them something to eat. What ever they needed done they did it. Their brother was hurt and his family needed help that was all they knew and all they cared about.

Then there was that fateful day on September 11. She had never been so scared nor seen so many selfless acts as she did that day. How they gave their lives not thinking twice trying to save the helpless civilians of the twin towers. How they cried not caring who saw when they fell. They lost 343 fire fighters, 23 NYPD officers, 37 Port Authority officers, and 8 EMT's that day. 411 total. That was 411 times they put their dress blues on, 411 funerals, and 411 21 gun salutes as they honored one of their own who made the biggest sacrifice. It was 411 times she heard the verses, No greater gift has man, then to lay down his life for Love and Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

Over the years that Alex worked with them she came to understand the uniqueness of this family. They were sons of God and they were a family. They were not a family born of blood but born of blue. They were The Thin Blue Line.