~ kittykittyhunter ~

Suzuran has never been conquered. This year, that's going to change.

Tokio's surprised (but not displeased) to hear about the new senior who's joined the School of Crows. He has history with Takiya Genji. They ran in each other's circles in the days when they were at the same middle school. Genji was a cry-baby. Still, he threw a decent punch and could kick down a door like no one else. Tokio grins at the memories. Yeah, they were both pretty crazy back then. He wonders if Genji's managed to toughen up over the years, or whether the guy will start sobbing because someone called him a mean name.

The brawls used to be for fun. At Suzuran, they're for survival. The new freshmen upheld tradition; Tokio heard that one brat started yammering about becoming the best during the induction ceremony – then his wings were clipped by his peers. Good. That suits Tokio fine. There are too many arrogant kids swaggering through the corridors these days. Some are naïve. Others are a pain in the neck.

A pain in the neck… Tokio twitches. He doesn't need doctors and check-ups to know that his body is giving up on him. There's no escaping the fact that everyone has to leave someday…

Tokio shrugs and sticks his hands in his pockets.

He isn't going to roll over and die.

Suzuran is the nation's roughest school. The boys who attend all have their reasons for being there. Some want to prove how dangerous they are. Some are too broke to consider attending anywhere else. That isn't the case for Tokio. He's got a choice. He's rich.

People reckon that guys with money don't have any problems. They think being able to afford three meals a day means that it's impossible to get ill.

They don't know about the brain aneurysm.

It's ugly. Tokio almost bullied the doctor into saying what was actually up. Surgery's an option, sure – but the chance of making it out of the operating theatre alive is pretty slim, a pathetic thirty per cent. Tokio allowed the images of anaesthetics and knives to flash through his mind for a nanosecond before giving his verdict.

If surgery gets me thirty per cent, I'll take life at one hundred per cent.

Tokio doesn't want any fuss. Everyone has their own crap to be getting on with. He's made sure that Tokaji and Tsutsumoto are clueless.

Only one other person knows the score.

The King of Beasts.

Serizawa Tamao is another senior. He's Tokio's best friend – and if there's anyone capable of ruling the school, Tamao is the man. He's dirt poor and has lousy luck when playing Mahjong. Those things don't matter: he can take down gangsters with a single blow, and above it all, he's a good guy who fights fair. He's strong, really strong.

Tokio is proud to be on Tamao's side. So far, they're enjoying a good run. The Mikami Brothers have joined their ranks. Those dumbasses are tough.

The only drawback is Genji. Tamao's not the only one with his eyes focused on conquest. Genji's reaching for it, too, and with more and more people swerving over to GPS, Tokio knows that it won't be long before Tamao and Genji have the promised showdown.

At that time, Tokio will be ready. They will rule Suzuran, one hundred per cent.