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The Hulk was very angry. His anger was directed at two blond Avengers in front of him. Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield had no impact on slowing him down. Currently, Thor was trying to free himself from the crack in the wall and Captain America was trying to get up from the kitchen counter where the Hulk threw him. Captain America lunged at the Hulk, aiming to press some acupressure point at the Hulk's neck to make him immobile. Unfortunately, the Hulk caught his leg and defenestrated him...

Bruce woke up with a start. Had he just dreamed of transforming into the Hulk without control and murdering Captain America? He glanced at his radio clock, 2.47 am, and groaned. The was no way he could sleep again. The doomed book club would commence at 9 am today. No wonder he had such an explicit dream as he had been worrying about the book club ever since Tony suggested it. He should have known it was a bad idea.

One week ago, in one of Tony's science labs.

"Oh come on, Bruce! It'll be fun. You'll do a lot of good training out-of-this-realm-or-out-of-time Avengers!"

"Is that what you call our teammates? How about Loki? He's not an Avenger and I can sense trouble whenever he is involved."

"Well, it beats calling them Shakespeare-in-the-Park and Capsicle. I need variation. I think you can handle Loki. Besides, we are stuck babysitting him while he is being punished in Midgard. You'll do a lot of good by introducing them to modern Midgardian cultures. They will be up to speed with what we talk about and Loki may come to love Midgard," Tony replied with a triumphant smile.

"I'm not sure how discussing Harry Potter in a book club can help them with our modern culture. We don't live in a medieval magical world. It will confuse them more! Why can't we start with a modern book?"

"Does it mean you agree to supervise them? I knew I could rely on you!" Tony patted Bruce's back.

"Tony, I didn't agree to anything. I just pointed out the flaw in using Harry Potter as a discussion topic for our current world."

"Aww, come on. It's not the setting per se as to the message in the books. Such as hating people different from us as done by the Death Eater is bad."

"Tony ... those messages are for children. I'm sure they know those messages without the need to read the books."

"Can you find a book that has been read by all of them? Besides, we can start with Harry Potter first to see how well we can progress before continuing it. As with all scientific experiments, we need to make deduction and conduct experiments first."

"Well, if you put it that way. I guess there is no harm in trying, at least just for a meeting and if there's anything wrong, I'll call it quits. But why me?"

"Well, besides Steve, you're the most level headed member of The Avengers. Can you imagine me leading a book club?" Bruce shuddered at the thought. Tony noticed it and grinned. "I thought so. Can you imagine Natasha? She would probably kill all of them within five minutes if they started to ask what she thinks are stupid questions. And Clint? Where shall I begin? He would probably misdirect and confuse them even more. He may be impatient, he may ..."

"OK, when you put it this way, I guess I'm the most suitable. As I said, if anything goes wrong, I'll just put a stop to it before I turn into the Hulk and murder them."

Tony had been pestering Bruce for two months to form a book club for Thor, Steve and Loki since they found out by accident that out of all the books in all of the nine realms, they had read Harry Potter. Tony thought it was too much of a golden opportunity to pass. Bruce guessed as usual that Tony got his way.

"Brucey, I know you'll see it my way. Your genius is reaching mine so I think you can handle it. I'll let them know now." Tony practically walked with a skip out of the room toward the elevator.

Bruce instantly regretted his decision. He rubbed his face tiredly and called up to Tony but it was too late, Tony's elevator door had closed. He felt that him doom was hanging on the air.


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