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"Package for you!" Namie called from the other room, and as the sound of her clicking heels neared his office, Izaya looked up from his computer to see his secretary lob a brown box toward him. He caught it with ease, before examining it.

The box was square, neatly wrapped, and looked to be about thirty centimeters on all sides. There was only the name "Izaya Orihara" written on it, indicating that the package had not been brought by any conventional mail, and the name order implied a Westerner had sent it to him. He held it to his ear and shook it a few times. There was no hissing, nor any ticking. The object inside at least sounded solid. Therefore, it was unlikely that one of his enemies had decided to assassinate him.

So, without further ado, Izaya flipped a pocketknife into his hand, slashed the tape and opened the box.

Inside, there sat a gold cup, and an envelope at its side. He grinned almost manically and lifted the cup out of the box, seeing that it was actually an elaborately carved trophy, the etchings detailing mythological creatures. However, there was no writing on it indicating what it was for.

Izaya turned to the remaining inhabitant of the box, the crisp-looking white envelope. His grin didn't even falter as he shook the envelope, making sure that there was nothing harmful inside, before eagerly but carefully tearing open the envelope.

There was a single piece of parchment inside, on which, in very fancy-looking characters, the following message was written:

You have done a marvelous job causing mischief, mortal.


Izaya was no fool. He, after much hacking, had found out what the New York City fiasco had been about (he hadn't gotten the full story- even his skills couldn't break all of SHIELD's firewalls, but he had managed to piece together the story based upon what he found); the Norse god of mischief and lying had attempted to take over the world, starting with New York, by use of an alien army (The fact that Loki had been the one leading the invaders had been wiped from most press releases). He had been stopped by the now globally renowned but reclusive Avengers.

Had Izaya not been used to strange things by this point (he had a disembodied living head sitting on his bookshelf, for goodness' sakes!), he might not have believed it. But he was used to it. And he took it better than people who wouldn't be used to this sort of thing.

This trophy was an entirely different thing. The Norse god of mischief and lies had just complimented him, Orihara Izaya. Loki wasn't a human commenting on what he did, he was on a totally different plane of existence, known through the millennia as someone who lied and caused problems. And this god was telling Izaya that he was doing a good job.

He turned his head toward the room which Namie would be in, "Namie~! Go out to the store and buy a 13 by 21 centimeter photo frame~!"

There was a disgruntled grumble from his assistant, "Why?"

"Because I just got praised by a GOD, Namie~! A GOD!"

The trophy was given a place in his office, right next to Celty's head, and the letter was hung in a photo frame above his desk. He polished the trophy every morning as soon as he could, promising himself to make the Norse god proud of giving him this trophy.

In his cell on Asgard, Loki chuckled at the antics of this one human.

*Dodges behind her couch* Please don't kill me Loki fangirls! I'm one of you! I'm sorry he's not really in the story!

I don't even… It's official. I'm insane. See, this idea came around when I was on Skype with my friend and I realized that Shizuo was like a combination of Bruce and Steve. Then we came up with Loki being like Izaya, and Izaya getting an award…and I really wanna write all of the Avengers at some point.

But I'll have to do this before I return to school. I mean, I should be writing my résumé right now, but…yeah, I needed to do this. I wanna write Shizuo meets Steve and Bruce next, but I literally just had inspiration for Natasha…

Well, look forward to an update!