Speaking critically of my own work would only serve to lower my self esteem. Therefore, all I will say is that I'm annoyed with how the beginning goes (because, Oh Lord, Tony and Kida are HARD to write), but the end should be a part of my Magnum Opus.

No pairings, just friendship and fanboying.

Walking down the sidewalk of Ikebukuro, Masaomi found himself marveling that nothing remarkable had happened today. He hadn't seen Shizuo throwing down, he hadn't seen the Black Rider or Simon all day, and Izaya hadn't been spotted in 'bukuro at all. It was odd. Typically, something would have hit the fan, whether it was the shit or not. Why has nothing happened so far? He thought as he turned a corner.

And then he smacked into someone, sending the both of them sprawling on the ground. Great, just great.

The stranger was swearing in English, as another man came up behind the felled one and spoke to him in what sounded to Masaomi like a sarcastic tone. Masaomi quickly apologized to both men, looking through their faces for any form of anger. However, he found something else. The man whom he hadn't knocked over had an all-too familiar face.

"Hey, you all righ-?" the man in question asked in Japanese, not that he sounded particularly caring.

"You're Tony Stark!"

"In the flesh."

"You're the master! The ultimate playboy!"

"Hey, kid, aren't you a little too young for thi—"

"You went twelve-for-thirteen with the Maxim cover girls!"

"Seriously, aren't you in like, middle school, or something?"

"Teach me your ways, oh great one!" At this point, Masaomi was already bowing low with one arm across his body. Because if this was the most eventful thing that was going to happen (and it was eventful, don't get him wrong), he was going to at least act like his normal dramatic self.

(Passerby stared).

Suddenly, Stark started laughing, "I am great, aren't I? Well, come on, then." Because apparently, Masaomi had sufficiently stroked his ego.

And like that, he was having a conversation with Tony-effing-Stark (The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist superhero!) inside some little sushi joint (in which the owner had practically stumbled over himself trying to give them a private room).

(The man he had bowled over, as it turned out, was Stark's bodyguard, whose name was Happy. He was a pretty mellow guy, which, Masaomi took no time in pointing out, made sense because his name was the English word for contentment.)

They spoke for a couple hours (mainly Masaomi asking questions), and when the check came, Tony signed the customer copy, tore off the signed section and handed the signature to the boy sitting across from him. Needless to say, the boy was quite elated, enough so to fly across the table and hug the famous man ("Help! Help Happy! I'm being attacked by a middle-schooler!" "Thankyouthankyouthankyou-I told you I'm in high school!" Happy just sat there, laughing.)

The three left the sushi store together, turning another corner in the direction of where they first met. This time, Masaomi didn't ram into the people, but was just as star struck.

Standing right in front of him were Hawkeye and Thor. Not that either were in uniform or carrying the weapons that would identify them, but Masaomi had read so many of the newspapers following the attack on New York that he could identify them in civilian clothes.

"Greetings, Man of Iron! How has your day been in the Land of the Rising Sun?"

Tony responded in English, "Great, big guy. Met with some suits, negotiated, and got more materials for the Hulk to smash. All in all, a productive day."

"Glorious! The Hawk has promised me a rematch with the Hulk, and we met with the Black Rider!"

"I ran into some old friends in town." A third, female voice joined their conversation.

Clint was immediately on guard, "Good friends or bad?"

"Good, as far as I can tell. I'm going to do a background check nonetheless."

And suddenly, another voice joined, "Well, it looks like everyone's back here."

"Bruce! The Hawk has promised me a rematch with the Hulk."

"Oh God no…"

Steve shuffled his way over to where the fight zone wasn't. "Hey, Tony? Who's the kid?"

You might be wondering what the one-and-only Masaomi Kida was doing during this giant mass meeting of the Avengers. The answer was simple: Gaping in wonder.

"This kid appreciates my awesomeness way more than you guys do. He's a big fan."

Happy interjected, "The kid glomped Tony." Steve and Clint erupted into laughter and Natasha let out a series of amused chuckles (Thor and Bruce were busy trying to negotiate the terms of a rematch).

"Dude, not cool."

Masaomi at this moment was trying his hardest to comprehend what they were saying, and so far, doing decently. He was about to interject with his own comment, when suddenly; there was a very loud, very identifiable roar of rage, along with the crash of a vending machine farther down the street. Masaomi's English comment came out instead as, "Holy Shit…"

"I told you, Izaya, NOT to come around Ikebukuro again!"

The Avengers turned their attention in the direction of the yelling to see a blond man in a bartender's outfit facing a man in a black fur parka.

"Hey, Bruce? Isn't that Shizuo?"


"Oh, come on Shizu-chan~! You can't begrudge me my work! Besides, I now have a Norse god of Mischief and Lies to make proud!"

"Did he just-?"

"He did…"

"But I thought he was locked up on Asgard!"

"Hey, what did he say?"

"The man in the parka just implied that he's had contact with Loki."


"I don't give a SHIT about who you have to make proud, you little flea. You're pissing me OFF!" And with that, the blond man wrenched a streetlight from the ground and threw it like a javelin at the smaller man.

"Your aim is off, Shizu-chan!" Izaya cackled before racing off in the opposite direction.

"COME BACK HERE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I'LL KILL YOU!" Shizuo raged after Izaya, throwing a lamppost at the man.

"So that's what he meant when he said that he got violent when he was angry."

Tony turned to Kida, "Hey, is this town always this exciting?"

"Nah. Sometimes it's more chaotic."

Thor thundered, "I APPROVE of this town!"

Steve turned to Natasha and Clint, "Hey, should we do something about the man who claimed to know Loki?"

"Nah, I'm sure that your friend will stop him. He's like a slightly less green version of the Hulk, right?"

They heard explosions, roars of rage and the sound of the brakes being applied suddenly from several streets over. "He sounds like he's doing fine."


"Loki's imprisoned in Asgard, right? Thor would have likely gotten a message if he had escaped. The guy's probably just a fan of Loki's who likes causing trouble."

In prison, Loki cackled as he watched the havoc that his chosen human was wreaking across the town. With minions like these, he wouldn't need to even leave the prison.

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