Chapter 11

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There was silence once Alice spoke as those words sunk in. James has captured Esme because of me. Poor sweet innocent Esme is in the clutches of that monster because I was selfish and couldn't leave Alice. How could I have blinded myself to not think he would do something like this?

I was still berating myself when Alice seemed to catch up on what she'd just Seen.

"JAMES HAS ESME!" She screamed before racing off in the direction of her captured mother, I took a little longer to kick my brain into gear.

"Alice wait!" I pushed all of my speed into catching her and caught up with her easily, I pounced on her and pushed her to the ground, holding her firmly as she tried to desperately fight me off to no avail.

"Let me go! Please Bella, I need to get to Esme, please!"

"Calm down Alice and think about what you're doing. This is a trap. We need to call Carlisle and get the rest of your family here. We won't help Esme by rushing in and getting ourselves killed! Calm!" I growled the last word and shook her slightly to get through to her panicked mind, it seemed to work as she took long deep breaths.

After a few moments her eyes were still pitch black but a little of the tension had leaked out of her so I released her. I backed away slowly so as not to startle her, instinctively sensing she is half animal at the moment and any sudden movement will make her bolt like a frightened deer.

She took her phone out of her pocket and dialled her father's number.

"Hello Alice?" I heard his voice easily with my enhanced hearing.

"Carlisle, call the family and meet me and Bella at the clearing with the waterfall, Rosalie knows the way."

"Why? What's happening Alice?"

Alice took a shuddering breath before telling him shakily, "James has captured Esme."

There was silence on the other end of the phone before I heard something smash, picturing his glass desk at the Cullen house.

"FUCK!" He growled loudly, I would have laughed at the absurd sound of Carlisle swearing if it wasn't for the situation. "We'll be there in 5." He stated before hanging up.

Alice slowly lowered her hand and then there was no movement from either of us, not really knowing what to do or say now. I started to slowly shake in anger at myself, once again the thought that this is all my fault started circling round my mind, I suddenly stopped when Alice cupped my cheek.

"Bella, I know what you're thinking and you need to stop." She stated harshly.

"But Alice..If I would have just-"

"No, I'm not listening to it. You warned us of the dangers before and we all agreed to help you. I'm not going to let you beat yourself up over this, we said we were in this together and I'm not going back on that word now."

My eyes filled with tears, when Alice wiped them away I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my forehead on hers. We stayed like that until I heard rapid footsteps approaching us, turning around to see the Cullen's leaving the cover of the trees, Carlisle got to us first looking completely out of sorts.

"Where is she Alice?!" He demanded, eyes wild with fear and anger. Jasper removed his jacket and came over to place it over my shoulders only then remembering that I was completely front of the entire family. I blushed deeply before nodding my head in thanks.

"I'm...not sure, it was a clearing against a cliff face. There was a small cave and a boulder in front of it, Esme was tied to it...with both of her legs ripped off." Alice whispered the last part with her head bowed. Carlisle growled deeply looking like he was about to take off then and there, I grabbed his wrist to stop him.

"Carlisle, I understand you're scared for Esme and I'm so sorry this has happened, but you have to control your emotions." I said forcefully, trying to calm him down as I did for Alice earlier.

"That bastard has my mate, how do you expect me to be calm?!"

"Because she will be killed if you're not." I stated firmly. That seemed to be a slap in the face to him and he focused on me more.

"James will have a plan, he wouldn't have done this if he didn't. That fact that it's a full moon nearly proves my point, he will be a lot stronger, and he wants me. Let me go to him first, if I can get her out I will."

"I'll go too." Alice stated, I was ready to protest when she spoke before me, "We were on a date, he might know I was with you, if I'm not there it'll look suspicious." I nodded in agreement to that.

"What should we do?" Jasper asked his military mind wanting a strategy.

"Okay, I have an idea."

Alice and I raced towards James, I knew the location Alice was talking about from exploring the forest, obviously James has been spying on me.

We hid in the bushes when we got near trying to creep up on the area.

"The hero's have arrived! Come on stop hiding children, you're mother needs help." James scolded with a little tut at the end.

I growled loudly along with Alice and padded into the clearing, as soon as I caught sight of Esme I realised that my imagination was being kind to me. She was an absolute mess.

Her hair was completely tangled with large chunks ripped out, her face looked like it had been punched in a few times by the cracks. Her clothes were in tatters and I could see that he'd grabbed some fair chunks of her torso off at the same time. Both of her legs were missing presumably so that she couldn't try and run even if he could have captured her again easily, one of these legs were in the monster's hands, being twirled around like a damn cane.

"Esme!" Alice screamed getting caught by my paw as she tried to get to her.

Esme looked up at the sound of her daughter's voice and her eyes were haunting.

"Alice, get away from him! It's a trap, run!" She shouted desperately.

"Don't even think about it, if you do the pretty vamp's head will go rolling into fire." James said casually, sliding his finger across his throat as an added effect.

"Not a chance." I growled, baring my teeth in challenge. James only shook his head.

"Want to be on the brink of death again so soon Izzy? I didn't know you were into such kinky shit, and you brought Mary Alice along for the ride as well, how wonderful. When I smelt her on your body last time I was quite thrown, but then I realised what a great party we could have." Well that threw me, Mary? And he knows Alice? I looked down to Alice who looked just as confused as I did.

"How do you know my real name?" She asked. I wanted to ask how I didn't know it.

"Aww you've forgotten me? How sad, I could never forget the best meal that ever escaped me."

"Wait, told me you didn't feed on humans?"

"Don't be such a stupid bitch Izzy, I've always fed on humans, why would I eat a leaf when I can eat steak hmm? Humans are so weak, they deserve to be hunted, to be deliciously tortured to get their blood pumping, there's no better taste than well blooded flesh." He crooned and I felt sick to my stomach knowing I once considered this...thing, to be my friend.

"You make me fucking sick."

"Pity. Anyway, when I went into that mental asylum looking for a tortured soul to hunt I came across the best scent I've ever experienced. My mouth watered and I found the source to belong to little mentally deranged Mary, and I needed to taste her. Of course I wanted some fun though so I had to wait until she was all alone, that was where I went wrong. One of the workers was a vampire and he turned her into a fucking leech before I got there."

"A...mental asylum?" Alice whispered in disbelief.

"Oh yes, your mummy and daddy didn't like that you could see their future so they bundled you into a white padded room. Too bad, maybe you could have prevented their violent deaths, they didn't taste as good as I imagined you would have though." He ended that with a wistful sigh.

"Why...why are you doing this?!" Alice screamed, losing control.

"Why not?" James shrugged, showing absolutely no remorse only confirming further how far gone he is. "Enough chatter. No prey has ever escaped me, now that Mary Alice is here I can kill two birds with one stone, literally." His mouth curved up into a murderous grin.

He suddenly launched the leg in his hand straight at my face, I ducked down just to have large claws dig into my cheek the next moment. I went flying and crashing into the surrounding trees with the force of the swipe, I managed to get my balance and leg it back to the clearing.

I saw Alice dancing around James' attacks, even though she couldn't use her visions with him she was still slightly faster, that didn't mean she'd avoided all his attacks, already having deep gouges in her stomach. He roared in satisfaction as he managed to bat her into the air, he pounced up to meet her but got tackled by me before he could reach, both of us smashing into the cliff face. We struggled in the hole we'd made, getting in a few bites and scratches before he kicked me off with his hind legs and jumping down to me while I fell.

The air was violently knocked out of me when he pushed me faster into the ground, his front paws digging into my stomach claws out. He didn't stay there long before he got kicked under the chin by Alice causing him to do a full back flip off me but he landed perfectly on his feet.

Both me and Alice had small wounds, she was holding her stomach where the deep gauge was and I rubbed blood off my face from the first swipe he delivered, gasping for breath. James in the meantime looked just peachy, the fucker, I felt like having a massive bitch fit for a moment over how much stronger he was than me, I managed to compose myself and just glare murderously at him.

"Why Grandma, what evil eyes you have." James chuckled deeply, his lips curling over his teeth in a lion's definition of a smile, I copied his action.

"I'd wipe that smug smile off your face if I were you." I threatened.

"Why? What you going to do, meow at me? Please, I'm going to kill little Mary there with you watching, and then I'll move on to-" His sentence got cut off by something crashing into him from the cliff top taking him completely by surprise. The force of the impact made the ground shake violently and Alice and I nearly lost our balance, I stared wide eyed at the size of the crater they caused.

"Holy shit..." I muttered in disbelief, knowing it was going to happen but still reeling from the sheer power of the blow. I rushed forward to the edge of the hole when I heard an angry roar, this one not a werecat's.

"YOU BASTARD! How dare you hurt Esme! You fucker, how dare you even go NEAR her! I'm going to rip you to fucking shreds for what you did to her and Bella!" Emmett shouted in anger, pausing after every sentence to deliver a crushing punch to James' bloody form. He obviously did not expect the attack and couldn't seem to overpower Emmett's excessive strength, yelping in pain whenever he got punched.

I looked up about to check on Esme but I saw that Carlisle was already there, holding her discarded legs to her body so that they would reattach, whispering softly to her in comfort. Jasper and Rosalie were nearby as guards looking in our direction to make sure James didn't interrupt their parents, Edward stood nearby ready to help wherever he was needed.

Alice came and stood next to me too and watched the extremely satisfying show, both of us loving the fact that James was taken completely by surprise.

I looked down and examined her stomach making sure the gouges were healing as I wasn't sure what effect James' claws would have on her if they gave me scars. They seemed to be healing as I watched so I nodded in satisfaction, rubbing the side of the wound lightly with my tail.

"You okay?" I asked softly, she smiled back at me.

"Yeah, it's getting better already." She said with a hint of a flirting tone. I grinned and carried on stroking her stomach lightly.

"VICTORIA!" James suddenly managed to scream out in panic, I cocked my head in confusion towards him never hearing that name before, I looked at Alice who seemed confused too.

"Who is he talking about?" Alice asked.

"Probably me." I heard an unfamiliar female voice speak up behind me causing me and Alice to growl in shock and whirl around to stare at the newcomer, amazed we weren't able to sniff her out.

She was a tall, redheaded vampire with deep red eyes, evidence of her feeding habits and I tensed automatically. She didn't seem in any particular rush to go to James' assistance and in fact looked completely bored and annoyed with the situation, her arms crossed over her chest. Edward ran forward to stand next to us when he heard her too.

"Who are you?!" I snarled.

"Evidently Victoria." She said with an eyeroll.

"Why would he call YOU? He hates vampires."

"Is that what he told you? Honey, we've been running together for a long time now. He was always way too cocky for his own good, thinking he could never be beaten because of his strength. If he didn't give me such delicious hunting games with our meals I would have left his ass centuries ago." This bitch made me nearly as sick as James. I wasn't even surprised with the fact that he'd lied to me about this too, lying seemed to be a common factor in our past fake friendship.

She uncrossed her arms and gestured to James and Emmett.

"Anyway, you might want to call off your Rottweiler, we have more than one hostage you know. We won't hesitate to kill them if you kill him." She said casually. That startled me slightly.

"Who's the other hostage? The whole family's here?" I asked, slightly scared by what the answer would be.

"Oh just some human girl who you seemed to have become attached to. I believe the name began with an A?"

That was when my blood turned even colder.

Victoria gave a sharp whistle and three other vampires appeared in the clearing, one of them holding the tied up and gagged Angela Webber who was awake and looking around with wide scared eyes. She had a nasty bruise on her temple like she had been knocked out at some point but otherwise appeared unharmed. When she spotted Alice her eyes widened further in disbelief.

"Angela..?" I growled, not letting my brain process the fact that not only are the Cullens involved in this, but Angela too. Her eyes snapped to me when I said her name, a little fear clouding her face

"Yes yes, that's the human's name. Now, let James go and I won't snap her pretty little neck." I breathed hard in anger, my claws digging into the ground, feeling so helpless in this situation as I stared at Angela's terrified form. She looked back with so much confusion it broke my heart, she probably didn't know why she was involved in this, or who/what I am, I lowered my head feeling tears escape into my fur.

"FINE. EVERYONE STOP EMMETT, STOP HIM NOW!" Edward, Jasper and Rosalie nodded in understanding and rushed into the clearing to pull him off James' crushed form, I was worried we were too late and he was already dead but he stumbled to his feet.

"What are you doing?! LET ME GO! I CAN KILL HIM!" Emmett yelled in a rage, not knowing what was happening around him. Rose whispered to him sharply trying to calm him down and explain, when he looked up his eyes widened and he stopped struggling. He took long shuddering breaths, trying to control all the anger and strength build up inside him.

When one of the unknown vampires brought James to their group Victoria pushed Angela forward, I rushed to catch her with my paw before she landed face first in the dirt. I pushed her under my chest and bowed down to protect her just in case they went against their deal.

"Pleasure doing business with you. See you around." With a sarcastic wave Victoria blinked into the trees.

Before being carried away James grinned sinisterly at me, showing off his now missing teeth.

When they were out of view an eerie silence filled the clearing, none of us knew what to say. I let go of Angela and cut off her bonds with my claw, she scrambled away from me and ripped off the gag.

"What the hell is going on here?! Who are you guys? WHAT are YOU?!" She screamed, aiming the last question at me. She slowly inches away from us as she talked, I would have shifted to show Angela who I was but I was scared and I think it would of freaked her further too. I really liked her, she's the best human friend I'd ever had and I didn't want to lose that.

"Please Angela." Alice spoke up moving forward with her hands up. "Just hear us out, we would never hurt you. How long have you known our family, our parents are friends. Please believe me." It didn't seem to be getting through to her, she was breathing deeply and seeming to have the first signs of a panic attack.

I immediately got down on my chest and crawled towards her, lowering my ears and purring loudly. Angela owned a really strange cat and he did this every time he wanted her attention, I didn't know if it would work, after all I was a million times his size and she was in the midst of a panic attack but it was all I could think of in the heat of the moment.

She looked like she was distracted since she wasn't breathing as loudly and her heart rate slowed down, now she just looked confused again, like she didn't understand hat the hell I was doing but that soon turned to fascination. She stood still and allowed me to approach her, when I was at her legs I glanced up at her quickly before nudging her. When she didn't respond I rolled onto my back and purred some more, resting my large muzzle against her legs, she giggled a little before finally giving in and petting hesitantly under my chin. I leaned my head back and gave her more access but more than that I gave her my trust and that was a big thing for me.

When it looked like she'd calmed down a little Alice tried again.

"Angela?" She asked hesitantly, inching forward a little.

She looked up at Alice and flitted her eyes around at the rest of the family before answering Alice's unasked question.

"I'm okay, I'm sorry I freaked it's just...I'm sure you understand." She seemed so sorry about the way she panicked, like it wasn't a normal reaction and I nuzzled into her hand for it, trying to comfort her further. She looked into my eyes properly and seemed to come to a realisation.

"Bella?" She asked suddenly, grabbing my muzzle with both her hands, pulling my head up and gazing at me properly. I was startled, how did this amazing human know who I was? How was she handling this so well? It was like my parents all over again, just looking into my eyes and seeing who I was inside. Humans are brilliant creatures and I can never get tired of how often they amaze me. This human, who I have know for just a couple of months just accepted the possibility that I can transform into a huge panther. I could feel my eyes widening and my mouth opened slightly.

"It is you isn't it? Holy shit this is crazy."

"How...?" Before I could even finish my sentence she answered it.

"You said my name when you first saw me, and only you that I know of has seen my cat do his strange attention seeking method. Damn you''re a shapeshifter, a talking shapeshifter, this is unreal, how did I not know something was up? You were involved in that accident in the car park! Everyone said they saw you but obviously no one thought you could have just walked away from it. They said they'd imagined you there. Wow. Amazing," She was rambling to me and seemed so happy that it was me, so fascinated with this new creature she'd met and didn't seem to understand the danger that I had put her in, my eyes welled with tears again.

"Ange...I'm so so sorry, if I hadn't have been friends with you this wouldn't have happened, you wouldn't be involved in this. I know I don't deserve forgiveness, I should have never dragged you into this shit. God I was such an idiot."

"No Bella please, no matter what has happened in your past I don't think someone like you or the Cullen's could imagine monsters like that could exist. You're all too good for that."

"How do you know we're good Angela? You've only just found out that we're not as honest and...human as we made out to be." I said, testing her.

"Your appearance and species means nothing to me, all I know is that your hearts are good and that's what matters." She stated in absolute assurance gazing around at the faces who have only ever been kind to her. Everyone stared back at her in shock at her acceptance before breaking out into grins, Alice came over and crouched with us taking Angela's hand in her own and squeezing it lightly in appreciation.

Carlisle approached us slowly just in case Angela was still feeling flighty, Esme's legs were now attached and she was leaning on Rosalie looking a little worse for wear. Emmett had calmed down now once he understood the situation and was standing next to them keeping a hand on both his mate and mother. They were all keeping a respectful silence to let Angela be more comfortable, after all, apart from Bella and Alice she hadn't really interacted with the rest of them.

"You're welcome to come back with us Angela, we'll keep you safe and we can explain everything?" He asked kindly looking at her with caring eyes only wanting to help. She looked at me again, almost like she was asking for permission and I nodded my head once, lifting my lips up into a feline grin.

"You look like the Cheshire Cat." She giggled. I nudged her with my paw for that.

"Shut up." I stood up and leaned my front end down in front of her. "Hop on, I promise I won't go fast." I remembered all the times she worried about me being on my bike.

"You sure? I don't want to treat you like a horse." I rolled my eyes slightly at that although I couldn't help once again wondering how she could be so selfless even when it was my fault she was here now.

"Don't be silly, come on." She hesitated a little before jumping onto my back.

"Grab hold of my fur tightly, I'm not as delicate as I look." I jested, she softly laughed before grasping the fur around my scruff. When she was settled Alice came and smiled up at Angela before rubbing the side of my neck, looking into my eyes.

"Are you okay as well?" She asked, I could feel something flair inside me when I gazed into her amber eyes and electricity spread from her hand.

"I'm getting better already." I mimicked her answer earlier which she laughed at and continued to rub my neck as I did her stomach before.

"Geez, at least get a room when I'm not here guys." Angela interrupted jokingly when we didn't move to follow the rest of the family who had already started walking towards home.

We snapped out of our own world and padded forward making sure to take it slow considering we had Angela and an injured Esme with us. All I could think was that somehow we didn't lose anyone tonight but that was followed by another thought. Somehow, I didn't think we were going to be so lucky next time.

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