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Chapter 6:

"See, I told you the only thing we have in common is that we both have ridiculously melodramatic families and blonde hair!" I tell Thor as he stands next to Steve and watches the results come up on the screen for yet another blood test. There negative as usual. Thor doesn't respond to me as he scowls at the screen. He barely even notices when Jeremy, a really creepy lab attendant who always hit's on me, pulls the needle out of his arm and places a band aid over the little puncture wound it's left there. Steve gives me an apologetic smile and turns back to look at the screen in mild fascination Jeremy looks between Thor ,Steve and I and then turns to me and places his grimy hand on my cheek. "Don't worry, Brookie Cookie. We'll figure it out soon enough. It's a little hard considering you and him aren't even the same species." He says in a disgusted tone as he looks at Thor. I scoff at this. Someone's jealous of the super sexy thunder god.

Jeremy removes his hand from my cheek and places it high on my thigh. Thor and Steve are just turning around to look at us when I slap Jeremy's hand away. Jeremy grins at me, winks and then walks off. I shudder a little over dramatically and grab a cotton ball off the adjacent table and dip it in rubbing alcohol. I'm scrubbing frantically at the spots where he touched me when I notice Thor looking at me with a big grin on his face. I notice that Steve is looking down the hall where Jeremy disappeared with a furrowed brow. "What?!" I snap at Thor.
He chuckles. "What are you doing with that antiseptic, Brookie Cookie?" He asks me while laughing. I can tell he's stressing my nickname because it's clearly bothered me. Steve turns back towards us then and a small smile starts tugging at the corner of his lips at Thor's laughter. "Brookie Cookie?" Steve questions with a raised eyebrow and a laugh. I turn back to disinfecting myself as I answer them both. "Do not, call me that!" I sneer. "Only my dad and grandmother are allowed to call me that. And that's just because they won't….not." It's true, no matter how many times I tell them that the nickname really bothers me they continue to antagonize me with the idiotic pet name.

Neither of them say anything and I realize I haven't answered Thor's question yet. "And I am warding off any diseases I may have contracted from that creep. If you must know." I say, still irritated by the mere mention of Jeremy. He skeeves me out to no end. I have to deal with him every single day. And let me tell you, there's something really disturbing about a guy who constantly comes on to you, drawing vials upon vials of blood from your body. He's usually much more blatant with his attraction towards me since I normally come down here alone. But today Thor and Steve decided to accompany me after our 2 hour rehashing of my past. I may have to start bringing them with me every time I come down here, because they seem to scare Jeremy into behaving like a normal human being around me.

Once I'm satisfied with my thorough sterilization, I hop down from the examination table and toss the cotton balls in the trash as I walk out of the lab. The sound of Thor and Steve's loud footsteps beside me let me know their following me out.

"I don't understand, if you don't share his feelings for you then why don't you just say so?" Thor asks, amused. I can tell he finds this whole situation very humorous. "Yea, I mean...the guy's gotta back off sometime." Steve adds with a small laugh. I roll my eyes and glance up at Steve. I still can't get over how tall he is. Almost a foot taller than my 5 foot 6 frame. God he has to be atleast 6'3, and then theres Thor who's like 6'7 or some ridiculously unnatural height. I sigh and shake my head as I reply. "I have!" I practically shout. "I was nice at first. I politely turned him down when he asked me out to dinner. I even told him I was seeing someone else! But he just wouldn't listen so I had to get a little meaner. Which I really don't like to do! It's gotten to the point, where I have flat out told him I think he's repulsive and the only reason I see him every day is because I have no other choice! Can you believe that?! The ass thinks I come down here, day after day, and get my arm stabbed and pints of my blood taken from me which makes me sick for the rest of the day, just to see him! Like no hun, you're tacky and I hate you!" I stop when I realize I'm ranting. We have just entered the common room now and I throw myself down on the couch and shove my face into one of the velvet pillows and groan.

"Are you?" Steve asks me. I sit up, confused and as the blood rushes to my head. What is he talking about? Am I what? "I'm sorry, what?" I ask as I try and tame my hair that is now standing up on its ends from the static. "Are you seeing someone?" He asks me seriously.
I balk, shocked that this is the one thing he chose to focus on out of that ridiculous speech I just made. "Ummm, noooo." I say slowly. I'm still really confused. Maybe it's the fact that I'm really light headed and I'm missing something obvious here. But I don't know. My trusty best friends aren't here to give me a meaningful look that might clue me in on what Steve means. I'm on my own for this one.

From his confused expression, I can tell he doesn't understand why I told Jeremy I was seeing someone else when I wasn't. "I told Jeremy I had a boyfriend, because I was hoping that it would get him off my back. It usually works when you tell a guy he has serious competition." I tell Steve. Hoping that he understands this because I don't really feel like talking about my chronic loneliness with this gorgeous American Hero who could get anyone he wants. Thankfully he nods as understanding crosses his face. And then he smiles, that heart melting smile again.
"I could take care of him for you." He says with a mischievous glint in his eye, something I'd never in a million years expect to see coming from the wholesome Captain America. "Ya know, lay him out or something, if you'd like." He winks. I try not to focus on the fact that he just winked at me, so I can form a coherent response. "Ha, don't tempt me!" I say as I lay back on the couch. I really don't feel good.

He chuckles for a moment and then seems to consider something. "If he really does bother you, then perhaps you should talk to Fury. Have him address the issue." He says thoughtfully. I sigh heavily again. I tried that. Didn't work. "I did. He said 'if I couldn't handle a harmless pest like Jeremy then I had no place being on this team', so basically I need to suck it up." I say while doing a poor imitation of Fury's voice.
"That is unfair." Thor says and I glance at him, almost having forgotten he's there, to see he's taken on that stormy look he get's whenever something rubs him the wrong way. Steve nods in agreement, his face settling into that almost endearing but mostly menacing pout he gets. I prop myself up on my elbows and raise my eyebrows. "Hey, guys it's fine. I'm fine he's just a stupid boy I've had worse." I say reassuringly.
Thor excepts this almost immeadietly but Steve looks at me for a moment, searching my face for a hint of a lie. Once he's satisfied that I'm telling the truth he relaxes against the back of the chair he's sitting in and smiles. "Alright whatever you say." I laugh and get up to grab the clicker. I turn on the Xbox and select Star War's Battle Front II. I toss them both a controller and each of them catches it with ease and eyes it questioningly.

I smile at them as I sit down. "It's a controller, for video games. I'm surprised no one has taught you guys how to play them yet." Steve copies the way I hold my controller while I say this, Thor just continues to examine it like it's the most fascinating thing he's ever seen. "I've seen Tony, Clint, Mike and Tim play such games. But I was never shown the skill as you have presumed." Thor says as he tests some of the buttons. "Yea, same with me." Steve adds. It vibrates in their hands and Steve looks shocked, while Thor drops his. I bite my lip to keep from bursting out laughing.

"You wanna learn now? I'm probably a better teacher anyway. The guys would just get frustrated with you. No patience I swear. But I have to watch an 8 and an 11 year old for 6 hours a day if not more so I've got loads of patience." I say with a smile, hoping that at the very least Steve says yes. He nods enthusiastically as I start the game and Thor just grunts in agreement. I select all of our characters and then walk over to the space between them and sit down on the cushion in between them. "Ok, good you're holding it right." I tell Steve, "Ah, put your thumb there, Thor." I add turning toward Thor. " Now see those guys in the white armor and helmet with the gun?" I ask as I point to the two clone troopers on the T.V screen. They nod. "That's your character's, Steve you have the one lined with Blue and Thor you've got the one lined with Red and the blonde guy in the robe them him is me. We're on the same team. So when the game starts, Thor your gonna look at the bottom left of the screen and Steve your gonna look at the bottom right half of the screen and move these." I explain as I move Steve's thumbs over the joist sticks to show him how they move, as Thor looks over my shoulder to watch. "So you can see, and then press this button when your screen lights up in red. That means you have targeted a bad guy. So you shoot him with that button. Kay? Simple enough right?" I ask and they both nod. I go back over to my chair and start the game.

It surprises me how quickly Steve catches on. Within the first two levels he's playing just as well if not better than Britt is at this game. Which is pretty good considering Britt has played it a gazillion times with me and this is Steve's first time playing video games, period. Thor's not as easily taught, unfortunately and he gets a little more frustrated than necessary when he misses a target and I have to remind him a few times it's just a game.

However I am not prepared for how he reacts when three super battle droids roll toward us and he can't harm them because their shields protect them. Have you noticed the shields are still up? No, I cannot make a star wars reference. Neither of them would understand. I tell myself.

Thor looks at me with a look of utter shock on his face. "The shields are up." I explain. This seems to make him very angry. "We have to wait until their shield wears off before we can kill them." I say. At this he blows up.

"WHAT?! THIS IS UTTERLY UNJUST!" He bellows and I shrink back into my chair. Steve notices that he scared me a little and gives Thor a look to which he calms down a little. Thor's face grows less red and his hands relax the death grip he had on the controller. Which I'm surprised hasn't shattered into a million little pieces by now, with the force he had been applying to it. When he speaks again it's at a much lower decibel.
"Can't you just take them out with that illuminated saber of yours?" He asks me with an extremely confused and still pretty irritated tone. I straighten up and look back at the screen to see he has just died again, using up his last life, both me and Steve's characters still having more than one life left and a full bar of health. "No, unfortunately light sabers don't work on their shields either. The only way to defeat them while their shields are still up is if you're playing as Darth Vader and you force crush them." I say as I pause the game and get up to get a drink.
Thor sets his controller down beside him, shares a look with Steve and then stares after me. He considers this for a moment and when I'm on my way back to my seat he speaks again, this time in a joking tone. "I shall admit I am taken aback by your expertise in this game. And also your love for it, I would not expect someone such as yourself to condone such courses of violence and destruction." I laugh and shake my head as I take a long sip from my drink. Steve's smiling to and laughing with a little shake of his head.

"I play it all the time and I love Star Wars, that's why I'm so good. I would probably be playing Just Dance if Val was here and I wasn't so queasy from getting blood taken….and seeing Jeremy." I joke. Both of them throw their heads back and laugh heartily as Tony, Clint, Natasha, Val, Tim, Mike and Britt all enter the room.

"Ooo! You're teaching Thor and Cap how to play Battle Front?! Have the students become the masters yet? I would love to see someone finally beat you in this game, heck any video game!" Mike says eagerly as he comes and sits beside me on the couch. "In your dreams Michael, I will always reign supreme!" I say dramatically as Val comes up behind the couch and hugs me. Everyone laughs and takes their seats.
Everyone sits around and chats for awhile. During a lull in the conversation I belch loudly. "And this…Is why your one of my best friends." Tim says as he leans forward and high fives me. I laugh and I'm surprised to see Thor grinning and laughing at my less than lady like behavior and Steve laughing in an almost shocked way.

"Not gonna lie, that's pretty hot." Mike says in his thick Boston accent. Tony almost spits out his drink. "I knew you had the hots for blondie number 2!" Tony yells triumphantly. Mike slyly slides his arm over my shoulders as a joke to prove Tony is right. I just laugh; I'm completely used to Mike doing stuff like this on a regular basis. "Little Brookie, so adorable with the love of Star Wars and action movies and burping like a guy. But she's got the soft skin and the hot face to counteract it!" Mike says while pinching my cheeks. I shove him off and we both laugh.
"Mikeee. Stop sexually harassing Brooke." Tim says in a tone that's supposed to be scolding, but he is smiling widely. "No kidding, she gets enough sexual harassment from Jeremy every day!" Natasha adds. I shudder. "Ugh! Don't even talk about it!" I say and Steve laughs loudly.
"Let's play Just Dance!" Val says to me grabbing my hands and pulling me up off the couch. I'm about to argue but everyone seems to be looking at us excitedly. And I am feeling better now that I've laid down for awhile and had some orange juice. I help her set up Wii and we get everything into position.

The main screen pops up and the D.J. voice over announces that this is "JUST DANCE 3!" I select the amount of players and Val and I agree to start slow with Katy Perry's "E.T", since it's one of the easier levels.

"So, this is the game of dancing justly?" Thor say's looking at me quizzically. I laugh and nod. Tim nudges Thor's arm and gestures towards us. "Just watch them, their freaking amazing at this game. No one can beat them, EVER!" He says.
"Damn, straight!" Val says puffing out her chest and giving me an epic fist bump. Everyone laughs or smiles at our antics. Especially Thor, Clint and Steve who find me and Val very amusing.

The first song comes on, and I start out somewhat slowly. Part of me doesn't want to move, I'm so tired, and part of me just doesn't care if I win or not. However, as the song becomes more fast-paced, I find myself focusing on the steps, on the screen, and ensuring that I move the controller at the precise time.

"Are you kidding me?!" Val whines. "I can't believe you won!" She says, pouting "Best three out of five?"
I glance at her and laugh, out of breath. "Challenge accepted!"

Not long after that, Val and I are caught in an epic Just Dance battle, eyes glued to the screen, everyone cheering their favorites on. The song is "Baby One More Time," by Britney Spears and we are both gasping for breath but by no means ready to quit.
"Get ready to loose," Val pants out, waving her arms to the beat of the song.

"Yea fucking right!" I retort, equally out of breath. My hair keeps falling into my face, and I momentarily regret putting in a ponytail, but it's too late now. Val wins by some divine intervention on her part. And I almost cry out in defeat.
I groan and grab my juice and take a few sips. "AHHHHH! Brooke I was rooting for you! How could you let her beat you at your own song?! You own the Britney Spears levels!" Tim cries out as Britt pats his arm in comfort.

Clint sticks out his hand to Tony and Tim and they each pull out 20 dollar bills and hand them over. "I told you all that blood loss would affect her, even if it was a Britney Spears song." He says as he collects the money. Tony glares at me and crosses his arms. "I'm disappointed in you princess. I counted on you to always win a Britney Spears level no matter your opponent." He says and I can't help but laugh since he's actually being serious. "Maybe I lost on purpose. Trying to teach you a lesson for placing bets on everything." He scowls at me and I think he actually believes that's what happened.

"Can I give it a try?" Steve asks sheepishly from his place on the couch. We all turn to look at him with shocked expressions. Once we all realize he's serious about playing we start to argue over who he'll go up against.
"He should start slow; have him play Britt or Mike. So the playing fields evened out a bit." Clint says.
'No, he needs to be shown by someone who knows how to play!" Tony says with a roll of his eyes.
"Hey! I know how to play!" both Britt and Mike shout at the same time. "Jinx!" Tim yells.

We all ignore him and continue to argue. "He should play Val. She's bomb at it and it only makes sense, since she's the winner." Clint offers. But Val shakes her head and leans up against him. "Nah, I'm good I'm way too tired. Beating Brooke isn't easy work." She says as she tries to catch her breath.

"Well, I don't wanna play him, I want an actual challenge." Tony says and we all roll our eyes at his arrogance.
"Just have him play Brooke. She's the only one of us who is really good enough at playing to show him how and the only one nice enough to slow it down and maybe let him win." Natasha says as if it's so obvious that I should be the one to play Steve. Everyone looks at each other and then to me. I shrug "Sure, I don't care." I say. And Steve stands up to take his place infront of the tv beside me.

I hand him the controller and go through the quick details of how this one works. Finally I turn toward the TV as everyone gets settled in to watch. I feel super small as I stand next to Steve, the way he's towering over me now. If someone didn't know how ridiculously amazing I was at this game and they were to see him going up against me, it wouldn't look fair at all. Steve in all his super soldier, american hero glory. At least he's not wearing his Cap costume or anything. The khaki's and white button down shirt definitely make him less intimidating. Slightly. And me in frilly blue and green sundress. "I'm sure this should be a peace of cake." He teases me.

"Watch out, Cap! She may look innocent and such but she'll crush you in Just Dance!" Mike yells with a loud laugh. And Clint fist bumps me. I grin and turn back to look at Steve. Everyone is at the edge of their seats waiting for us to begin.
"Yea...what Mike said!" I agree and Steve laughs again as I select the song. I bite my lip to keep from bursting out laughing, my life has just gotten too weird. Playing Just Dance with Captain Freaking America...

"I guess we'll start with Take on Me by Aha, that's easy enough for a newbie." I taunt as I choose the song on the screen, getting him back for the comment about me being an easy opponent. Everyone starts whooping, placing bets again on who will win this time.
"Just have mercy on me, I'm just a kid from Brooklyn, remember?" Steve says jokingly.

"I'm usually a merciless fighter, but...maybe for you I'll make an exception." I wink, feeling my stomach somersault a couple of times as he smiles at me. If this is how the rest of my life is going to go I may just die happy.

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