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It was the morning of the reaping, and a thick silence hung over District 12, it was a day that we dreaded, for us; it was a day when we would lose two of our citizens, to the cruel, sport known as 'The Hunger Game's'. It was a cold foggy day, the air was damp and you could smell the moss on the trees and the mud on the ground as you walked out of your door, the ground was soft to walk on. Few birds sung in their trees, worms and slugs slithered along the cold wet ground.

I wore a white blouse, and a black skirt, accompanied by a pair of black dolly shoes and some skin coloured tights-although they were a lot darker than my naturally pale complexion. My brother- though he was much too young to enter The Hunger Games- would go to The Reaping with me and my mum. I was the only one, from our small family, who fit the age category to be entered into the annual 'game'.

I held onto my brothers hand, his tiny fingers curled partly around my hand-while mine wrapped all the way around his-they were cold, and clammy, Taylor looked up at me, his green eyes filling with tears "Jade" he whimpered "It'll be okay right?" I squeezed his hand lightly, nodded and smiled as best I could.

"Sure it will. Everything will be fine. I promise" I lied- everything wouldn't be fine my name would be in the dish for the girls twenty times this year- due to me being sixteen and then having to put my name down for tesserae because me mum and Taylor don't have much money or food, I guess the quote usually spoken didn't really apply to me 'May the odds be ever in your favour'. Kind of hard really isn't it? And the promise, that, well I didn't know if I would be to keep it or not. But I didn't let on to him I truly terrified and worried I was. I couldn't.

We walked down to The Reaping, my mother had a dead pan expression on her face, it was unreadable there was no sure fire way to decipher the emotion she was feeling. Once we got to the reaping ceremony, the boys and girls were separated; I joined the group of the girls, scanning all the faces for people that I knew, some of us gave each other sympathetic smiles- what more was there to do? In each of the sections, I saw fresh young faces of twelve year old children, who could very well be put into the arena to fight against other children.

I turned my head to face the stage, a tall woman, with bright blue hair shuffled onto it she was a product straight from the capitol her eyes, where as bright as her hair- obviously they too had been dyed. She was thin, very thin- her legs where the same width all the way up. Her eyes stuck out of her head, and she had a black crescent moon tattoo that arched around her right eye.

Sat on a chair on the stage next to the mayor, was a man, a balding man, who had a friendly face. This was Erwin Sikowitz- he seemed slightly insane but he had competed in The Hunger Games, not only had he competed he was the only person from District 12 to ever have won them- this man no matter how unstable he seemed, would be the tributes trainer. The woman with the blue hair tapped the microphone in front of her, and gave a welcome speech.

"Hello, and welcome to the beginning of the 74th annual Hunger Games. My name is Bernadette Peters" she was new; she wasn't the usual woman who did the reaping-she had been promoted to a bigger and better District. Her voice went through me, it was truly grating, high pitch and whiney. She then went on to show us the video that was shown to us annually. It was a sickening video. Yet at the end of it she did the same shuffle to the microphone as before, and had the biggest and brightest smile I had ever seen on her face.

"Shall we start then? Ladies first" she chimed, reaching her hand into the bowl; she twiddled the names around slightly, before pulling out a piece of paper. There was a moments silence as she opened the folded paper, the only thing that could be heard in that split second, were the birds tweeting, and the leaves on trees rustling.

"Jadelyn West!" I caught my breath, I could feel my heart beating against my rib cage, like it was trying to break out; I could feel the bile rising in my throat my whole body trembled. I stepped forwards, and walked onto the stage, where the woman stood smiling at me, idiotically. I glared at her, for no more than a second, before I turned my eyes to the crowd of people, most of the faces I recognised while I was up here; I looked out to the back of the crowd, and saw my mum and Taylor, gripping onto each other, tears in their eyes.

"And now for the boys" she was still smiling, she reached over and pulled the name out of the bowl, opened the paper, her nails catching on it "Robert Shapiro!" she called, my heart thudded again, I knew this boy, I knew this boy very well, we were close friends. He was a scrawny boy, fairly tall, he wore thick rimmed glasses, and his eyes were dark, they were like two lumps of coal stuck in his head, his hair was curly, and shaggy. Once he reached the stage, he stood on the other side of the overly enthusiastic woman "Shake hands you two come on" she put her hand on my back, and did the same with Robbie, gently pushing us closer, as we gripped each other's hand, I squeezed his. It felt the way Taylors had, cold and clammy.

We were whisked off into a small building known as 'The Justice Building', we had a separate room each, this is where we would wait for our friends and families to say good bye. They didn't have long with us, which I find appalling, for some of the tributes- twenty three of them to be exact, this will be the last time they see their friends and family. The room was small; there wasn't much in it, a small square table, a sofa, and a bin at the far end of the room it was placed right in the corner.

My mum and brother burst through the door, both of them wrapped their arms around me. I could feel my mum sobbing into my neck, her tears, rolling off my skin. And Taylor, he just clung to me leg, crying into my tights. "It'll be okay… You'll be okay" she whispered to me.

"How can you be sure" I whimpered, quiet, only just loud enough so that she could hear me "Twenty four mum, twenty four children" I put a huge amount of emphasis on the word children, because at the end of the day, that's what we were "And only one will come out" it was hard for me to not be pessimistic.

She swallowed hard, I heard her gulp, "You'll be fine" she repeated firmly, to me it seemed more like she was saying this to keep herself calm, like she didn't actually truly believe it, but it was evident that she wanted to. I bent down quickly and hugged Taylor.

He looked at me, his green eyes glossy with crying "I've told you everything will be fine, okay I promised you, and I keep my promises" I choked on my tears as I said this to him "I'll win it for you" I looked him in the eye and rephrased what I had just said "I'll try to win it for you". And with that, they were escorted out of the room, I was left alone again. The bile once again crept its way up my throat; I ran to the bin, releasing the vomit, it burned the back of my oesophagus; I sat crouched in front of the bin, breathing heavily.

The door was pulled open, and I was marched down to the car that would take me from the small room of the justice building to the train station- there it would be riddled with cameras, people filming us, letting the public see us, letting them get to know us. I wouldn't cry once I got there, I refuse to let them see me as a weak child from District 12.

Once we got to the train station, we have to stand to let the cameras soak everything up about us, like walking sponges. I try to keep my breathing steady, I look straight forward, not at the camera men and women, more like through them trying to ignore their existence. But it's hard as they call you, trying to get your attention, for their camera.

Once on the train, it speeds away, the initial velocity of the train makes me catch my breath; I had never experienced anything like it. We are shown to separate rooms, where we have our own beds, our own bath rooms with running water, both hot and cold, and the drawers are filled with clothes made of the finest materials. Bernadette tells me that I am to treat this room as I would my actual room back home, I can do what I want and wear what I want, everything is for me to use. But I have to be ready to eat supper within an hour.

I take a quick shower, letting the hot water run down my body, I soak everything up, the way the water feels, the way the soaps smell, I use the shower, like it will wash away what has happened, like it will make everything better, even though I know it won't.

I dress quickly, putting on a pair of trousers and a black shirt, I tie my hair up, Bernadette comes to collect me, to escort me down to supper I follow her down the long narrow corridor, to the dining room. Robbie sits at the table alone.

"Where is Erwin?" she demanded in her irritating voice. Robbie shrugs. She rolls her eyes and sits opposite him, while I take the seat next to him, giving him a friendly smile. Supper comes in courses; it's by far the finest food I have ever seen. We don't have things like this is District 12. There were thick soups, fresh salads, and amazing rich meats. I pile my plate high and eat quickly, not exactly tasting the food, I was just happy to be eating something other than the usual small bird. Bernadette chuckles, lightly; she seems nice- other than her enthusiasm towards the games.

Once supper is done, we are lead to another room where we watch the recap of the day; this will be shown throughout all of the districts, so that everyone gets a chance to see the other tributes.

It is just starting and we see the first tributes the ones from District 1; otherwise known as career tributes- these people live for The Hunger Games. The children are trained from a young age, and it is seen as a privilege to compete. The same goes for the tributes from 2 and 4

The woman on the stage for district one had bright green poker straight hair, and bright orange lips, that look like they belong on a trout, and her nose is thin. The way her face looks is obviously the product of plastic surgery, I can't believe in the capitol this is thought of as attractive.

She gives her welcome speech which is very close to the one Bernadette gave us. She dips her spindly fingers into the dish pulling out the first name "Caterina Valentine" even if you couldn't see the district she was from, with the sound of her name; you would know it was one of the rich ones.

A small girl makes her way onto the stage; she has bright red hair- obviously dyed- that flows down her head onto her shoulders in thick curls. She has big brown eyes and full lips, she's a pretty girl, no scratch that, she's beautiful; it was hard not to look at the screen when she was on it. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and Robbie seemed to be having the same problem.

She had a huge smile on her face, showing off a small dimple in her left cheek. She seemed truly happy to be there. She was young that much was obvious- maybe one of the youngest tributes to be picked from a career district, I was shocked to see that no one volunteered for her; it was the norm for the eighteen year olds to want to volunteer, so they could have the pride, but for this girl, no one offered to take her place.

The camera panning off of her was the only thing that stopped me looking at her, the woman put her hand in the dish full of the boy's names; "Beckett Oliver" she chimed, again his name was like hers it sounded rich, old fashioned. A tall boy with cinnamon coloured skin walked onto the stage, he had black hair, and brown eyes that shined, his clothes wrapped around his abs. He too stood smiling the two of them shook hands friendlily and they seemed to share a silent private joke.

They were two of the most attractive people I had ever seen, the way the stood, there smiles, everything about them was charismatic, and beautiful. The scene of District 1 was gone, and now we found ourselves looking at District 2. I couldn't get the tributes of District 1's faces out of my mind. But strangely, it was the girl who I had a stronger attraction to, the small girl, with the big brown eyes and the bright red hair, who had looked over her District with a great sense of pride.

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