Story Title: Bases Loaded – Future Take

By: JessAndTAT

Banner by: Stephenie Masen

Rating: M

Beta's: Savannavansmutsmuts and WeeKitty.

Disclaimer: All things Twilight Saga related belong to Stephenie Meyer, no copyright infringement is intended. All things within this storyline are the thoughts and writings of Jessica and Kasi, aka: JessAndTAT.

Summary: This is the future take for the multi chapter story Bases Loaded. Just a little glimpse into the future of our hot Baseballward, his much younger sexy wife Bella, and their now grown up son Aaron. AH/Rated M

Bases Loaded
Future Take

"Ladies and gentlemen, for many years the Cardinals were home to a player by the name of Edward Masen. He was a great player and after retiring he became our home game sportscaster. Again, Edward Masen has retired and decided to step out of the limelight. No worries though, he will not go far. Today is the debut of another Masen to the Cardinal lineup. I'm sure after seeing this kid play high school ball and then five full years playing college ball, he'll be a prize addition to our team. I predict this kid to be the rookie player of the year. Fresh out of UCLA, and back to his hometown, Aaron Masen is a rising star in Major League Baseball, and especially for the Cardinal's."

"I agree George, but don't go counting Edward Masen out so fast. I can't get anyone to confirm or deny this yet, but there was some noise filtering through some of the big shots in the organization. Rumor has it that Edward may be offered the job of coach to replace the late Harvey Hunter, who suddenly passed away last weekend."

"Well, Bill, that would certainly be an interesting development, to have a Masen on the bench and on the field at the same time. One, to call the shots, and one to fulfill them."

I click off the radio broadcast and watch the field, waiting for my boy to come out. I could never be more proud. All the times I sat in these stands watching the games. I spent a lot of time at this field and so did our son. He has had the love of baseball instilled in him since he was born. I have never been more of a proud parent as I am today.

I watch as my still sexy husband makes his way out to the pitching mound. He may be turning sixty-six this year, but he doesn't look a day over forty-five. "Ladies and Gentlemen, retired Cardinal, player and now retired broadcaster, Edward Masen, will be throwing out the first pitch," the announcer states. I smile seeing Edward in his old jersey. I stand up wearing another of his old jerseys. The styles are so different from 2010, then they are now, but Edward and I are wearing his old number, because it's the number our son will also be wearing.

I watch my husband throw the first pitch. The crowd goes crazy. He still has the body of a playing athlete, even the owners want him to come back and coach. We talked about it, and Edward is strongly considering it. We can both travel with the team if we so desire. With Aaron playing with the team now it would give us more chances to see him. I have missed my baby, and am glad he's back in our home state.

As the team does some last minute warm ups, I sit back and picture the first time Edward and Aaron played catch. I remember thinking that baseball was in his blood. At three years old our baby had a good throwing arm. I remember the pride that was seen for miles on Edward's face.

"What's making you smile like that?" Edward asks pulling me out of my musing.

"You, and our son. You have to take the coaching job. It makes sense and it will keep us close to our son. He has grown up so fast and this part of his life is so important. I want to be at every game ..."

"Hey," he says interrupting my babbling. "I already said I would."

"When?" I ask with a laugh.

"Right before the first pitch. They need someone soon. With Harvey passing so sudden, it was take it or leave it," he says as I nod. "We'll be holding a press conference in the morning, where it will be officially announced. However, I am telling the family at the party after the game."

"Well, I'm glad you did," I tell him kissing his lips. "I can't wait to see the look on our son's face, when he realizes that we'll be traveling with him."

"He's missed you as much as you've missed him. He is a huge momma's boy, after all."

"He is a momma's boy, but he's one of the toughest momma's boys I've ever seen. Not to mention he's super good looking in that baseball uniform, just like his sexy ass daddy was."

"Hey now, as a coach I'll be wearing a uniform again, so get used to it. I'm bringing sexy back, baby!"

I laugh and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. We only break our kiss, when we are interrupted by an invasion of our space.

"They're crazy and so embarrassing! I'm never hanging out with them again," Landon says sitting next to us.

"What did they do this time?" Edward asks as I chuckle. My sisters were crazy, so who knew what they were going to do.

"I was talking to this chick and Char comes up to me to tell me she met this guy," he says shaking his head. "The guy was the girls' father!"

I bust up laughing and Edward covers his face with his hands.

"The worst part of all of it, Char asked the girl if it was cool if she was her new step-mommy!"

"I'm sure she was joking," I say with a laugh.

"I was not joking, Sissy, the guy is hot," Char says sitting next to me.

"You're crazy," Landon says looking away from her.

"Did you at least get his number?" I ask being nosy.

"Bella, don't encourage her," Edward says as I roll my eyes.

"I gave him mine, you know I don't chase," Char says as Lilli walks in.

"Alec said Aaron is really nervous," Lilli says sitting next to Landon. Lilli met Alec a few years ago. She was a little mini me. Alec was the short stop player and the two of them were so in love. The two of them reminded me of Edward and me.

"He is nervous, but he's going to do great," Edward says as I quickly agree.

I watch in awe as the game unfolds. My baby boy does amazing! Being a rookie starter he is off to setting a good record already. With one homerun, and five RBIs while up to bat four times, Aaron is already setting standards high. They win the game and Aaron's smile lights up the whole stadium.

After the game, Edward and I head to the big party we have planned to celebrate our son's first major league game, it's even better since the team won. When we get there, several of the big wigs are there, but we've been friends now for ages, and I know it's going to be a good night.

"Mom?" I hear Aaron ask from behind me. I turn around to see my baby boy with a pretty brunette next to him and for some reason I feel like I've met her before.

"Hey, sweetie, having fun," I ask as he nods nervously.

"I am, this is great, where's Dad?" I look around the large room, until I find Edward waving him over. My husband's smile is huge as he hugs our boy. One thing Aaron has never shied away from was our affection. There was this one time when he was fifteen, but we hugged that out of him.

"You did great and I am so proud of you!" Edward says kissing his forehead.

"Thanks," Aaron says nonchalantly wiping Edward's kiss off his forehead. "Mom, Dad, this is Kaycee. Do you remember her?" he asks as I try to think where I know this girl.

"You're Roger's daughter?" Edward asks as it clicks. Roger the team doctor?

"Oh, yeah, I thought you looked familiar," I say with a big smile as she nods. I move over to her and give the pretty girl a hug.

"She's my girlfriend!" Aaron blurts out. All I can do is stand there and stare. My little boy has never had a girlfriend that I had ever met. My baby has a girlfriend!

"Like father, like son!" Edward cheers. I think he was buzzing a little bit, I mean, our baby has a girlfriend!

"Mom, are you okay?"

"Ask me when I finish this drink," I tell him taking a big pull of my beer. "You have a girlfriend?"

"I do."

"You've never had a girlfriend before."

"I have, but none of them were special," he says making me awe.

"Well, Kaycee, why don't you come sit and talk with me," I say as Aaron lets out a sigh of relief. I sit and talk with her for quite a while, while our guys wander around. Kaycee is really sweet, and it looks like I will be having a seat mate when we watch games.

I smile as Edward taps on his glass to get everyone's attention. Kaycee and I go and stand beside our guys.

"I'd like to say a few things now. First of all, thanks to my wonderful wife for arranging this wonderful party. Aaron, son, we're so incredibly proud of you. If you keep playing the way you did today, you'll have a very long career in the major leagues. I want to thank the Cardinal's association, for the chances they have given me all through my career in baseball. Oh, and Aaron, I'm glad you know how to listen to your old man, because not only am I your father, but now I'm your coach too."

Everyone has varied responses, but overall the teammates are ribbing Aaron. I'm proud of my son and my husband. I'm excited to be able to relax and travel again with the team. I smile as Esme comes over and hugs me.

"Are you happy about this Bella?"

"Yeah, I'll get to see Aaron play all of his games, and for me that makes the travel all worth it. Plus, I'll have Kaycee to keep me company while we travel and the guys are busy. Watching Aaron reminds me so much of when I was younger and watched Edward play."

"Yeah, he is so much like his father."

"Yeah, they still fight over time with me."

"Well, he'll have his own woman, because your mine," Edward growls into my ear after putting his arms around me.

"I'm glad he does," I say pointing to our son who is cuddling awfully close to Kaycee.

"She sure is a beauty," Esme says.

"She is," Edward and I say together.

"So are you okay with traveling?" Esme asks, as Edward watches the interactions of our son closely.

"Esme, I'm going to miss seeing you while we travel, but yes I'm ready to hit the open road again," I tell her.

"Yeah, I'll miss you too, Sis," Edward says hugging Esme.

"Well, don't worry I'm sure that I'll call you now and again to tell you how messed up you're doing things."

"Thanks, I think," he deadpans.

"Don't mention it," she says poking him. I love seeing the banter they share. Esme walks away and hugs into the side of my dad, who is talking to one of the owners.

"So, you're okay with Aaron and Kaycee, huh?"

"Sure, why not, she is of age right?"

"Yes, dear, Kaycee is actually three months older than Aaron."

"Well, then it's all good, as long as they don't go making us grandparents anytime soon."

"Silly girl, I love you and you'll make one hot ass sexy grandma."

"Speak for yourself, gramps," I say before leaning in and sucking his bottom lip. Edward's returning kiss, as always, knocks all common sense from me.

I have a great life and a great love. Life has been wonderful for us all, and time has been good to us as well. Meeting and falling in love with Edward was my destiny, and now I get to watch my son's future unfold in the same kind of way. If you'd told me all those years ago, when that scared teenaged girl got on the plane to spend her first summer with her dad, that she'd end up with all of this … I'd have told you that you're crazy.

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