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Artemis stretched her arms over her head, flipping her hand to the cheerful Megan as she passed. The Martian was all but sitting in the clones lap, feeling much bolder given the fact that the adults, being Superman and Canary, checked in not half as frequently as they would have at their old cave and they no longer had Red looking over their shoulder. She snatched the box of cereal from in front of the ginger haired male who appeared to be on his fourth or fifth bowl. "I thought Sparrow told you to take it easy on the food!" he accused.

"I am!" He defended. She leaned forward, one hand on the table, shaking the mostly empty cardboard box and raised an eyebrow at him. "I need food to recharge!" He defended again. "And you like me when I'm fully charged." Wally winked, giving the blonde a sly smirk to which she rolled her eyes, placing what little cereal remaining on the table in front of her.

Artemis took a look around. Megan making goo goo eyes at Conner, check. Kaldur brooding over some writing, mission related or not, didn't matter, check. Wally stuffing his face. Check. "Where's our resident nest makers?" She said referring to the two bat brats that had taken most of the responsibility in forging this new, independent team, free from League rules.

The others looked up as if just realizing, searching the kitchen. Usually the two birds were up long before any of them knew the sun to be up. Kaldur even put down his papers. "I guess they slept in. They must be tired from all the equipment set up and building. We should let them sleep." He mused.

Artemis eyes narrowed and she pushed herself from the crudely carved 'counter' she was leaning against. "I'm going to go check on them." She rolled her eyes at the look she received from the Atlantian. "If they're asleep I'll let them be." She promised. "I just wanna make sure Daddy Bats didn't manage to find us during the night or something." She called over her shoulder as she walked out of the crudely formed kitchen.

Artemis started with all the usual places. She checked the computers, the 'training' area, though that was quite bare even without anyone in it. She checked the transportation room. Sparrow had been tinkering in there for some time. All had come up empty of both birds. The further she delved into the cave, the more anxiety built in her, the more her heart began to speed, despite her attempt to calm it. This was not like them..

"Rob.." She called, just the slightest bit of fear tinging her voice as she pushed at the wooden door leading to his room. Something so nice, so simple in comparison to mount Justice with its complicated locking mechanisms. She peered her head inside, taking in the still form under the blankets of the bed. Her breath was caught in her throat as she waited for some form of movement

It escaped her in a soft sigh when there was a twitch at the foot of the bed, a foot sliding across the sheets and poking from under the covers.. The small smile that had crept to her face fell to a frown, her brow furrowing when a second foot popped out next to the first. That was definitely another right foot. Two right feet? Rob may be a bit odd but that was crazy.. Her eyes traveled up. There was definitely a dip between the two lumps in the comforter. And that was definitely bare skin she was.. Yup.. definitely a lack of clothing..

Her mind slammed on the breaks. She stood, half inside the little Robins room, staring at two bodies that were very much naked under there.. and the only two missing.. Reality hit her like an 18 wheeler, sucking the breath from her lungs. With as soft a swallow as she could get she lowly retreated from the room, thankful her words hadn't roused the mini Bats. She breathed for a moment outside his door, eyes darting from side to side as she thought. A smile slowly broke her lips and she confidently took a step forward, headed for the others.

Everyone looked up when she entered.

"You find Rob?" Wally asked around a mouthful of food. "What'd he say?"

Artemis sat with a smirk, reaching for some cereal, what very little Wally had left them. "They're sleeping in today. Lets not bother them. With everything they've been doing to help this team I think they've earned a little relaxation time.." She couldn't care less at their suspicious looks.


The steady beat, a smooth, relaxed rhythm under her ear. That thick beating muscle drew the sleep from her eyes as they squinted into wakefulness. The haze of sleep slowly lifted like a veil. Though her limbs were numb and heavy, her fingers were warm and tingling against the expanse of skin it lay against, the firm contours of hard earned muscles just beneath. Her eyes darted, brows furrowing in thought before she lifted her head weakly, tiredly to look into the face of the older teen that lay beneath her.

Her heart clenched, her stomach was alight with butterflies and her pulse slowly began to race. A bright red flooded her cheeks. It hadn't been a dream. As she looked down, a shift beneath the covers revealed just how much that oddly distant feeling of the nights activities had happened, if only for the wince of discomfort she felt, legs sore, low abdomen with an odd tenderness, as if her insides had indeed shifted..

"I'm sorry.."

She turned slowly to see Dick looking at her with guilty eyes, felt his foot twitch in his nervous state, something he never would rid himself of. Gently she lifted herself from half covering his body, pulling the comforter to cover herself as she moved, half supported by his overly gentle hand. He handle her like some antique china doll that would shatter. She could not believe how that thought made her world light, made her heart flutter and dance within her chest. Had it been anyone else, she'd have broken their fingers, just for thinking so little of her. But here, under his gaze, she was happy to be so delicate, to surrender.

"I shouldn't.. have.." Dick took a hard swallow

"I'm glad it was you." Dani interjected, holding the thinned comforter to her chest with hands, eyes downcast and away from the male occupying the bed with her. Her mind was inwards searching through the muddled thoughts and emotions that lay hidden at the bottom of the well. All those times she'd watched Dick, watched Nightwing, gliding over buildings. She'd always thought herself envious of his lithe form, the muscles and strength hiding behind taut skin. His skill, his talents. Now she was confused. Had it been more? Had her admiration of her brother merely been some cover up for some perverse longing? Was there a deep desire hiding in the heart of her soul she'd covered with the title of 'family' and denied to even herself just as she was trained

"But.." Dick fell silent for a minute. She seemed so lost in her own thoughts. "It hurt you.." He finally said in offering.

Her features softened as she was drawn from her own mind. "I can't think of another boy my age who'd have been in as much control as you Dick. I could have been much worse off..." She trailed off at the end. The room fell into silence for several tense moments before Dani peered sideways at her brother. "Besides.. it wasn't that bad.."

At first Dick was taken back by her words but quickly caught the small smirk on her lips and could not help the one that formed on his own. "It wasn't too bad for me either." He chuckled and she let out a soft laugh herself, both trailing off into a much less tense silence this time. He fidgeted. "I think.." He started. "Maybe we should.. I mean I was thinking I should ask..."

"No." Came her quick, confident yet odly gentle answer to the unasked question. She swallowed, clearly fighting to get the words out of her own throat, beating down the fluttering wings in her stomach. Her face was sad when she looked to him, her eyes averting some, unable to look him in the eye. Had he shown his heart so plainly.

"I don't know where this is going but don't you dare ask me out Dick.." She warned softly, with just a slight chuckle at the end. "If we go any further.. it'll be because.. because you want you.. because we should.. and not as some requirement, some damage control to last night.." She finally turned to look into her brothers eyes. "When you speak those words to me.. I want to know you mean them.."There was just a slightest shimmer of moisture.

"I understand.." Dick said softly.

"Until then.. can I have a kiss?" She questioned softly. Her answer was a soft caress from a calloused thumb brushing the unshed tear from her lower eyelash, lips gently, softly and hesitantly touching hers in an exploring kiss, free of demands, free off the fire that had dominated so harshly. Something much softer, much less a desperate need and yet more than enough to cause her heart to pound, blood to rush and body to shiver in all the ways she'd never before experienced.