Lover Hidden

Kay so as some people know that I already posted this story but they took it down on, and I can't quote this but apparently I used lyrics in my story that they thought I plagiarized or something. But I never used lyrics or any songs in my story. So I don't know why the site would take down my story. If anybody who actually read my story has any idea why it was taken down then please share.

I'm going to look it over and make sure I don't have anything in it that I would think would be plagiarizing and then I'm going to post it again. If it gets taken down again then I'm not going to try after that.

I think it was an alright story, maybe not a fantastic one but it was also one of the first ones I posted on this site. So In a few days I will re-post the whole story. I hope that it doesn't get taken down again.