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Chapter 8 Wizard's POV

Wizard sighed, frustrated.

It was almost time.

He would have to leave Phury behind soon. Wizard had reached that conclusion while he had been trying to lose his hunger in the abyss of sleep. He would have to find a new host with a lot more misery and pain for him to feed off of. And if he couldn't find a host with pain... well, he would just have to make one.

He wasn't proud of it but it was a necessity. He had destroyed good men, made them a victim to their misery. Maybe he envied them. Envied their lives, living as he used to. Maybe he wanted to make them pay in his own way, he had had a life like theirs but he had wasted it. Not enjoying every moment of freedom like he should have.

Phury had been a good man too. All golden smiles and joy to others. Wizard had felt a small nugget of hatred curl inside of him. He wanted to ruin the man Phury had been. He had made quick work of bringing to light all of Phury's insecurities and weaknesses. And Phury had made it all too easy for him. Not rejecting him, letting him roam in his mind like an old friend.

But now he was going to die if he stayed here. He couldn't keep feeding off the meager supply of food he got from Phury. He didn't want to though.

He felt attached to Phury somehow. It wasn't like he would go out drinking with the guy or anything but if shit went down, Phury would be the guy he would want at his back.

It was a complicated relationship he had with his hosts. Wizard knew that every one of his hosts both previous and currently hated him with a passion. And he couldn't help that. He needed pain to survive and he needed hosts to get it

Wizard was never one to hate easily, except when it came to his love's family.

Wizard calmed some. Thinking about his precious Lydia always calmed him. Even in the worst rages he would be able to think of her and the anger would just vanish. She was his light in the darkness of his world. The same as Cormia was for Phury. It sometimes hurt for Wizard to look at Cormia through Phury's eyes. All he could picture was his Lydia and the pain she went through.

He wondered where she was now…

Probably still in her father's castle. Locked up somewhere.

Wizard felt disgust welling in him.

He needed to be moving.

He got up of the ground and ventured into his new domain.

The flowery bushes were pretty to look at and he knew Lydia would love them if she got the chance to see. But this was not a land for her to venture. She would have to settle for the flowers in the corporeal world.

He sighed

His life was so depressing now, without his life.

There we are, a very short chapter, yes I'm disappointed with myself too. But I plan to write another one really soon.