This is the eighth story in my series.

DISCLAIMER: I own not a damn thing about the Supernatural world. I'm just playing in their sandbox.

This is my take on the episode 'It's a Terrible Life'.

***The Road So Far…***

"Holy crap, dude," Dean Smith says with shock over what they've just witnessed as he and Sam Wesson enter his upscale, high-rise condo. The place is huge, well furnished, and quite spotless. Sam looks around quickly, recognizing that the dwelling in front of him is heads and tails nicer than his excuse for an apartment. His place is more like a closet. Dean's place is practically a museum.

"Yeah," Sam agrees with equal shock. "I could use a beer."

"Oh, sorry, man," Dean apologizes to his guest as he grabs more of his disgusting concoction from the refrigerator. "I'm on the cleanse. I got rid of all the carbs in the house."

"Except for the ones I hid around the kitchen!" a voice calls out from down the hallway off the living room. A woman walks into the room and smiles over at the two of them. She has her hair up in a neat, clean bun and she's wearing an oversized, white cable knit sweater with comfortable looking black sweatpants. "Hi honey," she smiles to Dean kindly as she makes her way over to him, pressing a hand to her back all the while.

"Hi sweetheart," Dean returns and kisses her on the lips sweetly. "And hi to you too, baby doll." He runs his hand over her very pregnant stomach as he beams with pride.

"This one picked a hell of a time to go on a diet," she jokes to Sam as Dean wraps an arm around her shoulders, her hand patting his chest and giving Sam a look at her massive diamond ring paired with a diamond inlaid wedding band. "Right now, all I want is carbs. And ice cream. And chips…"

"And the whole freakin' grocery store if you could," Dean remarks, his hand smoothing over her stomach again. "Liz, this is Sam Wesson. He works at Sandover with me. Sam, my wife Elizabeth."

"Just call me Liz," she grins as she shakes Sam's hand. "And I may not have any beers to offer because the health Nazi dumped them all but I did stash away some very good, 16 year old Lagavulin if you'd like me to get you a glass."

Sam returns the smile with the kind gesture. "I would love that." Booze sounded great after the day he's had so far.

"I gotcha covered," she winks and starts to head for the kitchen, her hand once more holding her lower back.

"You're back hurting you again?" Dean questions her as she goes.

"Yeah," Liz answers as she waves a hand in the air. "It's fine."

"I still say you should quit for a while," he calls out to her.

"Never gonna happen and you know it!"

Sam looks at Dean funny and he explains. "She's an interior decorator. Just got a new job out here and she already loves it so damn much she refuses to go on leave at seven months pregnant. Says she's gonna work until the last second. She's making me nuts."

"Sounds stubborn," Sam huffs with a smile. Something about the woman was just so comforting. She seemed really nice to him.

"You have no idea," Dean answers back with honesty.

"Hey," Sam begins as he checks that Liz is out of earshot. "How the hell did you know that ghosts are scared of wrenches?"

"Crazy, right?" Dean's eyes light up once Sam gets them on the topic he's dying to talk about. "And nice job kicking in that door, too. That was very Jet Li. What are you ... like, a black belt or something?"

"No. I have no clue how I did that. It's like... we've done this before."

"Done what before?" Liz questions as she walks to the two of them and hands Sam his drink.

"Nothing, honey," Dean grins and kisses her cheek. "Sam and I just need to go over some work stuff."

Narrowed eyes looking up at him, she isn't going for it. "You do know you're the worst liar on Earth, right?"

"Look, we just had a really weird day," Sam tries to help Dean out. The sooner they can shake her the sooner they can discuss whatever it is that's going on at their workplace.

"Weird how?" Liz wonders and neither answers, though they both try.

Dean just rolls his eyes. "Unexplainable weird, ok?" he sighs, knowing her reaction will be ridiculous.

Liz's eyes light up immediately. "What did you see!?"

"Liz, don't start with this…" Dean begins but gets cut off.

"Was it a ghost!?" she lights up, jaw dropped and excitement clear in her eyes.

"Wait," Sam cuts in as she shakes his head in disbelief. "You know about ghosts?"

"That they exist, yeah!" she cheers. "My sister and I saw one when we were little. The house across the street from us was haunted."

"She claims that she and Lou saw something when they were like eight," Dean tells Sam. "But they were just kids and…"

"And are you about to tell me you don't believe me now that you saw something yourself?" Liz happily says with more excitement than she's had since she found out they were pregnant. She looks to Sam to explain. "Lou-Lou and I…"

"Whoa," Sam blinks rapidly all of a sudden when he hears Liz say the name Lou-Lou.

"What?" Dean questions, oddly worried about the man.

"Just déjà vu or something," Sam answers with confusion on his face, his mind flashing through scenes of Liz and another woman hugging, then yelling at each other, and then finally laughing while sitting in the back of an old car together. Liz was clear as day, the other woman was a little fuzzy. "It's like I should be familiar with this but I know I shouldn't be."

"That's really weird," Dean calls out despite feeling the exact same way.

"I just can't shake this feeling like I... like I don't belong here, you know what I mean? Like something is off about this. And I'm not just talking about here right now. I'm talking about my life, like I should do something more than sit in a cubicle."

"I think most people who work in a cubicle feel that same way," Dean remarks in a conceited way.

"Be nice," Liz says soothingly to him as she rubs a hand over his arm.

"No," Sam continues. "Well, look, it's more than that. Like, like I don't like my job. I don't like this town."

"Join the club," quips Liz under her breath. She moved here for Dean and his promotion and honestly she'd rather live somewhere quieter, in a house, near her sister.

"Seriously. I don't like my clothes. I don't even like my own last name. I... I don't know how else to explain it, except that it feels like I should be doing something else. There's just something in my blood. Like I was destined for something different." Sam looks to Dean with a puzzled look. "What about you? You ever feel that way?"

"I don't believe in destiny," Dean explains quickly. "I do believe in dealing with what's right in front of us, though."

"All right," Sam says. "So, what do we do now?"

"We do what I do best, Sammy," Dean grins. "Research."

"I'm calling Lou," Liz gets excited. "She's supposed to get here soon anyways. She's going to love this!" She heads back down the hallway to make her call.

"She and her sister are freakin' inseparable," Dean laments. "We moved here three weeks ago and they're already dying without each other so much that she's visiting for the weekend. It's ridiculous."

"Okay," Sam hesitantly says before turning to Dean with a look of curiosity. "Uh, did you just call me Sammy?"

"Did I?"

"I think you did, yeah," Sam tells him. "Don't."


"Lou-Lou!" Liz shouts her joy as she answers the door.

"Liz!" the petite blond woman on the other side yells just as loudly before the two hug each other tightly. They act as if they hadn't seen each other in years. "Holy shit," Lou says as she pulls away from her sister and places a hand to each side of her stomach. "You're like a fucking house!"

"Wow, thanks," Liz sarcastically answers back.

"Admit it," Lou says while leaning down to be eye level with her sister's belly. "You know you're bigger than when I last saw you. Hi baby girl!" Lou kisses Liz's stomach through her shirt. "You miss me already, don't you?"

"She missed you tons," Liz jests as she pulls Lou up by the shoulders of her tan leather bomber jacket and speaks quietly to her. "So the guy that's here, Sam… go easy on him, ok?"

Lou's eyes widen and sparkle a bright blue with Liz's request. "He's that hot, huh?"

"Yeah, he's definitely your type," Liz says with a smile and an eye roll. "But just remember Dean has to work with this guy after today. Behave."

"Screw Dean," Lou dismisses as she walks past Liz, her packed overnight bag in hand. Walking into the living room she sees the two men sitting on the sectional couch.

"Hi Lou," Dean cordially greets without much excitement attached.

"Hey DB," Lou says back without much emotion.

"Would you stop with the names?" Liz asks of her sister, seriously disliking the nickname Douche Bag she's put on the man she loves. She continues to try and keep the peace, never letting herself get too angry with either of them.

Sam turns his head around to look at the new comer and feels a slight flutter when he does. Time to put on his best smile for this one. "Hi," he says while standing up and walking around to properly introduce himself. "Sam Wesson." He holds his hand out to the very attractive woman that just joined them.

"Lou Barker," she grins up to his very tall height while shaking his hand. "Mm. Damn. You know yellow is my favorite color." Her comment isn't lost on him as he's fully aware of his bright yellow work polo he's wearing.

"Down girl," Liz laughs as she walks past Lou, a hand on her shoulder a she does.

"So you work with Dean?" Lou asks while doing her best not to run her eyes over his body as badly as she wants to. She can already tell he's a little shy so she has to reel it back a bit… but just a bit.

"Yeah." Sam flashes a wider smile at her. Damn, she's cute.

"I'm so sorry," she laughs.

"Oh, come on," Dean calls over to her. "You just got here. Give it like five minutes."

"Shut up," Lou unceremoniously calls over to him before returning to Sam. "So I hear you got a sudden intro into ghosts 101."

"I think so," Sam answers. She seemed so damn familiar but he can't place why. "Um, have we met before?"

"Trust me, Sammy-Boy," Lou grins to him while running a hand over his chest. "I'd remember you."

Sam huffs with her boldness as Lou walks into the kitchen. After the sounds of rummaging through the refrigerator can be heard, Lou slams the door of it shut in frustration.

"Where the fuck is all the beer!?" she shouts out to the group while heading back into the living room and looking at Dean. "Don't tell me you're doing the girly diet thing again, are you?"

"Stop being so jealous over how much better I look than you," Dean offhandedly comments while never looking up from his laptop on the couch. "Oh, jackpot!"

"What you got?" Sam asks with excitement as he takes a seat on one side of Dean, Liz on his other.

"I just found the best site ever," Dean explains as Lou stands behind the couch and looks over Dean's shoulder. "Real, actual ghost hunters. These guys are genius. Check it out."

"That's him," Sam points to the computer screen as he's standing over Lou's shoulder and she's sitting at the dining room table. "That's the ghost."

"P.T. Sandover," Lou reads off the screen while shrugging out of her jacket, revealing her Led Zeppelin t-shirt. "Died 1916. Devoted his life to his work. Sounds like someone I know…"

"Shut it," Dean says from the couch while looking at his own computer, Liz still sitting next to him. As he searches online with one hand on the mouse he has the other resting on her stomach, something he's done constantly and absentmindedly since they found out she was having their child six months before. Some weirdo protective thing in him kicked in that day.

"No wife, no kids," Lou continues. "Used to say he was the company and his very blood pumped through the building."

"Wow. Okay. So, slight workaholic," Dean comments. "Maybe he's still here, you know, watching over the company ... even killing for it."

"Plus, turns out this isn't the first time people started killing themselves in the building. Also happened in 1929," Sam comments while leaning forward over Lou's shoulder and dropping his hand over hers to use her mouse. He scrolls down the webpage as Lou smirks to herself. She could so easily get this guy is she wanted to. She just knows it.

"Yeah, but I bet a lot of guys jumped off of lots of high-rises that year," Liz adds in as she looks over to Sam.

"How many companies had 17 suicides?"

"Crap," Liz says with surprise. "That is a big number."

"Okay, so, P.T. Sandover... protector of the company," Dean starts to rationalize. "His ghost wakes up and becomes active during times of grave economic distress."

"Well, I mean, the worst time this country's seen since the great depression..." Lou starts.

"Is now," Sam finishes her sentence.

"Yeah, now sucks," Dean thoughtfully says. "My portfolio's in the sewer. I don't even want to talk about it."

"Because money is everything after all," Lou comments under her breath, eliciting a quiet laugh from Sam as he hovers over her.

"So, Sandover's helping the bottom line..." Sam reasons.

"By zapping some model employees," Dean rides his same current of thought.

"Yeah. I mean, Ian and Paul... " Sam makes a hurt expression at the thought of them. "It was like he turned them into different people."

"Perfect worker bees ... exactly." Dean nods his head at the idea. "So devoted to the company that they would commit hara-kiri if they failed it."

"One more interesting fact: the building wasn't always as high as it is now," Lou pipes in while scrolling through the structure's history she just pulled up. "Used to be only 14 floors and didn't you say that the attack was in room 1444"

"Yes," Sam answers.

"Well once upon a time, that was the old man's office," Lou tells him while craning her head up to look at the man standing behind her.

"Not bad," Sam similes down to her, a hand resting on her shoulder and complimenting her ability to find that information.

"Right back at you, big boy," Lou winks before looking back at the screen

"Where do we even get a gun?" Dean asks aloud to the group after the Ghostfaces instructional video suggests they use a shotgun with salt shells.

"Gun store?" Sam suggests.

"You get one nowhere!" Liz sternly says while pointing at her husband threateningly. "You're not getting a gun."

"Liz, it's just for…"

"It's just for nothing, honey." Liz shakes her head no. "I will not have the father of my unborn child running around his office with a fucking… freaking… gun. Guns make me nervous."

"What, you don't swear anymore?" Lou questions with a smirk. "Is that possible?"

"Trying not to," Liz explains. "Don't need my little girl's first word to be fuck."

"That'd be one hell of a first parent teacher conference when she gets older," Sam grins.

"Ha! You're funny. I think I like you," Lou laughs, making Sam look down at his shoes with embarrassment.

"Plus, isn't there, like, some kind of waiting period or something?" Dean adds in, still trying to figure out how to get his hands on the weapon they could really use. A gun sounded fun for some reason, even if he's never considered getting one before now.

"Thank God for that," Liz remarks while glaring at her husband. "You bring a gun in here, I'll kill you."

"And you think guns are dangerous?" Dean quips while giving her a forced smile, one she returns right back to him.

"Well alright," Lou excitedly says to the two men as they prepare to head out, Dean's gym bag packed with miscellaneous items that will help them go after the ghost in their workplace. "I'm ready to do this." She claps her hands and rubs them together, ready for some fun.

Sam smiles at her excitement but Dean's reaction is completely different.

"You're not coming with us," Dean plainly tells her.

"Fuck you dude," Lou says back to him in a calm-ish demeanor, as if she doesn't believe him. Plus, it's probably better if she's not a raving bitch in front of the hot guy she just met, right? "I am so going."

"Nope," Dean denies her quickly. "Sam and I got this. You just drove like nine hours to visit Liz so visit her. We'll be back later tonight."

"I swear you're just trying to make me hate you more, aren't you," Lou asks Dean as he and Sam head out the door of the condo.

"Well, that's just not possible, Louise," Dean says to her with a shit-eating-grin.

"Don't call me that," Lou grumbles angrily to him.

"Be safe, huh?" Liz requests of Dean as he leans down to kiss her before he leaves.

"Of course," Dean smiles to her.

"I love you," Liz reminds him as he heads for the door.

"You too," he quickly returns before pointing at Lou. "Don't brainwash her too much while I'm gone."

"You know I'll do my best!" Lou shouts to him as he disappears out the door. Sam turns back to look at her, sharing an apologetic smile, before following Dean out.

"You two are gonna be the end of me, you know that?" Liz complains to Lou as she drops down onto the couch, her feet propped on the coffee table and hands resting on her protruding stomach. She spins the large diamond ring around her finger out of nervous habit. "You have to start liking each other soon. I can't keep doing this."

"Aw, Liz, it's love-hate. You know that," Lou says to her sister as she sits down next to her on the couch, her head resting on Liz's baby bump.

"Feels pretty hate-hate to me," Liz complains. "He's a good guy. A really good guy. He's caring and so sweet. You know I wouldn't have married him if he wasn't."

"Yeah…" Lou trails off

"And you know how I feel about him."

"Yeah, yeah," Lou exasperates. "True love, love at first sight, angels singing, puke suddenly on my shoes… Ah! I love that." She smiles bright as she feels the baby move under her cheek. She has such love for the child she's yet to meet. Maybe she did believe in love at first sight… or kick.

"She's just showing off because she knows you're here." Liz sighs. "So, you're gonna come back up here when she's born right?"

"Liz, I wouldn't miss that for the world," Lou answers as she sits up. "Hell, I'm moving in when that happens."

"Dean will be so excited," Liz laughs at the idea. "You better be nice if you do or else I'll be the one to kick you out!"

"I promise to do what I can," Lou tells her with all honesty. "And I'm staying here for at least a month once little Louise is born."

"She's not gonna be named Louise," Liz laughs once more. "Even you hate that name."

"Yeah, I do," Lou smiles right back. "But I have to come here when she's born. Dean's always at work. Who's gonna help you at first?"

"Actually, Dean already put in for two weeks of vacation for when the baby comes," Liz informs her sister, making Lou look at her with huge surprise.

"No shit."

"Yes shit," Liz laughs. "He also read a couple baby books all on his own, went to Lamaze with me, oh and he bought the cutest little Yankees onesie…"

"He's letting you raise the kid as a Yankees fan!?" Lou asks with bugged out eyes.

"Yes," Liz smiles with utter pride in herself.

"He hates the Yankees."

"And he knows I'm a diehard," Liz beams with happiness. "See. He's pretty damn awesome isn't he?"

"He's not bad," Lou admits through her stubbornness. "Even if he did take you miles and miles away from me." She grabs the remote off the coffee table and turns on the large, flat screen TV.

"Trust me, he's gonna be a wonderful dad," Liz promises her sister. "When you see him with the baby you'll love him as much as I do."

"God, you're practically a greeting card right now," Lou complains while flipping the channels. "I'm still staying for a month though, heads up."

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh hell yeah," Lou says with a slick look. Liz looks at her with sheer curiosity. "I stole Sam's phone when he wasn't looking."

"No you didn't," Liz cracks up with the news.

"Of course I did!" she nudges Liz with her elbow. "I put my number in there and then I stole his number and put it in mine. I'm calling him tomorrow."

"Sneaky little slut," Liz cracks up at her sister's boldness.

"Dude! That man is finer than fine!" Lou smiles wide. "I just hope he can handle me!"