Hiya everyone! I'm not dead! Just wanted to post this before I go back to school tomorrow - Woop! This is the sequel to The Lonely Path (my other fanfic), so there will be references to that in here. This lifts off just before TLP left, and this is just after the ship sank.
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So kick back, chill out, and enjoy the rivalry between Lara and Kurtis!
I own nothing but the storyline, everything else (Lara Croft, etc.) belongs to Core Design, Eidos, and Crystal Dynamics. Happy days!

The Cursed Innocent


I looked around me. All I could see was darkness. A suffocating darkness, which no amount of oxygen would ever resolve. I felt as if I was standing in a deep, dark abyss, from which I was convinced I would never return. Time passed by. I grew more anxious with every passing minute. Time continued to tick by… tick… tick… tick. I felt as if I was being drawn into a world, a world as fiery as Hell. It couldn't be Hell though, for it seemed too cold. Surely I was dead.

But no. A speck of light awakened me from my daunting nightmare. The burning in my lungs screamed for air; air was all I could think about. I kicked my dead legs up. That's all I thought I could do. I gasped for air, choking, spluttering on the water as I surfaced. I felt as if I was going to be sucked back under, but in the distance I spotted an island. I drew in a deep breath and swam, using the last of my energy. I swam even though my muscles begged for mercy. I should be dead, I thought. I should've been dead years ago. I should have drowned. But I knew He was waiting for me. He willed me to stay alive.

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