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Ichigo stared up imploringly at the blue haired bully, blinking away tears as he knelt on the concrete, shirt ripped, dirty and wet, unruly hair thick with mud and the small face and arms covered in sore, reddening marks and small scratches.

"What the fuck you lookin' at, you little fucker?" Grimmjow delivered a well-aimed kick to the smaller boy's side, effectively knocking him into the large puddle he had originally been thrown into to.

He flailed as the bully placed his foot on his little neck, forcing his face into the grotty rain water, choking as he gasped, water forcing its way up his throat. He could taste dirt and grit. His face hurt and his back hurt but most of all, he was having trouble breathing because every time he inhaled, water came coursing up his nostrils, burning them.

He cried out uselessly, trying to pick himself up as he felt the tears begin to fall, mixing with the water. Leave me alone, he thought. Leave me alone!

The boy removed his leg before leaning down, roughly grabbing lengths of short, orange hair and tugging him up. "I hate you. You know that?"

Ichigo whimpered a little, knowing those words to be true. He didn't know what he'd done to anger the bigger boy, but he had begun to bully him almost as soon as he'd laid eyes on him-and he bullied him with a passion and a hate so ferocious, Ichigo didn't know what to do.

Grimmjow growled at him as he stared into his eyes, the feral, cobalt orbs flicking between his, searching. Then suddenly he thrust him away, bodily shoving him back towards the puddle.

Ichigo's head hit the pavement with a thud and he felt pain zap through his body. Sniffling, he lifted himself up, eyes turning to the bully in confusion and pain. Why? He wished he could voice the question, but he was so scared.

Why me?

"Stop fuckin' lookin' at me!" the boy cried as Ichigo stared, a leg shooting out to kick him back down, water splashing at the sudden impact. "I FUCKIN' HATE YOU!"

Ichigo's eyes parted and he felt relief course through his body like a cool stream, knocking his wild heart back into submission. It was just a dream…

Groaning, he pushed himself up, surprising himself when he felt something roll down his cheek.

Confused, he gently touched the soft skin just below his eyes, pulling his fingers away when they came in contact with warm tears. He was… crying?

Anger and pain gripped his heart with an iron hold, making him scrunch his pastel blue sheets in his fist. That bastard… even after all this time, he still taunted him. Fuck he was so screwed!

Hissing in irritation, he thrust the covers aside and stood, stretching his long limbs, working out the kinks of the night. He was pathetic, crying about something that happened so long ago.

Exhaling loudly, he crossed his arms as he stared out of the grimy window of his dingy room, enjoying, momentarily, the warm morning sun as it rose slowly to kiss his caramel skin.

Fuck it, better get to work, he thought to himself, running a hand through his orange lengths wearily. How could it be that he had slept almost ten hours but was still so tired?

Sighing, the man finally pushed his exhausted body into action, shuffling though his small hallway to his even smaller kitchen.

When I say small, I mean, 'so small you're sandwiched between the sink and the bench' small.

The cupboards of his kitchen ran along three of the walls, all grainy brown and grey bench-tops-the ugliest thing Ichigo ever had the misfortune to encounter. One of the walls was open, much like a store or serving area and near this wall sat Ichigo's only appliances capable of producing food-a portable stove top and a microwave. Against the opposite wall was his small fridge, shaking and moaning slightly.

He paid no heed to this as he flicked on his kettle. It was a little white thing that sat underneath his large kitchen windows, looking weary and worn down under the bright rays.

As he absentmindedly prepared his tea, he didn't notice the sounding of his phone, tweeting impatiently at him from the serving area.

Blinking himself out of his daze as the sound became progressively more persistent and loud; he picked up his mobile, taking no notice of the caller id as he pressed it to his ear.


A grunt sounded on the other end as well as some shuffling before, "Look Ichi, I know you ain't a morning person, but ya' gotta' put in a little more effort than that."

Ichigo grunted back, leaning against his bench as he folded one arm across his chest, crossing his ankles as well. "Maybe you shouldn't be calling me in the morning then Renji. Ever think of that?"

His friend gave a bark of laughter and Ichigo could almost imagine his teasing smirk. "Yeah right. Ya' think I'd miss being able to pick on you for your lack o' mornin' manners?"

Turning to his mug, he poured in the newly boiled water, stirring as he held the phone between his shoulder and ear. "You're an asshole. Anyway, what'd you call me for? Won't I be seeing you at the station anyway?"

"Nah, not today," he replied. "I'm on stake-out at the moment. Fuckin' Kuchiki is gettin' on my nerves."

Ichigo frowned, going over to retrieve his milk which he noted a little nervously, was nearing its expiration date quite quickly. "Have you been out there all night?"

Another grunt. "Yeah. We're takin' turns though. But it seems I'm always fuckin' stuck with Kuchiki. It's like some fuckin' conspiracy. I hate it."

"What is it about that guy that gets you so much?" he asked, concerned. Renji was an excitable guy, sure. But he wasn't the type to hate people for no reason but recently, it seemed this Byakuya Kuchiki had been getting under his skin.

Renji worked in arson, unlike him, but they had been friends since they had been in the academy together and saw each other around. He and his rather new partner had been investigating this creep, who they suspected to have burnt down a three story apartment building, almost burning the occupants alive.

"I don't fuckin' know," Renji muttered in reply. "He's just… I don't know… like… cocky or something. Plus, it doesn't help that he knows I'm bangin' his sister."

Ichigo chuckled before sipping his tea and agreeing, "Yeah, I bet that doesn't help much. How'd he find out?"

"She told him."

"Shit. Sorry."

He could almost hear Renji's shrug. "It's no big deal I guess. I mean, I don't want to just be her dirty little secret or nothin' anyways, but still…"

Ichigo nodded. "It's cool, I get it. You're scared of her brother, whatever."

Renji cursed. "Ya' fucker! It ain't like that."

Laughing, Ichigo pushed himself away from his bench to his bedroom once again, searching through his closet for his clothes. "Yeah, sure it isn't. Anyway, I should go, I really gotta' get to work."

Tutting, Renji asked, "That's right. You're new partner starts today right?"

Ichigo nodded despite the fact Renji couldn't see him. "Yeah… But at the moment, everyone's being real hush, hush about the whole thing-sounds like he was a big shot in his department or some shit."

Renji snorted. "Well he's gonna' get the fuckin' surprise of his life when he meets you."

A smirk graced his features as he pulled up his jeans. "What are you trying to say?"

"I ain't saying anything. Aw, shit. I gotta' go too. Kuchiki just rocked up." He groaned aloud. "I hope he doesn't ask me to fuckin' get him a coffee, else I'll knock his teeth out."

Ichigo smiled as he finished tugging on his shirt, grabbing his keys from his low bedside table and walking to the door. "Alright Ren, I'll see you later. We're still on for tonight right?"

"Yeah, 'course we are. See ya' then Ichi," he replied hurriedly before hanging up, the beeping of the disconnected call sounding.

Ichigo chuckled to himself as he hopped into his car. Imagining a pissed Renji was amusing and he secretly hoped that Byakuya teased him a lot. He had to get some amusement from his friend's pain.

As Ichigo turned the key on his poor excuse for a car, his mind wandered to his new partner and what exactly he'd be like. I hope he isn't an asshole or else we aren't going to be getting along very well, Ichigo thought wryly, frowning as he had to turn his key again. Could be worse I guess… he could be like Kisuke.

Though Ichigo said that, Kisuke-his former partner who was transferred to another department (some analysis one)-was actually quite a good friend. His friend was just slightly crazy and a little over enthusiastic. That wasn't a problem really… except for maybe when he decided things like pissing off the suspects by taunting them and getting them to play his freaky games.

He shook his head as he drove towards the station, remembering one particular occasion when Kisuke had called a yakuza boss, their prime suspect in their murder investigation, and basically told him he was fucking his wife and to come and find him. Needless to say, the yakuza boss was pissed and Kisuke's elaborate little plan had trapped him perfectly.

Pulling his rattling, red wreak into his parking spot, he climbed out, cursing to himself when he tripped on the long seatbelt.

Blushing a little and glancing around furiously as he shoved the belt back into the car, he hoped desperately that no-one had seen the small fumble. "You stupid little bitch. Don't trip me up," he scolded the belt.

At the sound of a horn, he straightened, looking to see who had done it. Not noticing anyone, he shrugged to himself, slamming his rusty door and pocketing his hands as he walked into the station, ready to meet his new partner.


As an end note, I thought I should explain, before you read any further, this will be an eventual Ichi/Grimm story… (Or will it…?)

And that being said, I will have Grimm being topped. Not all the time mind you, but now and then.

This is just a personal preference because Ichigo, just like Grimmjow, never seemed like a very submissive sort of boy and physically, he's strong. If we were talking about spiritual pressure too, he'd beat Grimmjow's ass-especially now. (Perhaps I'm biased, 'cause I LOVE Ichigo.)

But that aside, guys are guys, even if they are gay, and don't have to be submissive or what not.

Also, in relationships, it's about balance and learning where things work and fit for you.

I'm sorry for my rambling but I just have to clear the air before people are like, "Huh? Grimmjow is being topped? OMG I totally can-NOT see that."

So yeah… no uke Ichigo here folks! (Well, there will be… at some stage.)'Eff me! You get what I'm saying -.-

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