Ichigo exhaled loudly, glancing down at his cuffs before his eyes travelled back to Grimmjow, clearly judging the distance and how hard it would be to reach him. Hard he assumed, considering he was handcuffed and chained to the wall.

"If you had of just fuckin' listened to me, this wouldn't have happened."

"Me?" Ichigo scoffed. "It was because you rushed off. We're a team but you just decided to run off on me like you'd been burnt and got in the middle of this!"

"We ain't much of a fuckin' team because you won't fuckin'-" he stopped, tongue tied – there were so many things he wanted to scream at the infuriating orange headed man but he could barely get them out. "Fuck!" he exclaimed, wrenching on his cuffs. "You're a fuckin' pain in the ass! I want us to work together but you're makin' it fuckin' hard."

"Huh? Me? You're fucking Mr Secretive! You get all hard ass on my friend but then I question your mate and I get my head bitten off. On top of that, you demand to know how we know each other but you won't tell me how you know freaking – what's his face – Di something. God! Stop being a hypocrite."

Grimmjow blanched. "Hy – hypocrite?" he practically screeched. "That's it!"

"Oi! Shut the fuck up in there!"

"Make me!" Ichigo cried back, glaring holes in the door while Grimmjow simultaneously shouted, "Fuck off."

They shot fierce looks at each other before jumping slightly when the door was slammed open.

The small blond girl stood in the doorway, little hands clenched, a vein pulsing dangerously as she glared at them both. "I told ya' to shut the fuck up! We ain't runnin' a circus here. Be quiet or I'll kill ya'."

"Yeah, look little girl," Grimmjow began, getting cut off abruptly when a sandaled foot connected with his face. "Ah fuck!" he cursed, head bowing slightly in defence.

"I told ya, shut up."

"Hiyori," someone rumbled out. "Stop messing around, leave them alone until Shinji gets here and we can figure out what to do with them."

The violent, blond girl – Hiyori, narrowed her eyes at the pair before shrugging slightly and calling back, "Yeah, alright, I hear ya'. I'm coming."

Ichigo on his part was a little stunned.

"What's with that dumb look?" Grimmjow growled out, wiping his nose tentatively on his shoulder, cursing when he realised it was bleeding.

"He – he said Shinji."

Grimmjow frowned at Ichigo's clear perk in mood. "Should I be excited?"

"Shinji's in narcotics," Ichigo whispered out, sitting up a little more. "He's been working undercover at the moment."

"Hate to break it to ya', but from the sounds of it, ya friend is a little more than undercover. If he's the one callin' the shots…"

Growling, Ichigo shifted again. "No. Shinji's good. He's trying to get to the top to take down this one guy – anyway, it's not important, once Shinji finds us he'll get us out."

Grimmjow also shifted, getting to his knees. "I don't know how I feel about having some stranger pickin' me up."

"Fine," Ichigo replied dryly. "You don't have to come."

Narrowing his eyes, Grimmjow didn't answer, instead his eyes zeroed in on Ichigo's shoulder. "Is – is your shoulder doing alright?"

Ichigo half-shrugged, glancing at his left-hand shoulder. "It hurts, a lot. And I'm fairly sure I'm going to faint sometime soon but at least these guys had the decency to bandage it up."

Grimmjow frowned. "Smart ass… don't joke about that kind of stuff."

He grinned through his pain, laughing a little. "Sorry, didn't know you'd get irritated by it."

Sniffling, Grimmjow shifted back slightly. "Whatever. I wasn't irritated. Anyway, when's your mate going to get here?"

"Who knows," Ichigo replied, sighing a little. "He's crazy and really… uh…"

"You what?" came an excited cry. "Oh! I wanna' see!"

"Just through there," was the gravelly reply before the door swung open.

The newest arrival was a thin, long haired blond man. He was grinning widely, brown eyes sparkling in interest before widening in realisation. Masking it quickly with an eyebrow raise, the blond man pocketed his hands.

"Well, well, well… nice to meet you, I'm Shinji." He turned slightly to his silver haired companion asking, "You said they were police?"

"Yes, their badges and guns are on the bench back there. Ichigo and Grimmjow apparently."

"Right," the man replied before nodding cheerfully at the other man to shoo him away and glancing back at Ichigo, nodding slightly.

That seemed to be a cue because the moment he did, Ichigo nodded back, struggling to his feet as he growled. "You've got some nerve bastard. If you don't let me go…"

"You're going to what?" he chuckled. "Jiggle those chains till I give up?"

"You're an idiot," Ichigo snapped, about to speak again when Shinji interrupted.

"I'm the idiot?" Shinji demanded. "Well you have funny hair!"

"W – what?" Ichigo seemed to choke slightly, eyes wide in irritation before he shouted back, "WELL YOU'RE JUST AN UGLY BASTARD!"

Grimmjow was about to tell him just how ludicrous he thought this fight was – especially at the moment when Ichigo spoke again, whispering quickly to the blond.

"You doing okay Shinji?"

"I'M UGLY? YOU'RE A SISSY!" he cried back before replying in an answering whisper, "Yeah, fine. What're you doing here?"

"WELL YOU'RE A… A PIG! Uh…" Ichigo cleared his throat. "Well I'm just here having fun… getting shot at. You know how it is. Actually, we're looking for this guy, Yukio. We need him for our investigation," Ichigo explained, grinning at his friend through his fake anger.

Shinji frowned at him, kneeling down to look at his shoulder. "YOU'RE A POOR EXAMPLE OF A POLICE OFFICER!"

"God, you really had to shout in my ear?" Ichigo whispered at him, leaning away from him with a grimace.

"Sorry," he replied. "How'd you wanna' do this?"

"WELL YOUR FRIENDS CAN'T SHOOT FOR SHIT." Ichigo flinched as Shinji gently rotated his shoulder.

"Can't shoot for shit?" Shinji chuckled. "You're the one with a bullet in your arm."

"Yeah well, your mates also scored some hits you know."

Raising a brow, Shinji sat back on his haunches. "None of my guys have been hit."

"The other lot," Ichigo told him.

"Right…" Shinji mused for a minute before shouting back. "YOU'RE A BRUTE!" He grinned before continuing. "I have no idea how to help you out without getting myself into trouble and blowing my operation."

"Great… YOU'RE A useless PRICK!" Ichigo glanced at Grimmjow. "Can't you say we overpowered you and escaped?"

Shinji smothered a laugh. "And say you got out of the cuffs from sheer will? Yeah, that'd go down well."

"Maybe that we bashed you up and stole your keys? You have keys right?"

"That hardly sounds fair," Shinji pouted. "YOU HAVE BIG EARS."

"Big ears?" Ichigo rubbed his ear onto his shoulder, offended. "That was hardly fair."

"Okay, can we make this reunion go a little faster? I'm keen to get going," Grimmjow whispered, shuffling closer to them in anticipation.

"Nah, I don't have keys on me," Shinji told Ichigo, ignoring Grimmjow's part in the conversation. "Didn't need 'em." Shinji shifted as he considered the situation. "Well this is an awkward little situation isn't it?"

Grimmjow noticed the slight and frowned, eyebrow twitching in irritation. "Excuse me blondie, but I wanna' get outta' here. You gonna' explain why we're still here?"

"And not dead," Ichigo put in quietly before calling out, "LET US GO ALREADY YOU FREAKING BASTARD."

"No idea," he replied, grinning. "But I'll sort something out, don't worry."

"Do – don't worry?" Grimmjow scoffed. "No offence but that isn't extremely reassuring coming from you. You haven't even told us how you're going to help us out."

Shinji bounced to his feet, smiling at the pair. "Yeah, don't worry about that, I'll get ya' outta' here."

Ichigo gave his friend a wry grin, "Yeah, well you better hurry up with that. I'm losing a lot of blood here."

Nodding seriously, Shinji clasped his hands together. "Yeah, I'll be quick."

Grimmjow nodded, mimicking the long haired man sourly, "Yeah, I'll be quick."

Laughing a little, Shinji glanced at Ichigo. "Maybe I'll leave him here."

"Yeah," Ichigo agreed, chuckling gently. "Thanks Shinji."

"Be right back. STUPID CARROT TOP!"

Ichigo felt a vein form, pulsing furiously as Shinji made a quick exit.


Shinji tapped his foot as he listened to his friends' talk, finger tapping on his chin. He didn't know what to do with Ichigo. If he let them out, he'd be unable to cover it up. It would be almost impossible to have them fake a getaway… though, if he called someone. If he called them then he'd be able to get them out safely. Though how he could say the police found out was beyond him.

But Ichigo was right, much longer with a bullet in his shoulder was not good for him at all.

"—inji. Oi, Shinji!"

Shinji was thrown from his thoughts when a foot collided with the back of his knee and he tumbled forward, arms pin-wheeling desperately before he steadied himself, grabbing the wall.

"H – hey now!" Shinji cried, glancing back toward the culprit, eyes narrowing at Hiyori who stood, panting in irritation.

Hiyori scowled at him. "You listening baldy?"

Rubbing his head as he straightened, Shinji narrowed his eyes in irritation. "Yeah, yeah. I'm listening."

"So you know what we were just saying?"

Shinji pouted, crossing his arms but made no reply.

"What are we going to do with those two?" Lisa demanded seriously, copying Shinji's movements.

He didn't know. Hesitation caught his tongue and he frowned as he considered what to do.

It was then that the door burst open and Grimmjow and Ichigo emerged, guns cocked.

Kensei and Lisa drew their own weapons while Hiyori lowered herself into a fighting stance, glancing between them.

Ichigo had his phone in his hand, gun still trained on them and told them, "Put your weapons on the ground and put your hands up."

They made no move to drop them until Shinji spoke up. "Well we aren't about to drop them but you can get out of here quickly as long as nobody starts shooting."

Grimmjow glanced at Ichigo angrily. The fucking idiot was just raising his arms all over the place, straining his already considerably bad injury. Those sorts of wounds… if he didn't get it dealt with soon he may never be able to shoot again. Then he glared at Kensei and Lisa.

"I'm not shootin' if you ain't. I need to get this dumbass to hospital. So, you let us leave, you fuck off, the police never find you."

Ichigo's lip tightened but he nodded in agreement. He couldn't allow Shinji's operation to be compromised, no matter how much he wanted to bring them in.

Glancing at Shinji, Kensei and Lisa also appeared to agree and Shinji nodded mutely.

They kept their weapons trained on each other until the officers backed up and were out of sight. Kensei, Lisa and Hiyori all made a move to follow them, perhaps hunt them down but Shinji shook his head.

"Leave them. They would have called reinforcements in the minute they stepped out of the building, let's go."

"But they know our faces!" Hiyori cried, glaring at him in confusion.

"It won't matter if we keep ourselves under the radar, now hurry up and pack up. We need to leave." Shinji watched his friends work hastily to gather their equipment, his mind moving to Ichigo. He hoped he was okay. Somehow he just had a bad feeling.

"Oi, Shinji, you're the slowpoke here!"

Shaking off the thoughts, he frowned teasingly. "But I just want to memorise this place. It's like a home away from home."

"Get in the car you idiot," Hiyori snapped from the door.

"Coming, coming!" he exclaimed. Ichigo would be fine… wouldn't he?


"Is that all you have to report?"

The silver haired man stared at his ever cool lover, unsure if he should add the rest. He wasn't going to be pleased. "Our lil' Ichi seems ta 'ave found a playmate," he began slowly.

Straightening slightly in interest, his lover let a perfectly manicured brow rise faintly. "Is that so?"

"Yea' – Grimmjow."

Silence stretched and he wondered if he had said too much. Perhaps he should have dealt with it himself rather then tell him.

"I see."

"It ain't nothin' ta worry 'bout," he assured him, slinking up to the chair that his lover sat in, reaching out a slender hand to rest on his shoulder before he slid it around his back, gently stroking his neck. "They ain't gonna' be a problem much longer, ya' magnificence."

He grinned to himself as he felt his lover relax ever so slightly into his touch and a corner of his mouth rose.

"Perhaps, but it wouldn't be in our best interests to underestimate them. Ichigo is a good officer with a very serious grudge and that makes him a great one. Now Grimmjow…"

"I ain't even sure why the hell he's with 'im," he told him honestly, massaging his shoulders firmly.

"I have a feeling I know why… and if we time it right, we may be able to use it to our advantage."

Companionable silence followed the sentence for a few moments before his russet haired lover turned to him, a brow rising suggestively making the narrow eyed man stretch a grin as he followed him over to their bed.


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