Grimmjow twirled on Ichigo's office chair, eyes pinned to his partner's desk. He had come back here expecting to meet up with Ichigo and sort out the case but so far, Ichigo hadn't appeared.

Pushing himself up, Grimmjow looked around the office. It was still fairly early but it was already bustling.

Considering he was new, nobody seemed very keen on introducing themselves, steering clear of him. In all honesty, he could understand it. He probably looked intimidating and rough – eyes naturally sharp with a heavy brow and one too many scrapes and bruises.

He sighed, sitting back deeply on the chair. Clearly, he and his partner needed to work out a better method of communication.

Crossing his arms, Grimmjow turned back towards Ichigo's desk, leaning forward upon seeing a photograph stuffed into the right hand desk drawer.

Glancing around, he made a face that basically said, 'well, why the fuck not?' and he gently pulled it open, tugging out the photo from underneath a worn, leather bound book.

The photo was crinkled, like it had been stuffed in and out of pockets for a very long time – the edges worn and it looked like it had been folded in half almost too often.

It was a picture of Ichigo and what Grimmjow assumed were his family – two young women – one with mousy brown hair and gentle, warm coffee eyes standing in between Ichigo and what he could only guess was his dad. The older man had ebony hair, short and spiky as well as thin facial hair. The other girl was on her dad's right, looking about as desolate and bored as Ichigo was on the opposite side. Slate grey were framed by shoulder-length black hair as she stared at the camera, one eyebrow raised in disinterest.

Then there was Ichigo, standing a little further away from his family, not looking at the camera at all, scowling off to his left, hands in his pockets.

Smirking to himself, Grimmjow put the photograph back as he searched the rest of his drawer. I might as well find out a little more about my partner while I'm here.

It was fairly well organised – the top drawer filled with his pens, pencils, staplers and other stationary equipment. It seemed the drawer below it was his personal effects like his photograph. There was also an address book, some notes and the leather bound book. It was as if there was a big red stop sign on it though and Grimmjow knew that looking through it would be pushing the boundaries of his innocent searching.

The top left hand side drawer were filled with some random things like deodorant, tissues, a watch and pain medication – probably for those ridiculously long work hours and below that was a drawer of files – boring undoubtedly and Grimmjow skipped over that, going once more to look at the leather bound book that he seemed drawn to like a magnet. He'd always had that problem – looking at things he shouldn't and he wasn't about to stop now.

Turning it over in his hands, he ran rough hands over the soft cover. It was smooth and there were pages falling out, stained with ink and coffee.

He hesitated staring at the gold word reading, journal. Flicking through it could hardly hurt, could it?

Opening it, he began to thumb through the small book, frowning heavily at it. It seemed to be about a case – pictures of suspects pasted with descriptions of their crimes, their connection to a particular person – a Masaki person all scribbled on the side of the pages. There were also dates and times, alibis and motivation as well as some impressive sketches of different places.

Man, he's pretty fuckin' obsessed, Grimmjow thought to himself, a little overwhelmed. Leaning back on his chair, he continued to turn the pages slowly, wondering what the hell could make Ichigo turn into an obsessive crazy man because the notations on the pages were definitely not that of a sane person.

Suddenly, Ichigo's voice sounded, making him jump in the chair, flying forward, hands splayed on Ichigo's desk, glancing around furiously.

Holy fuck! Slowly Grimmjow's heart resumed its natural beat when Ichigo didn't suddenly appear to shoot him in the head and hesitantly, he straightened, slowly peeking over the wall of their cubical.

Ichigo was standing talking to a dark skinned wall of a man just next to the printer, scratching the back of his head as he talked with a half smile on his face.

Absently, Grimmjow wondered how close the two of them were because honestly, Ichigo seemed to be almost as intimidating as Grimmjow himself, although he supposed the big man wouldn't be scared off by a shitty look.

The big man had wavy, ebony hair which he shook out of his dark brown eyes, not replying to Ichigo's apparent question, making the neon haired man scowl half-heartedly and cross his arms impatiently.

Coming to his senses, Grimmjow shook his head, sitting back down, pushing Ichigo's papers to their original position and closing the drawers he had rifled through just as Ichigo approached. Hastily he sat back, turning to his own desk and the case file he should have probably gone over already and in his haste, knocked off the small journal.

Bending over it he froze. What the fuck was he meant to do? Ichigo was basically on him and if he picked it up and put it back, Ichigo would most likely see him but he could hardly leave it on the ground. Snarling, Grimmjow snatched it up, stuffing it into his shirt before straightening slowly and taking a few calming breaths, twirling on his chair unhurriedly when he heard Ichigo sit down heavily, exhaling noisily.

"Took your time," Grimmjow put in mildly, raising a blue brow at Ichigo.

Ichigo glared at him half-heartedly, crossing his arms. "Shut-up, I was busy."

"It's not like we have a murder to solve or anything…"

Growling viscously, Ichigo went to his computer. "Yeah, yeah, I know that. I was getting some help."

"Got anywhere with it?" Grimmjow asked, leaning forward, finding himself slightly excited. Finally, some progress!

"No," he muttered. "It's confusing. I just can't understand it. It looks like a professional hit but if it was, his things wouldn't have been stolen unless it was a personal hit…" Ichigo sighed. "God… I guess we really are going to have to talk to her."

"To who?"

"To the wife," he replied, standing up once again. "Rurichiyo Kasumiōji."


"Ichigo!" Rurichiyo cried, leaping from her expensive leather couch. "I'm – I'm so glad to see you," she choked out, small hands outreached as she grasped onto Ichigo's neck.

Grimmjow's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he watched the exchange. Ichigo was reciprocating the embrace, pulling the slender, elegant woman into his subtly muscled arms, gently stroking her golden hair.

Rurichiyo had begun to cry, delicate fingers clutching, white fingered onto Ichigo's shirt, shoulders shaking as she pressed her face into his chest.

Grimmjow felt a surge of jealousy. Argumentative, stubborn pain in the ass be dammed, Ichigo was still the hottest piece of ass he'd seen for a long while and if he could get into those ridiculously tight pants, he would be fucking happy to do so. And as such, watching them, moving their hands all over each other was really making him itch to do something.

"Rurichiyo…" Ichigo pushed her away for a moment, staring into emerald depths, brows dipping down in concern. "I – I'm so sorry… about Shū…"

She also pulled back, using the back of one hand to rub her tears away. "I k – know, thank-you. H – he…" Tears welled up again and she pressed her hand over her lips.

Grimmjow snarled, crossing his arms. "You gonna' explain what's fuckin' going on here?"

Rurichiyo's eyes flew wide and she jumped a little in surprise before staring at Ichigo uncertainly.

Ichigo smiled gently at her before levelling a ferocious glare at Grimmjow. "I think we can talk about that later can't we? Let's just get this done. We won't bother you for long Rurichiyo," he assured her.

Rurichiyo wrung her hands nervously, eyes shifting from the floor to the couch and to the ground again.

Pained, Ichigo grimaced. Rurichiyo was always so quick and decisive and she was never uncertain so seeing her so… tense and twitchy seemed wrong.

"This won't take long Rurichiyo," he told her again, indicating to her couch once again. "Just give us a few minutes of your time and then we'll leave you alone, I swear."

Rurichiyo nodded, choking back a sob as she clasped a hand over her mouth. "O – okay… but I don't know what I can tell you that you don't already know."

"Well we'll just see about that won't we," Grimmjow said, levelling a cool stare at the unsettled woman.

Ichigo's coffee eyes snapped to Grimmjow, sharp like a knife, warning him before he turned back to Rurichiyo, sitting opposite her on another couch. "Let's just start with a few questions…"

"Like maybe, how you guys met?" Grimmjow demanded, crossing his arms as he sat down heavily on the arm rest next to Ichigo.

Rurichiyo glanced between the two men, uncertain. "I – Ichigo, where's Detective Urahara, I thought he was your partner?"

Hackles rising from being ignored so obviously, Grimmjow went to open his mouth in protest before Ichigo interrupted, "H – he… he was my partner but he transferred. This is my… new partner, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez."

Biting her lip, Rurichiyo's eyes shifted over nervously to the blue haired detective. "You… wanted to know how we met?"

Ichigo frowned. "Forget about that, it's hardly any of his business."

"I think it is my business when it involves our case. This can't get in the way of our investigation," Grimmjow snapped at him.

Grinding his teeth, Ichigo's smouldering eyes burned holes into his head. "I already told Ukitake about it. I'm not conflicted or anything-"

"That's right," Rurichiyo told him firmly. "In fact, Ichigo's the reason I'm even alive at all. He stopped my assassination."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Well, looks like the story's going to be told anyway… I was put on Rurichiyo's case and that's how we met."

"And he helped… Shū," she added shakily.

Glaring at Grimmjow, he snarled, low and deep. "So, are we done now?"

Grimmjow's lip curled slightly. "Fine, we're done."

"Good. So Rurichiyo, like I said – just a few questions. Did Shū have any enemies that you know of?"

"Well… just the usual – people that want him for his money…" Rurichiyo frowned, blinking back tears. "But Shū… he… he just didn't have enemies. He was too lazy to start arguments and too timid to start fights." She laughed lightly, a single tear slipping down her cheek that she brushed away. "There is really no-one who would want to kill him."

Nodding, Ichigo was about to ask another question when Grimmjow spoke up.

"And where were you on the day your husband died?"

Green eyes widening in hurt and surprise, Rurichiyo glanced at Ichigo.

"No, don't look at him. We're conducting an investigation here. I'm sorry, but these are just the sort of questions I have to ask," Grimmjow told her before repeating, "So, where were you on the day your husband died?"

"W – well I was at… I was uh…"

"It's okay Rurichiyo, take your time," Ichigo told her gently, shooting a fleeting look of defeat at Grimmjow. He was right of course; they needed to as those sorts of questions. Still, it made him mad that Grimmjow could see her and still believe that she could have killed her husband.

"Well," she began again, taking a breath. "I was uh… in meetings all day that day. My assistant can confirm that. Also I – I think that the security cameras would also prove it. I was sorting out some finances."

Ichigo nodded, smiling. "Thank-you Rurichiyo, that's all we need for the moment." Glaring at Grimmjow, he added, "Unless you have something else to add?"

Grimmjow stood, brushing off his pants. "No, I guess I don't."

Also standing, Ichigo followed Grimmjow to the door before stopping for a moment. "Actually I have another question… Shū… did he have any admirers? Like, girls that seemed strangely into him or anything like that? Maybe he got notes or strange calls?"

She shook her head, standing to wave them off. "No, but of course, Shū never concerns me with that sort of thing. I wouldn't know even if he did have any. He doesn't – he didn't tell me because he knew how angry it would make me. You know what I'm like."

Ichigo flashed her a wry grin filled with pearly teeth. "Yeah, of course. Thanks for all your help Rurichiyo, I'll see you later."

Smiling weakly, Rurichiyo gave him a wave as he walked out the door. "Yes, see you Ichigo. And uh… Detective Jaegerjaquez," she added when Grimmjow's eyes narrowed her way.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," he muttered before glancing at her once more and closing the door.


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