"… I really hate you."

Grimmjow glanced over at a very disgruntled Ichigo, feeling all of his body heat shoot straight to his head. If only he could get his fucking hands around that little neck… "This ain't all my fuckin' fault either carrot top, so you better just shut the fuck up."

Auburn eyes flashed dangerously while he rattled his handcuffs. "I will freaking kill you. Don't call me 'carrot top'."

"Carrot top, carrot top, carrot top, carrot top, carrot to-"

Ichigo jerked threateningly from his position near the barred window. "The minute I get out of here, I am shooting you in the face."

Grimmjow glared at him. "Not if we get shot by this lot first."

The words seemed to cool Ichigo down slightly and he glanced towards the door – a metal door, locked tight. They had been trying to apprehend their newest suspect – a young man that had worked with Shū and accidently stumbled upon some sort of drug deal while they chased him. The unwelcome interruption was met with violence and Ichigo had been shot before they were overwhelmed and hurled into a small room in an industrial building in the middle of no-where.

To explain, it had all started that morning – a very early, five o'clock morning…


There were days when Grimmjow had an overwhelming desire to fuck Ichigo through the wall – have those slender, golden legs wrapping around his waist and have him scream and curse his name, ever stubborn and insubordinate. Then there were days when Grimmjow seriously considered if the consequences of murder were really worth bothering about when it would save him from the endless bickering that seemed to consume every moment of their relationship.

Like right this moment for instance – Ichigo had gone off again about him supposedly being an asshole just because he may or may not have accidently broken down his door trying to wake him up in the morning.

How the fuck did he even know Ichigo? The thought had been irritating him for far too long and as he sat on Ichigo's couch, watching the young man storm around the house, he felt the question bubble up his throat and before he could stop himself he was asking, "So, you wanna' tell me how I know you?"

Coffee eyes snapped over to him and Grimmjow swore he could hear lightning crackle. "I already told you," he bit out from the kitchen, turning with the kettle in his hand. "It's nothing. And what the hell are you doing just sitting there? Fix my door," he commanded, dark rimmed eyes shooting to the door knob now fallen to the floor.

Grimmjow had learnt something very important as he had tugged and cursed at Ichigo's door at five in the morning – Ichigo wasn't a morning person… at all.

Ignoring the unimportant statements he instead turned away from Ichigo and settled further back into the cracking couch, holding a protesting Zangetsu aloft, watching him wobble feebly before drawling, "Whadya' mean nothin'?"

"Don't hold him like that." Ichigo stalked over to him, snatching his cat out of his grip. "And I told you, nothing. I don't want to talk about it. And why the hell are you even here?"

"Because we have a case to solve," he replied simply, head back on the couch as he stared after Ichigo's retreating (upside down) form.

Ichigo's lip peeled back in distaste before he cooed at Zangetsu, stroking his ear then placing him down once again and going back to making his coffee. "We've been looking everywhere for this mystery man."

Grimmjow nodded, crossing his arms as he looked to the wall. "I know. But that Rikichi or whatever wasn't very helpful. Whoever Rikichi saw, we have no idea who he is or what his connection to Shū is."

"Exactly, but there isn't much we can do on the front. We still have to go back over why he was in that part of town when he was and why-"

The ring of a phone stopped Ichigo and he fished it from his back pocket. "Yeah?"

There was a pause before Ichigo demanded, "Renji? What the – no, I don't."

Grimmjow turned on the couch, kneeling on it as he watched Ichigo talk on the phone. He was scowling – of course – and had his coffee to his chest as he listened before hissing out, "No! For Christ's sake, I don't have your pants."

Blue brows furrowed and Grimmjow leaned forward further, head falling to the side as he listened.

"Of course I'm sure. Renji, if I ever found clothes like yours in my house, I would know for fucking sure."

Ichigo shifted, a smile breaking out on his face at the reply, eyes to the floor. "I'm not saying anything… Renji, I know you have the fashion sense of a god… yes, yes I'm sure Rukia does appreciate it."

Then he laughed – he actually threw his head back and laughed and Grimmjow found himself thoroughly enticed by the sound. If Ichigo was always like that they'd have no problems. A row of pearly white teeth were revealed as his smiled widened. "You're an asshole."

And there was the word that he seemed so fond of, except in his case, Ichigo said it nowhere near as endearing – more like he wished he could kill him with his words. In fact, Ichigo had already whipped him raw with the verbal hiding from his rude wake up.

Ichigo sipped his coffee as he chuckled. "Now he wonders why… it's because I got a rude awakening this morning."

Expecting Ichigo's eyes to bore into him at any moment, Grimmjow quickly sat back down, hoping Ichigo hadn't noticed his snooping.

There was silence before he heard Ichigo continue speaking. "Yeah… that's the one."

He heard Ichigo move before he came into view, sitting next to him on the couch. "Renji… yeah look Renji…"

Glancing at him, Grimmjow wondered why he couldn't see Ichigo like that more often. Who the hell was this Renji guy to be able to have Ichigo be so… well, like that all the time?

Ichigo was shaking his head, trying not to smile before he nodded. "Yeah, yeah! I got it already! I'll try to find your pants…"

And why exactly would his pants be at Ichigo's house anyway?

"I told you I don't have them but whatever. I'm going now though. Whatever… yes, I'll see you later."

"Boyfriend?" Grimmjow enquired innocently as Ichigo ended the call.

Ichigo glared at him with enough heat to match even that of the core of the earth.

And back to Ice Bitch again, Grimmjow thought dryly, sighing inwardly.

"None of your business," he snapped.

"You know, you keep tellin' me that however we know each other is nothin' and all that bullshit but you're still actin' pissy. If it's nothin', why the fuck are treatin' me like I fuckin' murdered your child? Didn't you want us to work together?"

Grimmjow was impressed that his argument made sense and it was as if the words strengthened his indignation, making him scowl. "And," he added, low and deep as irritation flooded his system. "It's not fair that you're blamin' me for somethin', whatever it is, when I have no fuckin' memory of it even happenin'."

Ichigo seemed taken aback, eyes wide. "W – what?"

"Team, Ichigo… that's what you wanted but right now you're just being a dick."

"Me? You're the hypocrite here!" Ichigo cried. "I may be pissed and sure, I don't like you but at least I'm actually trying to work together. I'm actually following the evidence not just seeing what suits my liking."

"If you're talkin' about Di Roy, that's obscene. I asked him the questions, just like you asked. And what about you? You wouldn't ask that damn Rurichiyo for ages because you were convinced she didn't do anythin'."

"That's because she didn't do anythin'. Di Roy on the other hand…"

Grimmjow snarled, snapping at the young man. "What is this, battle of the friends? I told you already, I questioned him and… why the fuck is that even about this? I'm tellin' you, quit actin' like an asshole and just co-operate with me. I want a normal workin' relationship – one where we just get along without the drama. Now if you tell me how I know you I can actually do something ab-"

"I told you I – I don't want to talk about it."

"For the love of God Ichigo, how bad can it be? Did… did we have sex?"

"Wait, what?" Ichigo seemed so offended by the idea that he almost toppled off the couch, disgust clear in his features. "No, we didn't have sex."

Grimmjow scowled. "You don't have to sound so fuckin' grossed out."

Ichigo grit his teeth. "So – sorry… look Grimmjow it's not really… well it is you. But it's just not… Look, you're right, we need to work together but this is my shit to deal with and I'll get over it."

Unsatisfied with his response but over the arguments, Grimmjow blew out a gentle sigh. "Fine, fine. But I want to know sometime."

There was silence for a moment as Ichigo watched him. "I – I don't know if I can," he finally whispered out.

Grimmjow didn't understand Ichigo's reaction. He looked scared – scared and tearful. "Why?"

"Because… I don't want to remember it."

Frowning, Grimmjow opened his mouth to ask him what it was he did that had been so horrible when the phone rang again, the irritating tone startling them both.

Ichigo glanced at the caller ID, a strange look coming across his face as he answered it, "Is everything okay?"

There was a reply and Ichigo's face lit up with excitement. "Where is he?"

He listened intently, nodding as he reached for a pen from the small table, scribbling it on his hand as he rested the phone between his ear and cheek. "Yep, yep… okay. Thanks Rurichiyo, I'll look into it."

As he snapped the phone closed, Ichigo grinned at Grimmjow. "We just got a lead."


The car trip was awkward – mainly because Grimmjow wanted to ask so many questions he was having trouble fitting them in his brain and he had such an intense look on his face he was making Ichigo uncomfortable.

"So… this guy, uh… Yukio Hans Vorarlberna worked with Shū," Ichigo began hesitantly, glancing at Grimmjow warily, mainly because he was driving like a maniac.

"Right. Yukio huh? So, what was his relationship with Shū?"

"Apparently he has an extreme Rurichiyo crush. He knew her through Shū and when they got married he became uh… very upset about the whole thing. Love right?"

Grimmjow grunted. "Right… So, this guy has shown violent behaviour before or…?"

"Yeah, there are a few counts of assault to his name – just some minor stuff. It is a jump from assault to murder but if the motivation is right…"

"Anythin's possible, yeah. Okay, so do we know where this guy is at the moment?"

"Well he hasn't shown up at work since the day of Shū's death. Could be a coincidence but we should check all the same. I don't know Yukio but Rurichiyo's pretty certain he wouldn't do anything. But to answer your question, apparently there's a comic book store he often goes to so Rurichiyo told us he'll probably be there."

"That address?" Grimmjow nodded towards the writing on Ichigo's hand.

"Yeah, you've never been there before?"

"You have?" Grimmjow asked incredulously.

"No," Ichigo replied with a laugh, making Grimmjow's eyebrow shoot up in amusement. Ichigo's laugh was pleasant as he was always reminded and it was nice to see him not scowling anymore.

"Why are you laughin'?"

"Just 'cause I sort of thought you were the closet nerd type."

"I really give off that sort of vibe?"

Ichigo contemplated the words. "Mh… I guess it's just because there just seems to be something very…" He trailed off, snorting. "Anyway…"

Ichigo looked out the window in embarrassment before he pressed his hand to the window, eyes wide. "Oh my God, Grimmjow, pull over, it's him!"

"It's who?"

"Who do you think, idiot? Yukio."

Grimmjow jolted in surprise, glancing to the main street to see a young blond man walking, a game boy in his hands. "That's him?"

"Yes, now pull over!" Ichigo exclaimed, slapping Grimmjow's arm in irritation.

Hissing, Grimmjow shot a fierce glare at him, despite slowing and pulling to the curb. He was about to open his mouth to say something but Ichigo was already out the door, speed walking toward the man.

"Fuckin' hell," Grimmjow exclaimed, leaping out as well. "Ichigo, wait up!"

Ichigo ignored him, slowing to follow the young man, smiling professionally. "Excuse me, Yukio, right?"

The blond man turned, eyes widening slightly in surprise as he took a few steps back. "Uh, yes?"

"Hi, I'm Detective Inspector Ichigo Kurosaki. I was wondering if I could speak to you for a little while."

Grimmjow approached Ichigo as well, taking out his badge as he did but he didn't have a chance to show Yukio anything because the moment Ichigo had spoken, Yukio made a run for it.

He sprinted down the street, throwing himself down an alley.

Ichigo and Grimmjow glanced at each other before exclaiming out after him and running after him.

"Oi!" Grimmjow growled out, following closely at Ichigo's heels.

Ichigo simultaneously yelled out, "Stop running Yukio! It's only a couple of damn questions."

The alley they followed him down was still dark in the early morning sun and went behind the bustling stores to an industrial area.

Yukio had a slight head start on them and therefore when he got to the end of the alley and sprinted left with Ichigo and Grimmjow running after him, they were disappointed but not overly surprised when they also followed and could not see him.

Ahead of them, they could see two storage facilities of brick and sheet metal. Neither door was swinging so they had a choice.

Ichigo shifted slightly, glancing from door to door. "We should call backup. At least just tell them he's on the loose."

"We should just split up," Grimmjow told him, jogging towards the door to the left.

"Wait Grimmjow," Ichigo cried out, running after him. "Wait, we can't split up, we don't know how dangerous he is – god! Don't – stop running."

Grimmjow was already gone, throwing the door open wide as he ran in.

Ichigo tutted before sprinting after him only to find Grimmjow standing stock still, staring at the sight before him.

Almost running into him, Ichigo stared over Grimmjow's shoulder.

There were three people – a young blond girl, a tall, bulky, silver haired man and an ebony haired girl with glasses facing off with another three people.

The other group consisted of another bulky man with chocolate skin and an orange streak, a girl with long brown hair and an orange-red haired man, messy on one side.

They seemed to be exchanging merchandise – the silver haired man and the orange streaked man talking quietly.

But then the door slammed shut and everyone's eyes shot to the frozen pair.

Then all hell broke loose – the six of them pulled out their weapons as Ichigo and Grimmjow simultaneously drew their own.

Grimmjow leapt for cover behind some crates while Ichigo threw himself behind a couch, covered with a white sheet.

"Put your weapons down," Ichigo shouted, glancing at Grimmjow before peaking over the couch, a bullet whizzing over his head.

Grimmjow chuckled before continuing, "Put your weapons down, we are the police. We will shoot you."

"We're the one's shooting at you dumbass!" someone shouted – an annoyingly childish voice.

Ichigo moved from behind cover, shooting at the men as Grimmjow did the same.

Reaching for his phone, Ichigo was about to call for backup when a shot flew through the cushion of the couch. Jumping, Ichigo's phone flew from his hand, skittering on the ground and from behind cover.

"Jesus Christ!" he cried, scrambling back further.

Grimmjow glanced at him, scowling slightly in concern. "Oi, you alright?"

Ichigo moved back further to a safer spot. "Yeah, I'm okay. Shit…"

Nodding his understanding, Grimmjow looked up over the crates, checking the position of the group.

They had also found cover behind some other things in storage, two of them moving around the sides of the room towards them.

"Grimmjow, call in backup."

Grimmjow shifted, glaring at the other man. "Shut-up, we don't need it."

"Grimmjow," Ichigo stood, shooting carefully before ducking back down. "We do need it. I'm sure we can take some of them, if not all but I'd rather maybe arrest them instead of shooting them dead."

Shifting uncomfortably, Grimmjow squatted down. "Yeah well… you see… I left my phone in the car," he admitted.

"You what?" he hissed out, eyebrows dipping heavily. "Are you joking me?"

"No," he snapped back. "It's not like you're any better, you dropped your phone."

Ichigo flushed in irritation. "Well I'm sorry. Sorry that getting shot at inconvenienced you but can we not discuss this now?"

Grimmjow's lip curled back but he didn't reply as he peeked over the crates, shooting a few times before moving out towards the others. He just wanted to end this, and fast.

He jumped at a hoarse cry, glancing back to see Ichigo clutching his shoulder, straight against the back of the couch.

"Oh God." Grimmjow shuffled towards Ichigo.

He had his head thrown back and his teeth clenched, blood seeping between his fingers. "Shut up. Just get them already."

Turning, Grimmjow found himself face to face with the barrel of a gun.



And all together, that was the how it had turned out.


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