You can do a lot in a day

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1: 15 seconds left

I woke up with the feeling that I shouldn't be alive. That I had no time left to live. So I look into my harm and I remembered: I'm not twenty-five yet. You're clock isn't working, calm down.

I took a deep breath and I got up to survive as long as I could without wasting my precious time. Besides having my clock frozen in a year, I would everything quickly, like I had only seconds to left. Honestly, I'd rather have my clock working. My family would like to use this year. I just couldn't stand the fact that they almost time out every single day, and I would just stand there and watch without using my year to help them.

I checked out my appearance in the mirror. I looked just like my mother. I had her beautiful bone cheeks, her beautiful crystal blue eyes and her gorgeous hair. I would look like this for the rest of my life, because today, at midnight, I turn twenty five and my clock will start running out of time, and I will be able to help my family surviving.

I put my hair up in a perfect pony tail and I put on a dark purple dress and some ballet type shoes.

-Erin. – I heard.

I turned around to face my mother. She was smiling with a little shine in her face, her hair was up like mine and she was wearing a red comfortable dress.

-Mom. Happy birthday!- I said with a hug.

There are many hugs in this world. Everyone has a different type. Some will take your breath away in a second, others barely touch you. But my mother's hugs are the best. They have a midterm. They were gentle and kind but strong and warm at the same time.

-Twenty-five for the fiftieth time! That's quite impressive mom! – I said with a grin.

She giggled, but deep down in my mind she knew that what I said was no lie. Here in the ghetto, people time out every day trying to survive with only one day per day. Many girls sell themselves for 5 minutes per hour, just to go home and feed their families. My mother will never let me sell myself, even if that means that we have to risk our lives every day, waking up with only half an hour in our watches.

-Let's go. We don't have time to waste.- she said with a gentle smile.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen where will was getting ready for another hard day of work, only to receive an hour. He hugged my mother congratulating my mother for her fiftieth birthday and gave me a quick peck in the cheek.

-Tonight we'll celebrate. And you'll have a gift waiting for you mom. – he promised.

-Is it a grandchild?- she asked with a big smile.

Will chuckled and grabbed my harm showing her my watch.

-But Erin's present will be better than everyone's. – he assured making me smile.

Finally I would be helpful by giving my family a whole year and maybe a day without running around with only a few seconds left.

-Bye mom. Bye little Erin.- he said before leaving the house.

-Mom I have to go too. – I said afraid of leaving her alone. – Tonight I will bring a whole brand new year.

She kissed my forehead softly.

-Don't be afraid my dear. Just don't show anyone your year when it starts clocking out. – She advised.

I showed her a small smile and left the house running the fast as I could to my job in a small poor bar where gamblers waste their time and time out all the time in their last game. First, it was hard for me to watch it. But know I just pretend that I didn't saw it.

-I'm here! – I announced when I arrived my work place.

My boss, a man that smelled like a jar of whiskey, with black messy hair and poor clothes exanimated me.

-it was about time!- he said. –You can't get used to this girl, soon your clock will start running out of time!

-Please sir! It's a two hours walk to home and my mum only has a hour and a half left in her watch!.- I begged two the driver.

-I'm sorry, but the bus is full. Why don't you give a half hour from your year to your mother? – he asked numbly.

-My clock hasn't started running yet. – I said.

-You better run lady. – he said before closing the bus door.

I looked at my mother in panic, but she had a little hope in her eyes. It was her day, she couldn't just… I tried to get rid of this thought as she grabbed my hand and started sprinting all the way down the street stopping to ask for help, but they would just continuing running or they would just be afraid of us.

-Mom? – we heard.

We looked at the tall man down the street. It was Will, my mom smiled and looked at her watch, 15 seconds left. Then she started sprinting down the road towards my brother. She raised her arm to grab Will's but it was too late.

She let out a groan and then fall in Will's arms. I could tell she was gone because of her watch. It turned grey and there were thirteen zeros on it, but she was so peaceful that she could be asleep. I fell to my knees, surrounded my mom's face with my trembling hands and started sobbing.

-Mom? – I managed to say.- don't go.. Don't leave me. Don't leave us.

Will grabbed my hand giving me the strength to accept my mother's death. My mom, the greatest and most inspiring woman I've ever saw had just time out.