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2: My time is running out.

I felt something making my heart stop and my breathe go away while walking home. I had to grab my brother's harm to keep myself in my knees. It was the weirdest feeling, it was like I was running out of life.

-Erin…- Will murmured.

He grabbed my harm watching the first countdown in my watch. Only if it started a few minutes ago I could have saved mom. But I try not to think this way.

-Will, give me your harm!- I said as a small smile lit up my face.

-Erin.- he said while I was pulling my sleeves up preparing to give him half a year.- I have something to tell you.

I studied his face waiting to hear the news, and then he showed me his watch. My mouth fell open when I saw the numbers. I never saw a watch like this, they were rare.

-Hide that!- I ordered looking around.

When I was sure that nobody saw my brother's watch I looked at him.

-Where did you get that.- I asked with a concerned expression in my face.- You didn't kill, did you?

-No, Erin, I didn't.- he started.- I saved a rich man from the minuteman. While we were hiding he said that he was tired of leaving. That he didn't wanted to be immortal if he didn't leave any day of his immortality. So he gave me is time while I was asleep, and told me not to waste it.

Then, he passed a finger on my running watch and grabbed my other harm. I looked at my watch looking at all those numbers. I was amused and astonished. I've never saw something like that. Those numbers were too big for me. Right now. I had over a century in my watch, and I have to admit it, was scared like crap.

-And now what, Will?- I asked. – Are we going to keep running around pretending that we only have a day to survive? That does none cense! We would be dead in a minute! Sooner or later they'll find out.

-No, Erin. We run away. The both of us. Let's not waste this time, ok?- he explained.

He took my hand and we started running. Not like we need it anymore, but we couldn't spend any other second of our watch in this place.

-That was a whole year!- Will said with surprised when we entered the 4th time zone.

-Welcome to New Greenwich.- the taxi driver said.

I hold My brother's and and he squeezed it. We were beginning a whole new life.

Later, after we checked in on a fancy suite hotel we decided that we should invest our " money", so while Will headed to the casino to show some tricks that are learnt in the ghetto, I went of to buy us new clothes so we could blend in.

I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of shopping. It required a lot of patience and, mostly, time. Precious time that, here in New Greenwich, nobody seemed to care about it. They would just walk really slowly, calmly, looking at the beautiful views of the city.

I started looking for a dress for me. They were all so pretty, and the fabrics. Oh gosh, the fabrics… they were so soft. These people sure live in the middle of luxury.

-Don't move sweetheart.- someone whispered in my hear.

When I was about to move I felt the point of a gun in my back.

-Oh my god…- I murmured.

-Come.- he ordered.

He lead me out of the store and then into a yellow car. My eyes went wide with fear. I knew that car. It belonged to the minuteman.