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Chapter 1

Sonja suppressed another scream as she fought to keep from breaking her maid's hand. She had been in labor now for many hours. Finally, blessedly, the pain ended and slight cries broke out. Luckily, she had thought to move to the far side of her cell and have the guards distracted by some other women.

It had actually shocked her how long her pregnancy had gone unnoticed. The child in her arms was healthy and perfect. As Sonja held her child while she could, the little one opened her eyes. They were a gorgeous dark blue, not the shocking icy shade her mother took on. No, these were from Lucien. Her fine hair was a dark brown. She thanked the heavens their child had received these traits from her father. It would be easy to mistake her for a human.

Sonja smiled at the baby as she yawned a great yawn, revealing a full set of teeth. Here she was, after so much thought and worry about how she could hide, looking perfectly normal. The first hybrid. Little Blythe. "I have to take her soon. The guards will be back." Her maid, Luka, extended her hands toward Blythe. Sonja's hands unconsciously tightened around the wriggling infant. She bestowed a single kiss on the forehead of her daughter. She didn't know it was possible to love anyone more than yourself until Lucien had come along. Now the feeling intensified, doubled as another person filled another hole in her heart she had no idea was there.

Tears escaped her as the passed off the little girl. As she stared she realized that the two shared plenty of features, aside from hair color, making it all the easier to imagine them as family. Through her pain she couldn't help a relived smile. She had a chance. After her death, Luka would be dismissed, leaving no hint that the vampire princess had ever been. However, she had solace in the knowledge that her father would never find Blythe, and a small piece of she and Lucien would always be. "I will take care of her. And she will always know of you and Lucian."

She smile grimly as the woman gave one last look before ducking out the door, leaving her all alone.

-Time laps-

Blythe, now Collins, inspected herself in the mirror as she strained her arms to French braid her freshly straightened hair. Reaching the nape of her neck she tied it off into a ponytail with a triumphant grin. She dressed simply in dark skinny jeans, a navy blue button up shirt with the short sleeves rolled up even further, and black almost combat like boots. She cursed glancing at the clock by the door and ran to her living room to get her pea coat and grey fingerless gloves. She had to meet Michael and Adam for dinner. It was already getting dark as she rushed to the subway station and boarded quickly.

The ride was relatively short and it wasn't that fancy a place so she didn't mind being rained on as she ran through the puddles. The meal was simple and not even that good but the company easily made up for it. The three of them laughed and had thoroughly enjoyed the evening spent together. Michael had teased them at least seven times about their flirting, telling them to just go out already. Blythe shut him up by pointing out the all-important fact that they were out. Adam quickly agreed, playfully accusing him of killing the mood. It was fun but Adam would be off to work and Michael was looking more and more tired by the minute.

It was his day off so Blythe and he would be going back to his place. Well, more she would watch a movie, she would sleep. Outside they all said their goodbyes under the awning. As she and Michael went to step away Adam stopped her. "Here," he shyly handed her the hoodie he wore under his main jacket, "you'll get sick." She smiled to hide her own blush. She had been in love with Adam for some time now, but he always had other girls after him.

He deserved much better than a hybrid anyway. Her lineage would likely catch up with her someday and then her life would get complicated and dangerous. She wouldn't put him through that. "Always the doctor. But really, you need it." She insisted. "You need it more. Please?" He looked at her with those pleading blue eyes, genuine concern there. She sighed, that was as far from the truth as it could be, but she quickly removed her coat and slipped on the grey hoodie. She smiled softly, it had the same comforting scent he did. She flipped the hood up and tugged on the other coat to keep it mainly dry. "Thanks Adam. You're really too good to me." She hugged him goodbye. "You deserve it." He countered shyly.

For some reason, she had a sick feeling that she might not ever see him again. That was, of course, always a possibility but this time it was strong. It was like something was going to happen to her tonight and there was a fair chance of dying. With that in mind they said her final farewells for the day and Blythe promised to return the hoodie soon. With that she and Michael where off to the subway station. Somehow, by the time they reached the stairs leading to the platform, Michael had gotten soaked to the bone. He shook his head roughly, flinging water at her. She scrunched her nose up and hit his arm lightly, removing her own hood. A familiar smell drifted to her nose and she stiffened. Full blooded lycans were around here somewhere. Out of nowhere the smell of vampires also assaulted her nose. She'd never been good at spotting either in a crowd, but the scent was unmistakable. She found herself moving closer to Michael as she scanned the area. And there stood two men, staring at them as if they'd always been there, still as statues.

The only remarkable one was a HUGE black man who watched her. He looked like he was trying to remember where he'd seen her before. The other just watched menacingly. Both glared between Michael and I, he had yet to notice. Suddenly, as if they'd practiced it a million times, both groups stepped forward. She snatched up Michael's wrist and pulled him away. Then all hope of a quiet escape was dashed as the four spotted each other and snarled dangerously. "Well shit." She thought bitterly.

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