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Rain in Budapest, it's like milk in coffee. Icing on donuts. Rarely do you get one without the other. I'd gotten mostly dry during my worry filled drive home. But once I was in the apartment I was once again soaked.

Michael shuffled in behind me laughing at some odd woman/man….shim. "Really? You're the meanest man ever!" I couldn't stop giggling, but it really was rude. I tugged off my jacket and tossed it on the counter in his kitchen. A random glance to the side revealed his paused answering machine. Cautiously, I approached the blinking machine and pushed play.

Adam's frantic tone caused me to jolt. "- Police are here. Michael, they're looking for you. I need to know what's going on. Are you and Blythe alright? Suddenly, Michael gave a startled choke. I spun around to find a dark haired vampire lifting him into the air by his throat. "Why are they after you?" Her tone was forceful and she wore a cold glare.

It's funny how much detail you can register in a single moment. My mind took off like a shot the way it only does when a life is on the line. She was a death dealer, she had to be. She must have assumed I was human too because she had turned her back on me. This had all registered as I flew forward, entangling my hand in her short hair. My other wrapped itself around Michael's bicep and I pulled them apart, flinging the Death Dealer into a nearby wall.

Still clutching Michael in a way part of my brain knew must be painful; I shot toward the elevator at inhuman speeds. Flinging him inside, I all but forced the elevator doors shut. The rather selfish thought 'Once again, a break cannot be caught.' slid through my mind.

I went to my knees and clutched Michael, yelling at him to answer about his health. He was still gasping heavily and stumbled, slinging an arm around my shoulders. The ding of the doors had me rushing forward, needing Michael safe becoming my only priority. I stopped short though when a pleasant voice greeted, "Hello Michael."

He was tall, and dark, and grave looking. Instantly, something in the back of my mind clicked. It whispered to obey, comply and receive my orders. My heart sank, an alpha.

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