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Well, this is my second story here so go easy on me! And yes, the last story was a oneshot to the person who asked. This one however will go on for a few chapters (I hope) so enjoy.

The Kame House, once a small tropical paradise full of memories, had never looked so glum before. The once trademark bright pink paint on the walls looked washed-up and stained, the windows filled with condensation looked as though they hadn't been cleaned in months, the once signature palm trees with stood on the stand outside had fallen, the victim of decay, crumbling beneath the sand...washed away in the sea, it looked dissolute, as if noone lived here anymore...well, noone did - aside from one man. Krillin.

Several months after the Cell games, after the Goku incident, the man who made the Kame House the joyous, wonderful paradise that it was - Master Roshi - had passed away of natural causes. Even in his last moments on his bed, surrounded by friends, he gaped and gawked at the ladies and whispered rude, suggesive things about them to the men. Everyone couldn't help but laugh with him. Good ole Master Roshi, even on his deathbed he still maintains the same attitude...the dirty pervert. But what stuck with everyone was his trademark smile, the smile that had suggested everything was going to be alright, everyone would move on and live their lives to the fullest. Everyone but Krillin. After his Master's death, the ex-monk treated his bedroom as his recluse - only choosing to leave when he needed food or the bathroom. Things only got worse when Oolong, their companion & roommate, decided he couldn't bare the memories that came with this house and decided to find a new place immediately. To say Krillin was devastated would have been a massive understatement - the only one who he had spoken to in weeks was about to up-and-leave him too, just like everyone in Krillin's life. In fairness, Oolong had made the offer that Krillin join him out in West City but Krillin refused, refused to leave Roshi's house alone on the island, just to erode like the space around it. He couldn't do it, he couldn't let go of the memories that came with the house. Everyone else had moved on with their lives, they'd pop over every-now-and-then to see how Krillin was doing but even so that was becoming more-and-more limited. He left as though he was being left behind, tossed aside. Does my friendship have an expire date now? If Goku were still here, he'd know what to do...he'd know how to help me out...I don't even think anyone cares anymore. Now I know how Yamcha feels...

Oolong believed the house to be a curse after Roshi's death. He'd question Krillin about it, ask him things like "Everyone who has left this house has went onto better things!" Krillin grunted and stormed back up to his room, refusing to listen to anymore. Everyone who has left this house has went onto better things? Where's Launch now, what happened to her? Although her time in the house was rather violent whenever she sneezed, they still must have been some of her most proudest memories surely. Goku? You could argue he went onto have a wonderful wife and two kids, but where is he now? Dead. That's where. So Krillin merely watched from his window as Oolong left the Kame residence forever, too upset to even go down to the porch to wish him off. I'm all alone now...what becomes of me? Do I grow old on this island alone? I feel as though my morality is gone...my life...I don't think I can take much more of this anymore. The infamous sun that once shone brightly above the Kame House was now covered with grey clouds, pouring down of rain all around the island. Pathetic fallacy, Krillin thought.

Krillin stepped outside the house for probably the first time within the month. Staring, that's all. Just staring at the sky as the rain splashed against his face, tears entwined, dripping down his face. An outburst of bottled-up feelings rushed through Krillin and he fell to his knees, hands clutching the wet sand beneath him. An ear-piercing scream came from Krillin, one probably heard from the other side of the planet.

"WHY?! Why must you take everything from me...Kami, I've been nothing but a good man all my life, even people who've belittled me I've treated with nothing less than respect, enemies became friends! I've never wronged my life, I even fight to protect Earth but time-after-time you deal me with this cruel fate...you're pushing me over the edge! I don't know if I can take it anymore...I'm so lonely, I'm ugly, I'll never marry or have children. I'll grow old on this island alone. Even the pig abandoned me! Please...I feel as though my soul has been torn from me, baring itself to me...it says to me that I deserve everything that happens to me, that I'm not a good person...oh Kami, who can I turn to now?!"

Images of a blonde woman popped into his head. The one he'd helped during the Cell saga. Eighteen...she won't help me, she loathes the very sight of me. I disgust her, its been months...she's never coming back. He'd accepted that, noone would come back for him, especially not the most beautiful yet cold woman on the planet. She'd sooner ki-blast him than she would comfort him, so why was these thoughts even crossing his mind? Forget about her...I have to for my sanity. I'm alone and I need to accept that and move on, heck...maybe I'll end up turning into Roshi and rummaging through his porn-stack before I know it. Even the very thought of his Master made Krillin cringe, he'd quickly delete the thought from his head as if it was running off a hard drive and replace it with something else, something depressing...anything to keep his mind off of that. Being alone.

Krillin fell back on the sand with a sickening thud, depleted. At this moment in time he had official lost his faith. Lost his soul.

Thanks for reading, chapter two will be up soon. It's a little short yeah but it's just kind of the introduction I suppose.