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Beep, beep, beep...

Goten clung onto his mothers arm eagerly, watching the frail small body infront of him. Chest rising up and down, wires sticking out everywhere. He sure had inherited his fathers fear of needles as every time he saw one of Krillin's he'd just squirm, burying his head into Chi-Chi's arm. Gohan looked on helplessly, questioning why Krillin would do this - what would possess him? Out of all the Z-Fighters Krillin was the one most full of life, who'd reassure everyone else when they were feeling down. Maybe that's why he was pushed to this, he was busy playing friend/comforter to everyone else that at some point the feeling wasn't reciprocated. Had we really neglected him like that? He sighed, unable to shake the thought of his head and just sat back in his chair, staring at the hospital bed with his best friend on it.

"Did you see the note?" Bulma broke the silence, holding an upset Trunks on her knee.

"Yeah, we saw it - his place was a mess. But we weren't the ones who brought him in - he was already here when we found it," Yamcha replied sadly.

"So do you know who brought him in?"

"I don't know. I tried asking the doctors but they have about as much a clue as we do. Anyways let's just be grateful someone was there in time, imagine if they didn't-" Yamcha paused momentarily to clear his throat, his emotions building up rapidly, "-yeah, well. Me and the guys got at his place way after midnight and he was gone. But the note was still there."

"I don't know why he'd do it, I he depressed? Was it accidental? Did he mean to take the laxatives instead?" Chi-chi rubbed her temples, desperately trying to answer this whole mystery herself.

"Mom, relax. Seriously this isn't the time to be talking about why. Fact is one of our best friends is lying on a hospital bed and he's gonna need his pals when he wakes up," Gohan was always the optimist of the group lately - he had to be, especially with Chi-Chi as a mother.

"It's just strange seeing one of the strongest human beings lying helplessly on a hospital bed, so vulnerable..."

Vegeta, having been dragged along by Bulma, scoffed quietly with his arms folded, hiding in the shadows in the corner of the room.

"Woman, the shrimp is clearly going to survive so why whine over it. Get over it, we've got bigger things to worry about I'm sure. Probably another lizard or robot is going to crop up soon so I'm out of here. I'll be in the damn gravity chamber."

Bulma merely nodded as a response to her angry husband and watched him walk out the hospital.

"Chi, I'm gonna take Trunks home. As much of an ass as my dutiful husband is, he's right. Sitting here and worrying won't help and the doctors said he may not wake up for a while. We'll come back later."

"Yeah mom, we should go. Besides I've got to meet Piccolo to let him know what's happening and this place is really bumming Goten out."

"Alright," Chi-chi agreed, "I guess I best get dinner ready. Are you coming Yamcha?"

"I'm right behind you guys, I'll catch up," the group nodded and Yamcha stood, tucking his hands into his pockets, staring at his motionless close friend on the hospital bed.

"Why'd you do it Krillin...damn, this is a shitty situation huh? I'll come by later buddy, hopefully you'll be awake then."

Eighteen lay with her face planted on her pillow, retracing her very hazy steps from last night. From going to some new lame club with Seventeen, toseeing Krillin there, their conversation, her proposition and later his rejection. Really? She got rejected by him? But that wasn't the disturbing and questionable part of the night...

She watched Krillin leave the club by himself, looking visible disturbed. A few more drinks later, she said goodbye to Seventeen and the women draped over him and left. She was fully intent on going home but that small itch inside of her kept creeping up. Atleast go over there and kick his ass or something, noone rejects you like that. And to even call you a monster over it? He's got to pay. She walked to a near-by alley, out of sight from prying eyes and flew up into the air, her destination the Kame House.

There was a dim light shining from the sitting room as she touched down on the sand. Eighteen made her way up to the window and took a peek inside the window...

There he was, back arched against the couch, head flopped back and mouth wide open. Drunken idiot must have fell asleep as soon as he came in. Her eyes surveyed around the room and that's when she spotted something out of order...

What looked like small white pills were scattered around the floor, an empty glass also present. Eighteen raised an eyebrow, had he knocked over an ampule or something? Took something for his obvious drunken headache and knocked the rest over? All whilst asking herself these questions she noticed the entire time Krillin had not moved an inch. Was his chest even rising? Oh Kami...

She put two and two together, that night at the club after their conversation. He looked distressed, distracted, hurt...he made a quick exit after wishing her and her brother well as if it was the last time he'd ever see them... he came back here, took some pills and slipped into abyss. He had tried to kill himself. Eighteen quickly punched through the window, stepped inside the house and ran over to Krillin.

"Krillin? Come on, wake up - don't do this to me you whimp!" She shook him violently, then noticed the note on the table. Eighteen took ahold of the note, skimmed through it and slammed it back through the later.

"You're not going out like this, I refuse to let you take the cowards way out! Come on Krillin, you can't leave me like this you prick!" Irrational thoughts spread through her brain, leave her like this? She was nothing to him, wasn't even sure if she wanted to be something. But to not have the choice, to have him die before anything could happen? That just wouldn't do. She picked Krillin up and flung him over one shoulder then flew out the window to the nearest hospital, but considering he lived on a remote island the "nearest" hospital was quite a while away. She'd have to push herself, fly faster just to have a slim chance of making it on time.

Eighteen eventually reached the hospital and landed, not caring if anyone saw her. She ran through the reception area and into the doctors quarters.

"Excuse me miss, you can't go back there until you're called for! Miss!" A nurse shouted from behind.

Eighteen ignored her and gently set Krillin down on a near-by bed, grabbing one of the doctors.

"Help him, he took some pills...h-he...he tried to kill himself. So save him now before I shove that stethoscope down your throat!"

"Okay, calm down ma'am. We'll take care of him, don't worry. Nurse, help me out here please," The doctor replied. Then he and the nurse rolled Krillin away and into a treatment room - several minutes later a few other doctors showed up and also entered the same room. Not a good sign.

Eighteen paced around the waiting area, biting her lip till it drew blood. He couldn't die, all the times he saved her and she never got a chance to save him back. This was her chance, but was she too late? It couldn't end this way, so many things were unsaid between the two, so many feelings denied. She wasn't even sure if she felt the same way he did for her - yes, Eighteen was fully aware of his feelings thanks to that small blonde boy blabbing his mouth at the lookout all those months ago. Back then, she didn't feel the same way. Refused to, even. Men would hurt her, use her - just like Gero. But Krillin was different, she just didn't want to see that. He never made any advancements on her, he was a gentleman and possibly the kindest man she'd ever met. The man with the most kindest hard, but that wasn't true was it? It was all a facade he'd put up after the Cell games and Roshi incidents, his past coincided. He hid his pain from everyone, put up his walls like she had a tendency to do - he made everyone else smile at the expense of his own misery. People always went to him when they were feeling down yet never made the time to listen to his pain. And here I thought they were a tight-knit bunch...guess not.

Eventually the same doctor was walking down the corridor, Eighteen caught up to him and yanked his arm, dragging him into a secluded room - if, God forbid, Krillin was dead she certainly did not want everyone seeing her reaction in public.

"How is he?"

"Oh, yes. He'll be fine thankfully, there was a moment of worry but he's a fighter - that's for sure. There was a large dose of Tramadol in his body, ma'am. I really question how he survived, it's practically a miracle - he's a miracle, certainly not...ordinary," The doctor looked fascinated, speaking of Krillin as if he was a was disgusting.

"Look, I didn't want a lecture on how special he is. I just wanted to make sure he's fine that's all. I'll be on my way now."

"Okay, what you like me to tell you he stopped by Miss...?"

" Don't mention anything about me or else there will be consequences, got it? If I hear you told him anything about me being here, I'll come back and find you," She prodded her finger against the doctors chest. He nodded weakly, clutching onto his notes shakily. Eighteen stepped back and made a swift exit back to her motel room.

That entire night was a blur, she stayed awake juggling her thoughts. She sat on her bed, legs pressed up against her chest with her arms holding them. To find Krillin in such a state was unbearable, she rolled over and pressed her face into the pillow where she remained the entire night.

Now, the next day, still in this position and wide awake. She pondered over what to do next, should she go and visit him? See if he is awake yet? She didn't even know how to think of this. Fact is someone she was starting to care about tried to kill himself, she truly had thought she was the only one with inner turmoil and that Krillin was a goody-two-shoes with everything going for him. In a way, it made her question her own motives. Did her attitude contribute towards this? It couldn't have, he must have been still dwelling on the deaths of his friends. Maybe it was reflective on his past? He was brought up in a monastery, so she assumed he never knew who his parents were. Just like her.

Eighteen eventually rolled off the bed, got washed and dressed and headed out the motel door. Her mind was made up, she would go and see him whether he wanted to see her or not.

Beep, beep, beep...

Krillin awoke to the sound of his own EKG monitor groggily. mumbling some inaudible words. He looked around the empty hospital room, unsure of how he got here.

"What's going on...where the hell am I?!" He managed to force out, taking in his surroundings. He spotted the several IV's attached to him and grimaced. Then it hit him, why he was here.

"I tried to kill myself, take those pills...why, how could I have been so foolish..." He quietly sobbed, trying but failing to sit up. He had let his demons win the inner-battle he was engaged in for months, he'd never felt so weak and pathetic than he did now. He was depressed and suicide thoughts had reached him several times but he was never very serious about them, but mix those thoughts in with hard liquor and it's always going to be a bad result. Geez what must people think of me now. He sighed and reluctantly set his head back down on the pillow and stared at the ceiling until a figure was at the door-frame.

"Ah, nurse. I'm feeling some discomfort, can you help me sit up please?" Krillin asked.

"Nurse? Is that what you see me as in your kinky little fantasy?" The voice teased, which made Krillin automatically bolt up and stare at the figure.

"Eighteen? Is that you?"

"The very same...we've really got to stop meeting with you lying on your back," She teased, half-smiling.

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