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Summary: AU – Musical Fic –If you want to be a star, FT Productions is the place for you! When Juvia and Gajeel run out of options of where to go, they accept them and their talent with open arms. But the road to fame will not be easy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. Neither I nor Juvia own the song 'My Immortal' performed by Evanescence.

Song of Chapter: 'My Immortal' by Evanescence


Fairies and Tails

By: BonneyQ


Chapter OneFT Productions

The building stood tall and imposing as the small blunette girl looked from the other side of the street and took a deep breath. What was she doing there? There wasn't a chance that she would be accepted; but before she could stop herself, she called making an appointment and thirty minutes later, was in front of it, with a big urge to go inside but apprehensive to do so.

FT Productions.

She shook her head. No, they would never accept her. She should just quit and go home, find a small bar to sing once in a while to get money and move on from the show business. Maybe Juvia Loxar wasn't cut to be someone that people would like to hear.

"If you're going in, then go. You're starting to make me want to strangle you." A bored voice came from behind her and she turned to see her long-time friend. Gajeel Redfox: tall, dark, mysterious, holding his guitar case. His red eyes scared most of the people he encountered, but not Juvia. They have known each other for seven years and she knew that, inside, he was a softie; wrapped in a very scary façade.

"Juvia shouldn't." The girl shook her head. "She did a bad thing, they would never…"

"Didn't that woman... Scarlett says that they would want to see if you're fit for the job?" Gajeel crossed his arms, full of big scars from his times in the streets.

"Yes, but…" She tried, but he interrupted her, rolling his eyes.

"Then fuckin' go! If it's yes, then hoo-ray. If it's no, move on." He said and Juvia started chewing her lower lip in apprehension. "Just hurry up. I have to be at the club in two hours or I don't get paid." He started to push her towards the FT Production's building, she was stopping on the way, but she was weaker than him, so it didn't make much of a difference.

"Go in with me, Gajeel-kun." She turned around, walking backwards, because the tall man was certainly not stopping, and looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Hell no." He scoffed.

"You can wait for me outside of the room." They stopped as they reached the big door of the building.

"Juvia, do you remember why you don't want to come in? What I did was way worse than what you did and you're asking me to go inside a building full of people who hate my guts?" Gajeel said and she nodded.

"Yes, please." Juvia nodded, making her curls move; she put her hands together and begged. "Please, Gajeel-kun! If you do this, Juvia will… make your lunch for a week!"

That caught his attention.

From one side, every person in FT Productions hated him, but in the other hand, Juvia was one hell of a cook. Gajeel found himself actually thinking about getting in. It's not like the people inside were going to jump him at the very moment he stepped inside, right?

"Make it two and you bring it to wherever I am." Gajeel eyed her and saw when her face changed from agony, to pure relief.

"Deal!" She said and he nodded; at least he would get free meals out of it.

Both of them looked to the door, where the FT logo were and then looked to each other. They had faced things far worse than that. They could get in and out in one piece. Hopefully. Together, they entered the building that would change their lives forever.


Juvia opened the door that the woman she assumed was an assistant told her to go and waved Gajeel good-bye, which he didn't reply. He just kept seated with his arms crossed, looking annoyed, and she felt a little guilty of making him do that, but felt better knowing that he was there if she needed him.

She probably would need some consolation after that meeting.

The girl was expecting to see only the President of FT, Makarov Dreyar, waiting for her but was surprised once she saw that there were two other women with him in a very big gallery, that she assumed was for training.

One of them, she knew: Erza Scarlett; aka Titania. Her long scarlet hair was tied in a ponytail while her brown eyes scanned Juvia's entirely form and the blue haired girl suddenly felt self-conscious of her conservative clothes.

The other one had long wavy white hair and her bangs were tied up and she smiled warmly to Juvia. She was Mirajane Strauss, one of the legendary Three Fairies of FT Productions. She, Erza Scarlett and Cana Alberona made quite success three years before, until they decided to go solo.

And of course, there was also Makarov Dreyar, a tiny old man that had a white moustache and was looking at her with a small smile.

"Hello, Juvia." He said and she became even more nervous. She knew that he was a powerful man in the show business; he could make her career launch to the moon or sink to the core of the Earth, so, no pressure there, right?

"Good morning." She said shyly, still by the door, really considering going back to where she left Gajeel, grab his hand and go away. They would never accept her.

"Come over here, Juvia!" Mirajane squealed and Juvia was surprised to notice that she looked like had nothing against her. The blunette nodded and went towards the three people.

"So, Juvia." Makarov said once Juvia was a few feet away from him. "Erza said that I should meet you. Said that you helped her out when there was no one else to cover the missing back vocal at the festival."

"Yes." Juvia said shyly, which was out of character for her. She usually was very confident in her abilities, but being in a room with the best people of the business left her doubting herself. "It was nothing…"

"Don't be silly." Erza said in a commanding voice, but not in a mean way. Juvia noticed that she was used to talking like that. "You were of big help. The show could've been ruined if I hadn't found someone who could get the lyrics easily." Juvia nodded.

"You were a member of Phantom Publicity." Makarov said and Juvia looked down in shame of what she did a month back. "For how long?"

"Don't worry, sweetie." Mirajane must've sensed Juvia's insecurity. The blunette looked up to the white haired woman, who was smiling kindly. "We just want to know your level of training. Nothing to do with that… incident."

"Sorry." Makarov looked terrified for a moment, for upsetting a girl. "I just need to know for how long you trained, that's all!"

"It's alright." Juvia said with a small smile. "Juvia was in Phantom for two years." Makarov nodded and so did the women by his side. "She was supposed to have her debut in two months, before Phantom bankrupt." She gulped. It was still hard to know that she had spent her money in that place, to be conned by Jose Porla. "We were going to be called 'Element Four'."

"I see." Makarov nodded with sympathy. "I know Jose. He wouldn't put you in a group if you weren't any good for it. And apparently, you have the training, but I need you to audition for me, child." Juvia nodded, searching for a paper in her purse, where she put the lyrics she brought. She looked around and saw a piano.

"Does Juvia need to play as well? Or just sing it?"

Erza took the piece of paper from her hand, kindly and looked over.

"I can play it for you. It's a simple melody." The red haired frowned. "Did you write this?"

"Yes." Juvia blushed because the other woman noticed. "Juvia had a tough time and she wrote it to see if it would make her feel better."

"This is good." Erza nodded and went to the piano, still reading. "Give me a minute and we'll be good to go."

"What can you play, Juvia?" Mirajane asked nicely.

"Piano, guitar and violin." She responded and Makarov raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Really?" He looked up and exchanged a look with Mirajane. "That's impressive for a young girl like you."

"Juvia learned the violin when she was a little girl. Piano and guitar, she learned with a friend." Juvia said and was about to say more, but Erza said that she was ready to start.

"Go on." Makarov said kindly and Mirajane gave her the thumbs up.

(Start Playing the Song My Immortal, by Evanescence)

The first notes started and Juvia took a breath and concentrate. She had a lot at stake there. It was her career that she was gambling with.

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

Both Makarov and Mirajane looked at her with clinical eyes, while she stood there, singing. Juvia knew that her voice was good, but she was so nervous that she knew that she was making a few mistakes and she started to try to make it better.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

Mirajane leaned and whispered something to Makarov and Juvia decided to close her eyes and forget that she was in an audition, otherwise she would let her fear take advantage of her and she couldn't do that. She trained for years, she could conquer that fear.

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you've left behind
Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away all the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

Juvia could hear her voice echoing through the walls and open her eyes, confident this time, singing with all her might and showing them why she was going to be an Element Four; she needed to show him what she had inside.

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have all of me

It was so freeing to sing. She could put all of her emotions in her voice, she could express herself, and she could… fly. That's the definition. Whenever she sang, Juvia felt like flying, like she weight nothing.

When Erza stopped playing, though, her shyness returned. When she focused her eyes in the couple in front of her, she saw a very satisfied Makarov; he was smirking, his arms crossed. Mirajane had her hands together and was also smiling happily.

"I guess we found our missing Fairy!" Makarov said and Juvia frowned in confusion.

"Yes!" Mirajane said happily. "You have a little melancholy around you Juvia, which will fit perfectly with the Fairies." The white haired woman added fast. "But I don't mean in a bad way! I mean, that you can fit, because the other girls are also different from each other, so…"

"I told you she was good." Erza said going to her previous place by Makarov's side.

"Yes, you did." Makarov was clearly happy. "Can you dance, Juvia-chan?"

She said nothing about the suffix in the name. "Hm... Juvia thinks so. It's not her best quality, but..."

"It doesn't matter." He dismissed it with a movement of his hand. "In the worst scenaruo, you stand at the stage and sing like you did here. I can't believe that you appeared when we needed the most."

Mirajane got closer to Juvia to look closer to her. "And she has the same measures as Visca. Her clothes, with a little adjustment can fit her perfectly!" The white haired woman smiled. "The Fairies can still have their debut!"

"What?" Juvia didn't understand what was happening.

The three people in front of her, smiled brightly.

"I believe that you just got accepted by FT Productions." Erza said and Juvia's eyes widened in surprise.

"Really?" Were they messing with her? "But..."

"The debut is in two weeks. We have so much to do!" Mirajane was really excited, while Erza just chuckled to her friend.

"So... Juvia's in?" The blunette frowned.

"Yes." Makarov nodded, smiling. "Mira and Erza will take you to the rest of the Fairies. I have some people to call to tell them that they don't have to worry about the debut anymore."

Before she could say anything else, Mirajane was pulling her towards the door.

"Wait..." Juvia untangled Mirajane's arms from hers and talked to the tiny man. "Why are you accepting Juvia after she helped President Jose try to destroy FT Productions? We tried to take down competition by stealing songs and destroying equipaments. So, why are you being so good with Juvia?"

Makarov made a movement with his hand and the other women left the room. After a few moments of silence, Makarov spoke. "Juvia, I knew Jose for years. I have always known that he was… rotten. And some of the people he had under his wings were also a bad influence. And I agreed to meet you because Erza said that you were a good one. And she was right. Besides, who am I to deny people a second chance? I also made mistakes and I also had second chances. What we do with them that makes the difference. Do you understand?" She nodded. "You will have to prove yourself, Juvia. Not to me, or anyone else, but to your own soul. If you want to change, you, and only you can do that."

Juvia nodded and was about to turn away, when she returned to look at Makarov.

"Sir… since we are talking about second chances… Could you hear Juvia out for a second? She has this friend…"


"Juvia Loxar-sama." The same assistant that brought her in was waiting outside the room. "Erza-sama and Mirajane-sama told me to lead you."

"Thanks." The blunette found her friend, looking at her with a raised eyebrow, in a silent question. Juvia, then, opened the biggest smile she could manage and for the first time in some time, he returned it. They were passing by a tough patch and it was nice to have something to smile about. "Juvia is in!"

He got up from the chair, adjusting the guitar case. "Of course you are. Told ya."

"Now, you can't stay mad with Juvia." She said, losing her smile and he frowned.

"Why would I be mad at…" He was interrupted when the door from which Juvia came in opened to reveal Makarov. Gajeel, recognizing him, paled.

"Gajeel Redfox. Inside." The tiny man said in a commanding voice. Gajeel could kick the man like a football if it came down to size, but he couldn't do a damn thing with a man that important and that scary, when he wanted to be. "And bring that guitar of yours." The man entered the room again.

The tall man looked shell-shocked for a moment, before looking back to Juvia, who had her hands together, asking for forgiveness.

"What the hell did you do, woman?" He growled to her.

"Juvia just told him how good you are, Gajeel-kun." The man was about to open his mouth to protest, but she interrupted him. "Juvia wouldn't make him wait…"

Gajeel knew that she was right. He looked angrily at her. "Afterwards, I am killing you. Gotcha?"

"Yes." She bowed to him, and looked behind to the woman who was expecting her, to lead her to where Mirajane and Erza were probably waiting. "Sorry. And good luck! See you back at the apartment."

"SHUT UP AND GO DIE!" Gajeel yelled as he opened the door to face Makarov, because the tiny man was someone you could never say "no" to.

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