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Fairies and Tails

By: BonneyQ

Chapter ThreeMira's Bar

Juvia looked around her new room and smiled. This was so much better than she ever expected; the bedroom was big and had big windows, a bathroom and a small balcony as well. The closet was so big that she was sure that she wasn't going to have enough clothes to fill it.

The king-sized bed surprised her, and the truth was that she never had one and when she saw it, Juvia wanted to jump on it with happiness, but she didn't. Lisanna and Lucy were with her, after the boys had brought her few things they decided to stay a little bit and talk.

"Good, right?" Lucy said; smiling happily and Juvia nodded. The blonde continued. "My room is across the hall, so, if you need anything you can just go over there. My room is, unfortunately, almost as a second house for… well, everyone else." She rolled her eyes. "I swear I can't even begin to count how many times I arrived there and found someone inside without asking me for permission."

Lisanna giggled. "I don't live here; I live with my sister and my brother, as I told you before. But, if I'm not around, you can call me." The white-haired girl took Juvia's cellphone that was lying above the bed and quickly put her number. "I'm here all the time, so you probably won't even use it, but just in case… Any time you need, just call."

The blunette nodded, not knowing exactly what else to do. She never had… girlfriends. Juvia only had a Gajeel. He was the best friend she could ever hope for, and honestly, he was her entirely family, but she was a girl and even if she wasn't the most girly girl in the world, she needed people with plenty estrogen to talk to, and she never met any who wanted to be her friend.

Juvia was always told that she was gloomy, so, she guessed that that's the reason people didn't want to stay around her. She was the Ame-onna, the girl who always made rain around people. The only one to be around her was Gajeel. Whenever she was down, he would call her Gloomy Woman (in a way that didn't sound too bad) and then he would kick the ass of whoever did bring her down.

But it was somewhat good to have those two girls to talk to; even though they didn't know each other for much time. When they met each other officially, it was that same day she had auditioned to FT Productions.

Juvia was nervous. The woman led her to the training area, which was full with other members and employees of FT; the ones who recognized her looked confused but didn't do anything other than to stare and for that she was grateful. Juvia didn't want to be in any trouble.

"We are here, Juvia-sama." The woman in front of her showed a room with walls of glass, where Juvia could see Erza and Mirajane looking to two other girls while they did a choreography with precision.

"Ah, here she is!" Mirajane clapped her hands with enthusiasm and the other three women in the room looked up to the blue-haired woman. "We were just practicing a little while waiting for you."

"'We', Mira-nee?" The white haired girl who looked a lot like Mirajane said, with a smile on her face. "Lucy and I were practicing, you were looking." She turned to Juvia and offered a hand while Mira giggled. "Hi, I'm Lisanna." A little warily with the friendly woman, Juvia shook the hand. "And you are…?"

"Juvia Loxar. Nice to meet you." The blunette said and turned to look to the blonde girl. "Lucy-san."

"Hi, Juvia." She responded by waving one hand, knowing that the girl was scared enough as it was. "So, that was the big surprise?" Lucy asked to Erza and the red haired woman smiled and nodded.

"Since Bisca cannot be one of the Fairies anymore, because of her –hm– condition," Erza coughed "and since I knew that Juvia here have many talents, I told her to have an audition. And she passed." The two younger girls looked anxious. "So, girls. We found our third Fairy. You'll have your debut as it was predicted."

Both Lucy and Lisanna let out a big squeal with happiness and before Juvia could fully process, she was being hugged very tightly by them.

"Oh, thank you, Juvia!" Lisanna said, while Juvia tried to breathe.

"I knew that we would find someone!" Lucy let go of Juvia and offered her a big smile. "I'm glad it's you."

"Th-thanks." The blunette blushed and looked down.

"You. Are. So. Cute!" Lisanna said and hugged Juvia again. "If Erza, Mira-nee and Lucy say that you are good for the job, I believe it." She let the blunette go, but her hands were in her shoulders. "Anything you need, you can ask. We'll help you as much as we can, right Lucy?"

"Yes." The blonde nodded. "But I don't think that she'll need much help." She giggled. "I was a back vocal with her about a month ago, and she is very quick with catching up melodies and lyrics."

"Indeed." Erza nodded, her hands crossed over her chest and her stare went to Juvia. "The Fairies will debut with a mini-album with three songs. Lucy and Lisanna already recorded their pieces, and so did Bisca. But since you are replacing her, we'll have to re-record these parts and also the chorus'." The red haired woman said in a commanding voice. "And you have to learn the dance moves."

Juvia bit her lower lip in apprehension. "Juvia is not the best dancer, Erza-san."

"Then we'll have to work more in that part." Mirajane said with kindness. "You don't need to be perfect in your debut. You will get better with every performance."

"How about we start with it?" Erza suggested it. "While you don't record, we can still use the songs we have Bisca singing. It'll be basically the same thing. Are you up to it, Juvia?"

"Yes." The blunette nodded eagerly. She was a little dazed with how her day was turning out to be, but she was not backing off. Apparently, life was offering her a break and she was going to take it!

Juvia looked to Lisanna and Lucy, who was also adding her number in Juvia's phone and she was happy that they were with her, being a part of Fairies. During that week, they were nothing other than helpful. As Juvia had warned, she wasn't that quick when learning how to dance; she wasn't a natural at it, but so far, she was being able to catch up because of the help.

Now, with the music part of it, she had absolutely no problem at all. Bisca already had her parts recorded, making it easier for Juvia to match. During the first four days, she trained vocally and recorded, while during the nights, she learned how to dance.

Erza supervised the dance lessons, while Mira helped her with the singing during the day. But when the recorded ended the dance practice went from just night lessons to whole days; and Mirajane decided that Juvia needed a makeover and in the day before, she dragged Juvia away from Erza and took her to a hairdresser who did wonders to Juvia's hair. It had been a while since Juvia had it down, but Mirajane seemed to like it.

And of course, her fellow Fairies also helped a lot, pointing out the flaws in her dance movements, and repeating them so Juvia could look and do better; not once complaining about it.

"Juvia?" Lucy waved a hand in front of the blunette's face and Juvia blinked, returning her thoughts to the girls in front of her and to whatever they were talking about. "I was trying to get your attention for two minutes." She said. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Juvia nodded. "Just thinking about the photoshoot tomorrow." She lied quickly. "Juvia never had one before."

"We neither." Lisanna said excited. "Always wanted one, though."

"Me too." Lucy agreed. "The costumes are so pretty, Juvia!"

The blunette smiled politely and began to hear about how excited the two girls were about the upcoming day and which poses they would be doing for the photographer. Many of them were really silly and Juvia laughed a bit, offering some options for the girls too while she started to put her clothes inside the closet.

Her life was finally going in a direction she liked. Juvia just hoped that nothing happened and screw things up.


If anyone told her younger self that she was going to be in a pop group named 'Fairies', she would probably look at said person with boredom and ignore what was being said. Juvia wasn't a very good person back in the day. And yet, there she was, dressed as a fairy.

Her current outfit was a pink strapless dress that was very tight until reach her hips, getting loose. It was mid-thigh length and a little sparkly; and Juvia was happy that her dress was pink, since it was her favorite color. She was also wearing white boots, that reached her knees and her hair was loose.

But what Juvia found the cutest thing ever, was the Tinkerbell-like light pink wings that were popping out of her back. The make-up people did a great job with them, if Juvia's hair weren't covering her back, no one would notice that the wings weren't real, you know, if it was normal for humans to have wings.

The final result took her breath away! Juvia was looking to a very big photo of herself, her silhouette perfectly showing; it was a shot of all of her body, she was with her back to the camera, her hair was down and between it, the wings came out, baby pink and sparkly. She had her right hand on her hip – that she moved a little to the side – and the other was pointing up, making her arm stay in an L position. Where, after a little photo manipulation was written: "The Fairies are back!" And underneath it the date of the debut in a week.

"It looks so good!" She said excited.

"Yes." Erza, who went with the three girls to make sure things went smoothly, nodded. "We want to make the people curious about you three, that's why we are not showing your faces on these ads."

"Those are very good." Lucy said, looking to her own picture. Much like Juvia, she was also wearing a similar dress, but light blue. Her boots were not as long as Juvia's, though. In the picture, she was on her side, the baby blue wings perfectly in display, one of her arms were contracted close to her face, hidden her face, while the other was in front of her, like she was holding a crossbow, where it was written: "Meet the new Fairies!", with the debut date written under it.

"I can't believe." Lisanna said excited, looking to the other girls' photos. Her light purple dress, had the same model as the others and instead of boots, she was wearing white sandals with straps that wrapped around her legs until reached her knees. In her ad, she was in the middle of jumping: she had her back to the camera, her legs were a little bent, and she had her arm in her side, pointing and like Juvia and Lucy's, there was also something written. "The Fairies will enchant you again", with the debut date under it.

Juvia smiled when she looked to the pictures and her eyes stung a little. She usually wasn't that emotional, but since her dream was coming true, she thought she could let herself be emotional for a little while.

Noticing the blunette's eyes become watery, Lucy smiled and put an arm on Juvia's shoulders.

"Pretty cool, right?"

Juvia nodded and offered a tiny smile. "Yes."

Lisanna laughed and also put one arm around Juvia's shoulders. "We are the Fairies, girls. We are pretty cool."

Lucy and Juvia laughed at this and before they could do anything else, they saw a flash; the photographer had taken another shot.

"I think we just found the cover of your cd." Erza said, smiling.


Later that night, in the cafeteria, the girls and the boys were talking about how they liked their photoshoots.

After showing the others their pictures, the girls wanted to see the boys' too, and after many moments of whining from the Fairies, Loki finally gave in. He reached his phone and showed the final shot of the Tails. Lucy, Lisanna and Juvia gathered around it to look.

The Tails' advertising was cut in four parts: one above the others, two side by side and the last one underneath it all; the first one had a bunch of Natsu's hair, his forehead and eyebrows, the two underneath it, had Gajeel's left red eye showing part of his nose in one, and Gray's right black orb on another, also with part of his nose. Underneath it, a picture with only Loki's flirty smile, showing his chin and a bit of his orange hair. It somehow composed a face with all of theirs!

"Oh, this is good!" Juvia laughed and the boys winced in pain.

"It's not. They made us look like..." Loki tried to explain.

"Like you're one." Lucy smiled, also looking to the ad. "The girls will go wild."

"Oh, yeah." Lisanna giggled. "It's very good!"

The boys looked to each other in disgust.

"It's easy for you three to say that." Gajeel rolled his eyes.

"Yeah." Natsu agreed.

"You look like you're really fairies. You have wings and sparkly dresses, while we look..." Gray said.

"We look deformed." Loki nodded, agreeing. "I am so handsome, why did they do that to me?" The orange haired man complained and the girls laughed.

"I think that it looks awesome." Lucy tried to comfort Loki by taking his hands into hers and his face lighted up a bit.

"Me too." Lisanna said pinching Natsu's cheek.

"Cut it out, baka." Natsu said, but because of the girl pinching him, it sounded more like 'cuui aw, aka'.

"Gray-sama, this is very good." Juvia said, and for a moment it seemed like the blunette's eyes were shaped like hearts. The said man just rolled his eyes. "And you too, Gajeel-kun. Juvia thinks that you look good too." She smiled to her friend, who just looked away from the group as she giggled.

"Can you believe that in a week, we will have our debut?" Lucy asked and everyone went quiet.

"Gosh, this is going pretty fast." Gray laughed nervously.

"And we are going to do it in 'Mira's Bar', the most watched talk show of Fiore." Loki said and everyone paled a little bit. "No pressure or anything, right?"

The others mumbled some things under their breaths.

Mira's Bar had the biggest audience during the Saturdays, when it goes on air. Mirajane Strauss was the hostess and usually she had some time of it, where she interviewed very famous people. And they would have their debut there. To say that they were nervous was an understatement.

"Mm..." Lisanna mumbled and got up. "Maybe we should go to bed?"

"Tomorrow we will have training since morning." Lucy agreed, following the white haired girl.

"Juvia needs to practice her dance." The blunette said and also stood up.

"Good night." The girls waved and the boys said theirs good byes.

When the Tails were alone, after some minutes of silence, they got up at the same time.

"I'm tired."

"Gotta go."

"Long day."


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