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This time, a chill didn't creep up on me. I was uncomfortable but I knew it couldn't be Liam nor Reina. This person behind me was different. Could it be Celeste? I shook my head and just waited for the breathing behind me to stop. It didn't. It seemed to wait for me to turn around. Well, it had to get used to the fact that I was stubborn. This person didn't know me.

"You're so stubborn, Ofelia. Just turn around," this person did know me.

"You go first. I'd like to know who I'm being stalked by," I smiled.

I heard a shuffling movement and whipped around to face my enemy. I took out my sword to slash away. I swung at my enemy as I closed my eyes to hide away the grotesque scene. Nothing fell to the floor or made a piercing sound. I opened my right eye and squinted my left. I dropped my sword in an instant. This was so person I could see.

"Oh, Ofelia, I could've been dead," the person shook his head.

This man who stood over me, was tall. He was very handsome and but older than me. I was interested in his facial features. He looked a bit like me. A grandfather maybe? No, grandfathers aren't the same age as their granddaughters.

"You scared me quite a bit. I could've been dead too," I played along.

"Ha! We wouldn't want that, would we?" he asked me.

"Quit the laughing, who are you?" I asked.

"I'll cut to the answer. I'm King Rump Stiltzchen, married to Queen Reina Stiltzchen. I don't think she uses her last name anymore for certain reasons," he smiled at me.

"Married to my mother?" I was confused. "No one is. My real father abandoned Reina," I folded my arms.

"So you were told, Ofelia," he came closer.

"I don't believe in ghosts, you know. Even though I'm young, I'm over it. If you're trying to scare me, it wouldn't work," I thought I caught him.

"I'm not someone who'd scare you. If you don't believe me, I guess I'll just have to show you why I've come to you," he turned around.

"Why don't I get my friend Liam? He can help you," I smiled.

"Don't you mean your uncle Liam?" he questioned me.

"How?" I was dumbfounded.

"Let me make this quite simple, Ofelia. I'm the father your mother never talks about. Do you wish to know why I've never been a subject?" he was fierce. "I was murdered by her own hands. She converted to her mother's evil behind our backs. My brother and I are disgraced by her actions," he rushed the story.

"I could anticipate that happening to you. I'm sorry but I guess this is unbelievable. You're daughter isn't here," I tried explaining.

"I'd know my own daughter. You're Princess Ofelia Stiltzchen, daughter of me, the Last Deity," he slurred the words.

"I was never a princess. It was only a setup so I could find a husband," I sat down on the floor.

"Of course your mother would want you to get married. Though if I had a say in it, I wouldn't allow it," I laughed.

"If you are my father, then you'd help me get rid of Reina," I proposed.

"I would, only if you accept that I am your true father. We need each other's trust," he looked down on me.

"Yes, father," I hugged him tightly.

Did I really believe he was my true father? No but he did know of Reina's nastiness. I needed all the help I could get. Death told me to get on everyone's side. I was doing what I was told. After I let go, my "father" disappeared from my sight. I shrugged it off and went back upstairs. I put the floorboards back the way it was and quietly descended down the stairs.

"Ofelia!" Liam startled me.

"Goodness!" I let out a shriek.

"We thought we lost you! What are you doing here?" Uncle asked me.

"I felt a connection here. I came to see what it was," I told the truth.

"We should be on our way," he told me.

"Do you know anything about this place?" I asked him.

"No, Ofelia. Celeste and I are waiting for you outside," he took her hand and walked back out.

I took one last glimpse of the place and decided I didn't have any history with this place. Peculiar things will start happening to me. I should start ignoring it or my mind will get the best of me. I really cursed myself this time. Visions of things I've never seen before crossed my eyes. I couldn't focus on walking. My feet were swollen and aching a lot.

"Ofelia," my eyes were closed.

"Ofelia," a weird voice then said.

The voices started to talk in an interesting accent. Their English was very proper and different from the terms I used.

"She cannot respond to the words I say," one voice stated.

"Let us come and revive her," the other responded.

"We cannot revive. Let us stay here until she revives," one voice reacted.

I opened my eyes suddenly. I saw the blue sky above me. The clouds started to move away from the sun. I had to cover my eyes. I heard footsteps on the pavement come near me. Uncle and Celeste came into view. They spoke the nymph language again. I sighed for I couldn't understand them.

"How?" I asked.

"You'll never believe what happened," he explained excitedly and helped me up.

"What?" I wanted to know.

"You passed out for a moment. You didn't fall or anything. Your eyes were closed and you just stood there. For minutes, Celeste and I were trying to get you to respond. Suddenly, your eyes opened. They were bright blue and blinding, more than the sun. You started talking like a different person. I realized that we were talking to your father, my brother, Rump," he explained.

"He just took over my person, didn't he?" I was a bit angry.

"Yes, he did. He wanted to talk to me. The incident was strange though. You knew all these things that you hadn't even experienced before. Do you remember anything?" he interjected.

"Not at all. I remember waking up but my eyes were closed. I think you and Celeste were talking. Your accents were peculiar. You said 'she cannot respond to the words I say' or something like that," I stated.

"Alik was right! We were speaking the language of nymphs. You understood! We should test how we can trigger that ability later. For now, we must hurry. We wasted lots of good time," he explained to me.

As we walked, I kept thinking of Rump. Uncle said he was my father or his brother. I trusted my uncle so I guess he is my father. I hoped to get more answers in the future. When I face Reina, I'll know what happened to him. I won't die without knowing what happened to the man of our family. We were getting close, and I could see the mansion that was set upon a hill. We made it.