Set post Breaking Dawn/Season 3 (after the end of episode 5 Homecoming) year 2007

The vampires are Buffyverse. The Cullens use lapis luzuli's from Vampire Diaries. These are enchanted pieces of jewelry that allow a vampire to be in sunlight. Each is made for a specific vampire. Not to be confused with the Gem of Amarra, they don't make the wearer invulnerable. They are rare. Any vampires in Twilight with powers keep them.

Taking suggestions on how Faith pays rent. I don't see her taking cash off vampires because they don't need it. They take what they want and kill whoever tries to stop.

After Buffy and Cordelia lost Homecoming Queen, the Scoobies, plus Faith, decided to go out to at the Golden Noodle.

"Uh, I can't believe I let you talk me into eating here." complained Cordelia.

"All of our money went into the limo." Xander tried to sooth his girlfriend.

Following their waitress, they came to a corner booth. Willow and Oz sat first and scooted into the middle. Xander sat to Willow's left, Codelia next to him. Buffy was next to Oz, with Faith by her.

"Do you need a minute or do you know what you wish to order?" asked Patty (from her nametag) as she handed out menus.

"We'll take combo's 2, two 3's, and a 5" ordered Willow.


"Cokes all around."

"Make mine a diet." said Cordelia.

"Mine, too." Buffy put into the order. Patty left to place the order.

"How did you know what to order?" asked Faith.

"Oh, we eat get take out from here all the time."

Looking around, Faith could see they weren't the only ones in formal ware. Faith was wearing a black v-neck dress, thin straps over the shoulder. Willow's also wore a black dress but hers went to the floor and wider at the shoulders. While both Xander and Oz had tuxes, Oz had a red jacket. Aside from some dirt, Cordelia's green dress survived the night. Buffy's red dress was not so lucky, the right strap was broken. Both girls cleaned up in the bathroom before leaving the dance. Surprisingly, their hair didn't need to be fixed.

Faith noticed the glare from Cordelia, "What?"

"It's your fault my dress is ruined!"

"How's that my fault? I wasn't even there."

"Exactly! If you had been there, then you would have been the one they were trying to kill, not me."

"Well, you can thank your boy toy and his bff. I wanted to stick to the original plan, but I got out voted, 3 to 1."

Cordelia turned to the pair and gestured to her dress, "You did this to me." Glaring at Willow, "Ugh, I bet it's your fault."

"W-we just wanted you guys to work it out." Willow tried and failed at not looking scared. Oz did his best to shield his girlfriend.

"Did any of you at least vote for me." Buffy perked up when she heard Cordelia say that.

"Of course, I voted for you." Xander said while leaning down to kiss her.

"I voted for Buffy. Cause you know, best friend." Willow turned to Buffy and the best friends shared a smile.

"As Willow votes, I vote."

"I didn't vote." Seeing the glares from Buffy and Cordelia, "What? I don't even go to school here. Why would I vote?"

"That's not the point."

"Yeah, it's to support your friends. And as your sister slayer, I expected your vote."

"Sorry, B. Next time, I vote." Faith wasn't getting why a slayer would want to be homecoming queen.

"Oh, look the food's here." Xander was trying to change the subject.

Patty started by setting white plates in front of each person. She placed plated and dishes with food in the middle of the table. Last, Patty served them their drinks and she left them.

"So, B, Cor, you guys going to fill us in on what you did tonight?" Helping herself the a big serving of chow mien.

"Slayerfest '98. Where baddies get to slay the slayers." Buffy answered, taking a sip from her diet coke.

While eating, Buffy and Cordelia gave up the details. Like how they caught one of the hunters in his own trap. And the demon who was blown up in a cabin by one of his competitors. Then there was the vampire couple in the library. And of course, the way Buffy tricked the Germans into shooting each other.

The father they got into the story, the more jealous Faith became. The real slayer wasn't even there. She lost her appetite after Cordelia said she talked a vampire into running away (ruining her hard earned rep). Faith picked at her food.

"How was the dance?" Buffy was curious on what she had missed.

"The band was good, as usual." Willow beamed at Oz.

"It was okay. Would have been better if the real queen was crowned." Cordelia pulled Xander into a kiss.

cough "Suck up" cough. Buffy stomped on Faiths foot. "Ow. What was that for?" Buffy gave Faitha a are-you-kidding-mean look.

"Did you have fun?"

"Not really." I would have had more fun at slayerfest. "I did mess with Scott. I basically told his date that he had herpies."

"You shouldn't have done that." While she tried to scold Faith, Buffy couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

When the teens finished eating, Oz and Xander split the bill. Without the girls saying anything.

"It's too bad you guys left the limo. I am too stuffed to walk." Willow was hoping she wouldn't set Cordelia off.

As Faith was stepping through the door, someone tried to go into the restaurant.

"Well, the next timeā€¦"

Faith stopped listening to Buffy was saying. She looked into the eyes of girl in front. Lost in the dark brown pools. Feeling at home. Whole. Complete.

"Stop being rude. Let's go" Buffy grabbed the dark slayers wrist and pulled her through the door. "Sorry." Buffy motioned the stranger to go inside.

What the fuck was that. Faith wasn't seeing the questioning the Scoobies were sending.

When eye contact was broken, Leah started to freak out.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod ohmygod. Was the only thing going through her mind as she rushed into the restaurant. She headed straight into the restroom and locked herself in.

I finally imprint and it's to a GIRL! Turning on the tap, Leah splashed water on her face. More out of habit then effectiveness.

Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit shit. What hell am I going to do?

After turning off the water, the shape-shifter braced herself against the sink. Feeling her body shake, Leah began to calm herself by controlling her breathing. In through the nose, out of the mouth. In through the nose, out of the mouth. Leah kept repeating the process until she was sure she wouldn't phase.

Seeing the risk, Leah left. Stepping outside she was relieved (disappointed) that her imprint wasn't there. Debating on whether to head back to her dorm or follow her imprint. In the end, she chose the dorms.

Leah made it back to her dorm in record time. Pushing herself so she wouldn't turn back.

Listening through the door, she could tell her roommate was already asleep. Carefully unlocking the door, Leah came in. Toeing off her flip-flops and putting them under her bed.

The room was mirroring itself. The two beds had two nightstand in between them. Desks were across the beds. A tall dresser and closet on the wall closest to each bed.

Unable to fall asleep, the shape-shifter paced the not very long room.

What the hell am I going to say to my pack. The counsel. My mom. That conversation will go well. "Hi, mom, how are you? Good. Me, as of last night, I am gay."

It was pointless to call Jake or the counsel for help. They'll say how they don't have any information. Being the the first female wolf sucks.

Her mind went from tunnel visioning on her imprint and the tiny bit she knows about her. To being pissed at her curse, again.

Knowing she can't fight the imprint, Leah waits tell a decent hour, 7 am, to go looking (stalking) for her mystery girl. The clock on her phone didn't reach 6:50 before she set out her door.

When her stomach growled, the Quileute remembered that she skipped out on dinner last night. And after staying up all night, breakfast seemed like a good idea.

The Espresso Pump was the first place she came across. A little surprised at seeing other customers so early on a Saturday morning. In front of her were a couple of girls.

"I didn't think the dance was all that awesome."

"That's because nobody asked you out."

"Whatever. In two years, I am so going to be the Homecoming Queen of Sunnydale High."

Remembering the clothes the girl and her friends were wearing. Leah knew Sunnydale High would be her next stop.

Fifteen minutes later, leaving the Espresso Pump with a dozen breakfast pastries, mocha latte, and directions to SHS.

By the time Leah reached the school, she had eaten all of the pastries and was finishing the latte. Walking the grounds, the shape-shifter came across the scent she'll never forget. The scent of her imprint.

The scent led her to a cemetery, of all places. There, it grew stronger and mixed with the smell of vampires and other things. Even following the strongest trails, led to dead ends. Like a house on Revello Dr. The house of one of her friends. Seeing the blond from last night.

Leah was on her third cemetery and not much closer to reaching her goal. She need information and who better than a local.

Walking up to a mourner, an older women. Her ginger hair was streaked with white.

"Hi, I was wounding if you could help me?" Trying to make herself seem amiable. Not easy at 5'10.

"Um, what do you need help with?" The women looked nervous. You don't live long in Sunnydale without being cautious.

"Do you know how many cemeteries Sunnydale has?"

"There are twelve."

"Oh, wow. I heard there where fifteen but I thought that was a joke." Leah's face fell. This is going to take forever.

"Give it a few more years and there will be. What might help, is a map of the cemeteries."

"They have those?"

"Sunnydale does. I think the Mayor commissioned them."


"Your welcome."

Heading out the cemetery and toward a gas station a few blocks away. Buying the map and a bag of chips.

With a plan, even if it was tedious. Hit every cemetery and follow the strongest scents to their end. She found it weird that her imprint spent so much time in cemeteries.

By sunset, Leah was at her ninth cemetery, Shady Hills. It was she found the freshest scent.

Not caring who saw, Leah ran fast as she could. It took all of her control not to phase into a wolf.

Sunnydale blurred past her. Coming to a stop at the Downtowner Motel. The trail came to an end at door number 3.

Now that she was here, Leah had no idea what she was going to say. Her heart was pounding and it wasn't from the run.

Right when her was about to hit the door, it opned. And there she was.

Both lost in the other, unaware of the time that past.