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"Okay, look I know I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I have something's to tell you. Can we go inside, cause this isn't something that should be thrown out there."

"Umm, alright." Faith stepped back and let the girl in.

The slayer had spent the night and day on edge, like she was waiting for something. Faith was surprised, she had been half expecting one of Kakistos's minions.

Faith moved towards the bed, sitting down by headboard. It was a good spot to scope out her guest.

Said girl was pacing, taking long, confident strides. She moved like an animal caged. A bit frantic, wanting nothing more than to be free.

The stranger had flawless copper skin. The longest eyelashes, offset by black chin length hair. She had a natural beauty. Wearing a blue babydoll t-shirt with cut-off shorts and flip-flops. The clothes looked well worn. Faith noticed a tattoo on the right arm.

Normally more untrusting, the dark slayer just knew that this girl wouldn't hurt her. The instinct to push away wasn't there.

"What I have to say is going to sound crazy, but it's the truth. I can prove it to you. Just let me get out." Leah came to a stop in front of the bed. "I come from an ancient line of warriors made to kill vampires. I am a …"

"What! You're a slayer." Faith jumped off the bed. "I know I am missing a some time back in Boston," thinking back to her fight with Kakistos, "but Giles has talked to the counsel at least twice. They would have said if there's a third slayer running around."

"Slayer? No, I am a shape-shifter. So you already know about vampires?" Leaning against the dresser, "Well that's a bit anti-climactic."

Gesturing to herself, "Yeah, slayer." Seeing a questioning look, "You know, one girl in every generation, blah blah blah, stops evil. She is the Slayer."

"Never heard of her. If there's only one, why did you think I was the third?"

"A new slayer is called when the last one dies. B was killed but one of her bff's did CPR. She was down long enough for the next slayer to be called."


"No, Kendra. She died back in May."

"So you've only been a slayer for a few months." Faith watched as the girl ran a hand through her, an unknown expression on her face.

"I give, you win. I am Faith. You?"

"Leah. And it wasn't a contest," grinning at Faith, "but I win."

"Shape-shifter, huh."

"Yup. I turn into a giant wolf. There's a pack of us. We got super-speed, strength, durability, healing and reflexes. Great sense of sight, hearing and smell."

"Slayers got all that too. Except the smell."

"Be happy. This town reeks. Wish I could cover it with febreze," moving to sit by Faith, "Another thing we do is imprint. It's like the imprintee becomes the moon to the wolves ocean."

The heat coming off Leah should have been uncomfortable but was comforting instead.

"I gonna go out on a limb here and say I am the moon to your ocean."

"Yup. We don't get to pick to who and it can't be undone." Leah laid down, her leg's off the edge of the bed.

Faith picked up on the finality in her voice.

"You don't look to thrilled about me being your imprint." Leaning down on her elbow, feeling irrationally stung. What the hell! I barely know this chick and it hurts that she doesn't want me. It's not like she different than everybody else.

"I know this going to sound cliché but it's not you. This thing, this curse it's ruined my life. I've lost my father, best friend, and boyfriend. It's like I've lost control of my and nobody can even tell what's happening."

"What do ya mean." No control, I can get that.

"I am the first female wolf. The elders don't know what to expect with me. I am not supposed to be." The last past was said so quietly that the slayer knew she wasn't supposed to hear it.

While trying to think of something to say, Faith readjusted herself. Her arm brushed against Leah's. Both froze, this was their first time touching.

Fire exploded inside of her. Heat speed from her arm, to rest of her body. From the look on Leah's face, it was happening to her too.

A connection forged.

Heart pounding, the slayer leaned down. Time seemed to slow down. Right as their lips were about to touch, Leah turned her head away.

"Sorry, I am not there yet."

"Five by five. Its not the first time I acted before thinking." Realizing she moved to fast, Faith started to pull back.

As she started to move away, Leah stopped her. "Its not forever. I need some time to adjust." Getting off the bed. "How about I show my wolf."

"Yeah, sure." What if she's only doing this cause I tried to kiss her? "But you don't ha..."


"Faith, I know your in there. Open up. We have to patrol." Buffy yelled through the door.

Faith looked to Leah. The shape-shifter mouthed Go. Seeing the slayers hesitant look, she took her hand and mouthed go again. Okay, Faith mouthed back, squeezing Leah's hand before letting go.

After grabbing a stake off the dresser, took one look at Leah before turning off the lights, and heading out the door.

"What took you, you're never late for patrol."

"Nothing. So which cemetery do you want to hit first?" Faith asked, hoping to distract Buffy.

"I was thinking Restfield..."

Faith started tuning out her sister slayer and going through the motions. She distracted by the conversation she had with Leah.

Wondering if Leah would be like her parents (biological or foster), uncaring and/or abusive. Or like her watcher, there for her and not just use her. Hoping for the later but fearing the shape-shifter was the former.

The punch came out of nowhere.

"Ow! What was that for?" Faith demanded, rubbing her arm.

"Not paying attention. All night, you've been somewhere else. You weren't listening to me."

"Fine, what did you say?"

"I asked, oh look fun." The blond slayer spotted their next vampire.

The fight didnt last long. The biker vampire was sandwiched between two slayers. After treating it like punching bag, Buffy staked it.

"So what did you want to ask?" Faith hoped by distracting her with herself, that Buffy wouldn't ask you she's off night.

"Well, I kinda wanted to ask teeny, tiny favor. Last night we both were supposed to have the night off but I was off slayer festing with Cordelia. And tonight we're wasting another Saturday night slaying."

"We're slayers, its what we do."

"Yeah, but Willow and Xander are bummed that we couldn't hang out at homecoming. We thinking that maybe, possibly you could cover for me tomorrow night, so we could have a Scooby night."

Faith was silent as they walked. Feeling like an outsider. Unable to think of a good excuse or lie, she agreed.

"Fine, but you owe me big time."

"Yeah, sure, anything." Buffy excitedly hugged her sister slayer. "I am ready to call it a night, you?"

"Sounds good to me." Glad that she wasn't the one to call it quits.

Faith ran back to her room as fast as she could. Unsure if she wanted Leah to be there.

Without opening the door, Faith could feel that Leah wasn't inside. Flipping the light switch on, she spotted a note on the dresser.


I couldn't stay. Homework. We could do something tomorrow. If you want. Call me 1-509-499-3754


Faith reread the short note over and over. Until she had it memorized.

The slayer couldn't bring herself to throw away only thing she from Leah. Feeling like a school girl with a crush, she decided to keep it.

Walking into the bathroom, and lifting the lid off the toilet, Faith pulled out a Ziploc bag. It head her cash and a few sentimental items. Now including a note. Faith had learned the stashing place from her mother. It was one of the places she had used to hide her drugs.

Since she was in the bathroom, Faith decided to get ready for bed. After brushing her teeth, the slayer changed into a pair of boxer shorts and tank top.

Laying in bed, Faith was restless. Realizing that it from having something to forward, brought a small smile to her face. Making it easier to fall asleep.

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