Completely AU. The rivalry between half-brothers Fabian and Eddie strengths when Eddie joins Fabian's basketball team and when Eddie develops a crush on Fabian's girlfriend Patricia it stirs more trouble. Throw in Patricia's best friend Amber taking a liking to Eddie while Fabian attempts to date Eddie's best friend, Nina for a lot of trouble.

"So what is this I hear about the coach asking you to join the basketball team?" Nina asked when she joined her best friend, Eddie walking to school.

Eddie sighed, awkwardly scratching the back of his head as he struggled to come up with a good answer,"I was gonna tell you"

"- and I had to hear it from Joy Mercer of all people!" Eddie shook his head laughing before pausing to answer her.

Nina and Joy have a complicated relationship. They're sort of friends but not at the same time. They used to be quite close when they were younger until they reached high school and Joy became a cheerleader whilst Nina became the definition of 'uncool.' Nina tutored people struggling in math for extra credit and because her teacher asked her to, well more like forced her to but as much as Nina pretends to despise it, she was born for it.

"I'm not joining the team anyway!"

"What? Why?"

"Cause of my mom," he sighed

"What about her?"

"I just don't want her to have to face him!"

"Is this because of-"Nina started before Eddie interrupted.

"Eugh" he whined as he walked past a car to see Patricia and Fabian making out in the front seat of her car.

"Stop's kinda creepy" Nina stated as she tugged the sleeves of his leather jacket trying to pull him away from the scene.

"Could they not keep it in their pants?" Eddie sighed, running his fingers through his blonde locks

"Come on, Lover Boy. Stop acting like a jealous boyfriend. She probably doesn't even know you exist," Nina teased him as she continued to pull him towards the school building

"Not yet," he muttered softly to himself so that Nina couldn't hear him

"Okay girls, the game starts tomorrow at 6 so let's meet up half an hour before so we can stretch-" Amber announced at the end of cheer practice before her best friend Patricia interrupted.

"And get the chance to see if there are any hot boys?"

"Nooo...well yes but the point is you're taken and you're always with Fabian so we don't get much time to check for other options for you," Amber replied, tightening her ponytail

"I'm perfectly happy dating the captain of the basketball team-"

Amber smirked at her naïve friend, "sure you are"

"It doesn't matter he's hot...and great in bed that's all that matters," Patricia joked, nudging her friend's side.

"So you're saying that nobody's caught your eye?" Amber asked her best friend in a teasing tone

"No," she denied, looking around the gym to see if anyone heard their conversation

Amber was about to reply when Patricia rudely interrupted her, "Drop it!"

Amber rolled her eyes at her friend's behaviour and then stated, "So I heard Fabian's little wannabe brother got offered a spot on the team."

"First off, Eddie's older and I'm pretty sure nobody would go up against Fabian for captain," she informed, taking her bottle of water out of her gym bag

Amber examined her nails as she smirked at her friend, "And who are you? 'Gossip Girl'?"

Patricia rolled her eyes, vaguely remembering the torturous sleepovers where she was forced to watch back-to-back episodes of Gossip Girl with her. She didn't really enjoy it, she really hated the love triangles and drama but she felt that she could sort of relate herself with Jenny. It probably helped that she was a big fan of The Pretty Reckless, and Taylor Momsen in general.

Amber continued, "So how do you know that much about Eddie anyway?"

"Everyone knows that," Patricia defended herself

Amber accepted her answer, for now.

"So is it true about the demon's other spawn finally coming out of the shadows and demanding a place on your basketball team?" Mick asked Fabian as he rummaged through Fabian's fridge.

"I don't think it's as dramatic as it sounds," Fabian tried to play it off

"But still nobody gets offered a place on the team without trying out"

"Apparently the coach saw him playing basketball down at the river court"

"That run-down place? What was the coach even doing down there?" Mick exclaimed but just as Fabian was about to answer, Fabian's dad, Victor walked into the kitchen.

"Hey son, what are you boys talking about?"

"Nothing, just about Eddie joining the team" Fabian elbowed him in the stomach.

Victor looked shocked but he quickly recovered. "What? ...Hi Mick Bye Mick"

"Guess I better get going then."Mick said as he gathered he started his things and make his way to the door.

"Bye Fabian, bye Mr Rutter." He shouted as he headed out the door.

Just as Mick exited the house, Victor turned around and eyed his son.

"I was going to tell you and relax, I don't think he's gonna join the team anyway-"Victor interrupted him.

"Well you better make sure he doesn't," Victor threatened

"How am I supposed to do that?"He asked confused

"You're a smart boy you'll figure it out," he ruffled his son's hair as he walked back to the office.