The Baby-Sitters Club belongs to Ann M. Martin

I was at the mall with my dad on a Saturday afternoon. We had lunch and saw a movie and hung-out in the arcade like we always do when we're at the mall. We're having ice cream.

I get to invite my two best friends and neighbors, Kayla and Kaylee Willis. Kayla just got cancer a few weeks ago. This is her second battle. But she's strong.

I have diabetes, but still allowed to have ice cream. It just needed to be sugar-free. I, Mary Anne Spier, can handle it just fine for a fifteen-year-old tenth grader at Stoneybrook High School.

Later, at FYE, I was looking at CDs when this immature girl, Cokie Mason, came to me. Oh, brother.

"I got a dare for you," said Cokie.

"Uh, no thanks," I said.

She likes to do dares that were dangerous and stupid at the same time.

"I dare you to get into sugary and sweets," said Cokie.

"Sorry, but I can't get into that stuff. There is no way I'd be in a coma," I said.

Cokie is crazy. I'm glad I told her no. I didn't want health issues at my age. That night, at home, it was close to dinnertime. Good. I check my blood sugar that is either high or low. When I checked it, it was too low. At dinner, I had ravolis, which I can have with sauce, salad, and garlic bread. I had water. I don't drink much soda.

After dinner, the blood sugar went back to normal. I checked my insulin to make sure it's clear enough and used it. I do that before I help the others out to be all set. That was my choice to do it that way and Dad agreed with me on that.

While I was helping out, I spotted Cokie at the back door.

"What is that creep doing here?" asked Dawn.

"I know what dare she has for me and she knows what I'd say to her. No. She dared me to get into sugary and sweet stuff. I told her no way. There is no way I'd be in a coma," I said.

"That's right. Way to go," said Meredith.

"Excuse me," I said as I went over and shut the curtains to block her.

"Good work," said Carlos.

"Can't she take a hint that you refuse to do so?" asked Meredith.

"Apparently, she doesn't get the message," I said.

Kayla and Kaylee thought Cokie was crazy, too.

After I was done with my job, which was to wash the table, I was in my room reading. Then, a rock was hitting my window. Sure enough, it was Cokie. Why can't she leave me alone?

She was still daring me to do sugary and sweets stuff. She thinks nothing would happen to me. Wrong. So, she told me not to say anything. She even dared me to skip a meal and insulin. I rolled my eyes as I closed my window and shut the shade. Diabetics shouldn't skip meals or insulin. I wasn't going to fall for her tricks.

I am sure if Stacey was dared, she'd say no in her firm voice like I was. I got into my nightgown at around eight-thirty.